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  1. Watching first take (skip Bayless)

    Haha, love that sumbish having to admit his Cowboys are irrelevant.
  2. Along the Sidelines - The book

    Would definitely buy it.
  3. Colin Jones in the slot...

    As much as i think Bene is better on the outside, we need him in the slot. Hopefully Tillman makes it back soon. I am sure Ron saw the same thing we did so he will try to shore it up somehow.
  4. PFF: "Luke has broken the scale..."

    Amazing, and to think he is all ours for many years. I can only imagine the intimidation the opposing quarterback feels when he sees Kuechly starting him down. He gets in their head and their calls. Amazing player.
  5. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    When we make it to the Superbowl i want it to be against the Patriots. I hate them more than any other AFC team and it will be so sweet to see Cam dance all over their ass. A little payback for 2003 is a bonus.
  6. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    Absolutely, last week when Olsen got smacked in the head, previous years that would have been a no call 100 percent. We weren't getting the calls earlier in the year, but that is changing.
  7. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    If we meet in the Superbowl they will see first hand that keeping Cam in the pocket doesn't matter. He can and will find his receivers. Same tired ass message we've heard all year by fans of every team.
  8. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    Speaking of playing the refs during the Dallas game. I kind of had a feeling the calls would be even or even go our way. The NFL loves money and i get this feeling they are wanting two undefeated teams in the Superbowl. So for that to happen we and the Patriots need some calls to go our way. (Which the Patriots seem to get regardless of record.) I know it's a crazy theory, but hey you never know. I'll take it though.
  9. Pure Respect Rivera / Davis

    Love me some TD. He has overcome so much and he deserves to win.
  10. I do not believe there is a downside to 11-0.
  11. Johnson and Hardy

    Can only imagine how he feels. Sure, he made one hell of a mistake. All that aside though he is on a 3-8 team that just got dismantled by his former team that is 11-0. He wanted to stay here and it must really suck for him. He made that choice though so he has to live with it.
  12. Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Cowboys

    Fantastic photos as usual. Thank you.
  13. Notes and Memos - Cowboys

    Dear Skip Bayless, Enjoy the basement of your division with your shitty team.
  14. 11-0 Pie

    11-0 absolutely amazing season. Love these guys!