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  1. Stats guru names 6 teams capable of winning Super Bowl

    New England Patriots, 33% Carolina Panthers, 18% Arizona Cardinals, 11% Green Bay Packers, 9% Denver Broncos, 8% Cincinnati Bengals, 8% Saved a click. lol
  2. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    I laugh cause the Texans have a better record than the cowboys
  3. Thank You Carolina Panthers! KEEP POUNDING

    I may be a lil tipsy. but this got me.
  4. Give Cam the MVP

    Super bowl MVP sounds better.
  5. This thread gave me aids. I need a Dr.
  6. J No's big test

    We just need to see how Bene does. and he is doing pretty damn well.
  7. Pets Named after Carolina Panthers

    lol that sig.. something about it. damn.. still on my drunk from game today. yeah.. sleep
  8. Post your 10-0 memes!

    No meme's here. Gotta Beelieve now though.
  9. J No's big test

    Not worried about Jones(ATL) J.No will show the world he is the best on Thanksgiving against Dez.B(DAL) Fug Dallas Evans(TB) He already showed whats up on that fool. Beckham(NYG) I think this will be a decent test.
  10. On to Dallas and a Turkey dinner

    Funny thing Dallas is on the bottom of the NFC
  11. Peyton Next year if he makes it

    lol atl will pick him up since ryan sucks so bad
  12. On to Dallas and a Turkey dinner

    J.No V/S Dez Stat  guess?
  13. Cam Passes Delhomme in All Purpose Yards/Olson Passes Walls Yards

    Panthers gameday is on right now. that's where I saw it.
  14. And we are 10-0 Panthers are the team to beat in the NFC/NFL Im loving it like a milkshake from mcdonalds
  15. Thank You Carolina Panthers! KEEP POUNDING

    I need to find a way to come to a game this year. Would love to come to a huddle tailgate