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  1. You’re not the only one. The season ended for me when it ended for the Canes. Hope it’s a good series for the peeps watching it though!
  2. Yes to both. Don’t know if this is normally done in hockey with him being a defensemen, but I think he should wear the C on his sweater when Stall hangs it up.
  3. Such a cool story and he is a special human being. It’s why I got so pissed he got headhunted the other night. My 4 kids are all adopted. It’s the hardest and favorite part of my life. It’s also the reason I only get to 1 or 2 games a year, haha.
  4. And as much as I’ve cussed out goalies this season, they did their jobs in the playoffs. We’re getting some roster spots opening with Gardiner and Kane most likely gone. We do have to improve the power play, whether it’s a coaching change or with personnel. I would like to see us get some size over the off-season too. Svech and Burns of those guys, but id like to see one more body that could hand it back to these physical teams
  5. I just don’t agree. We lost this series by 4 goals. Our boys were hit, punched, and kicked and they kept fighting. They continued to show grit and determination. I know the history, and trust me I’m pissed at the situation, but this team didn’t suck.
  6. Well boys it’s been fun this season. We’re down two goals and the gooned the best defensive player out of the game. This team has climbed mountains, but this one looks like a walk to the moon. Here’s to regrouping, staying healthy, and kissing the cup in ‘24.
  7. What’s up you bunch of jerks. Rough 1st period. Glad we’re still at goose eggs.
  8. Hoping the rest did him well. Can't have a game 3 like we did last series. Go Freddie Go!
  9. Sorry guys. Kudos for sticking it out though. Too many turnovers. goodnight all.
  10. Alright boys, I should have known to wait for a break, but I had to let the dog out and came back to us on the PP. What was the penalty?
  11. We better. Would hate to win the PP and lose the game. When did that ever happen this year? Haha
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