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  1. Sounds like a 4th and 5th tomorrow and a 4th next year.
  2. So what you're saying is if we give a press conference, try not to touch everything in sight. In a way it's poetic justice that Rudy Gober contracted COVID-19.
  3. JMHO, but cornerback and quarterback sound so alike, it's easier for people to distinguish between the two by calling them a corner.
  4. Long story short, this season is the first in like 8 years I haven't made it to at least one game. All of my "fun money" this year went to my son's adoption fees. It kinda sucks with the season we're having, but at least we're 15-2 since he was born. With that said, I'd love nothing more than to watch Cam and Co. beat up on the Seahawks again!
  5. "I'm not coming back what's in the past is in the past !!!! " #closethread #nomoresmittythreads
  6. Not that it means a thing, but my gut's telling me this is going to work out quite well for the Panthers. I've always liked JA. Excited to see him in Panther blue.
  7. Nice Mr. Klein and props to the poster who called one of these dump offs getting picked.
  8. I'm getting real tired of all these helmets coming off. Guess nothing will be done until someone gets seriously hurt...
  9. Luke's a great guy and a great role model for this town. Glad he's going to be around for a while. @appmandan73
  10. That's cause he's working with da bah-bees. Man, I can't wait to see this offense. #excited
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