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  1. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    Pryor was not a fit for redskins simple.. as you get older it becomes more about legacy.. we need hungry players not ballerinas..
  2. Terrelle Pryor anyone?

    I was thinking this a few weeks ago.. I think it’s a good fit.. he has a down year and will look to reassert himself.. and his contract should be fairly descent..
  3. All turnovers are to be reviewed.. why wasn’t Adams int reviewed?
  4. Khalil’s. Jstew. Whitaker. Colin. Adams. Munerlyn. Gano. Cj. i like bersin all of a sudden as a 6th decoy wr call me crazy..
  5. Oline soft.... I want both Khalil’s gone. resign norwell. cut gano. Cut jstew. Cut Whitaker. Cut Dickerson... defense? Bye cj(all them roids for what?!). bye Adams. Bye captain. Bye Colin. draft rb wr tackle draft s lb sign premier d end & o linemen fire Shula
  6. Ron Harper is old so what do the saints do? Draft a young safeties like von bell to develope (like I’ve been sayin for us to do for years)... when carolina has old safeties what do we do?...... let our only solid young safeties go in tre Boston who has actually contributed to victories & purchase some more old ass safeties like a collection of rundown busted Cadillac’s with the smoke poppin out the back smmfh.... *vent finished*
  7. Kurt Coleman

    Generally when your safety is 3rd in tackles you want him to be a thumper.....
  8. Thank god richardson outta here... fukk bersin... shula you’re a pussy.. holding back cams true potential.. smh I’m done
  9. Bersin sucks man how many times must I say.. get Byrd more targets...
  10. If they release him before their playoff run that says a lot
  11. The undertone in some of these comments is dispicable..
  12. One pro bowler for the Panthers

    Perception is everything.. we weren’t perceived well in media this year and our early inconsistencies didn’t help that..
  13. We're winning the Superbowl....

    Our safeties playing man to man in the redzone on blitzes is no good.. been killing us all year.. are safeties can’t man up against WRs.. we’re even lucky Rogers couldn’t step into that throw for Cobb..
  14. This old vet safety formula we use is out dated no pun intended