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  1. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Offensive lines don't rotate as often. When they are gassed at the end of the game KK and Butler are going to FEAST!
  2. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    We aren't getting rid of Star or KK. Star seemed to get gassed a lot and we have a HEAVY defensive lineman rotation.

    Lol he wanted no part of hugging Goodell.
  4. And how did this team that was stuck in cap hell for years afford to sign Cam (who I agree, is a huge reason why we win games) to a long term, top five franchise QB contract?
  5. Honestly I trust Gettleman but by no means believe he is infallible. I just try not to have a knee jerk reaction to these things. I wouldn't be surprised if one of our key players gets a new contract extension before the season starts now, which would make crying over Norman at this juncture seem pretty silly IMO. The Panthers were a mediocre franchise before Gettleman got here, never having gone to the playoffs in back to back years. Now we are soon to be back to back to back to back NFC South Champs. Thats why I try and let things play out before shouting from the rooftops with one opinion or the other. Because the Internet is forever and I don't want to go back and see that I was crying over Norman if he ends up having just a mediocre year in Washington and KK gets an extension and goes off on everyone.
  6. Josh's representatives are hired to do his negotiating. This concept that Dave Gettleman somehow "owes it" to players to inform them of anything is ridiculous. When the DA is deciding what to charge me with and what kind of a deal I can get, she talks to my lawyer, who then talks to me. She doesn't call me directly to make absolutely super duper sure that my lawyer and I are on the same page.
  7. Imagine if you could by a new car, and then after several months you could turn it back in if you had buyers remorse. Gettleman tagged Josh hoping for a long term deal, while accepting the fact that he may just get a really expensive one year rental. Havig been snake bit from expensive one year franchise tag rentals in the past (Hardy), he may have decided that it wasn't worth it and that the money could better be used elsewhere. Josh could have signed the damn tag months ago and chose not too. If he had a remedial agent that didn't keep him informed of how negotiations were going, then that is on him. And the whole willing to fire his agent and come back thing is a moot point as the paperwork was already filed and it was no longer in Gettleman's control. So anything about "well Gettleman is stubborn and arrogant and wouldn't have taken him back anyway" is speculation.
  8. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    I apologize I was corrected by Bartin. Haplo E hates white people. I thought it was you. My mistake.
  9. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    I lived in Mountain House for four years. Don't get me started on the Tracy to Milpitas commute.
  10. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    My friend pays $3500 for a one bed one bath in SF and if it is bigger than 700 sq ft. I'd be shocked.
  11. COLA - Charlotte to San Fran

    My wife and I live in the Bay Area and both make what I would typically consider to be pretty damn good money. Our combined annual household income is well over $150K. We aren't having kids (I have a 14 year old daughter from previous relationship) because we can't afford them. My older brother makes roughly $50K a year and lives in Zebulon, NC and pays a mortgage and takes care of his wife and FIVE children off it and is quite content. There is a reason I constantly browse the web for houses and jobs in NC, and he has never once expressed a desire to come back my way. So I know for a fact how great of a point you are making.
  12. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    Oh Jesus Christ you can't be serious. I'm not going to go turning this into a fuging race thread but weren't you the one that was hating on Luke or JJ Watt as DPOY because they were white? Saying they were the golden boy because of their skin color? Because if that was you then it's 100% clear why you are so anti-Gettleman and pro-Norman in this situation. At least proudiddy and tucker and the rest are making an attempt to have a valid discussion on the subject.
  13. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    I will bet money that in the scenario you mentioned that not a single person would be saying ok this is fine that Gettleman just traded Cam. Anyone that did would be flogged and publicly shunned. And I'm one of the biggest Gettleman guys out there. I'd be the first to say ok the man has lost it.
  14. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    This is absolutely absurd. Rescinding the tag on a player that almost everyone considered a one year rental because your long term negotiations have reached an impasse is nothing like trading your franchise QB after having an MVP season. If you genuinely believe these two things are even marginally similar then there is no hope for you.
  15. I Don't Get The Celebration Here...

    I don't get the argument that it's ok for a player to be stubborn in their stance because they only have one shot at a big payday to feed their family, while completely ignoring that Gettleman hadbeen trying to be a GM for decades and finally got his shot when many thought he was too old and now this job is his only chance to feed his family as well. If he sucks at it and gets fired he will never get another shot and he goes back to being VP of pro personnel. poo goes both ways.