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  1. Dunlap was tryin to smack the ball and Newton was pulling back and said “fukk it here”
  2. Millioso7

    Hold the Mayo

    He was getting caught up in the wash and wasn’t scrapping over to his hole.. maybe because gio was such a small back.. he was held a few times as well but you gotta fight through that
  3. Perfect time to hire a saftey and acclimated him to the system.....
  4. Looks like he’s yellin out for saftey help......
  5. Seems like the effort to bring in a quality saftey has more to do with pride and ego.. I just can’t understand anymore.. Adams is a quality vet but if we lose him to injury we are finito smh
  6. Millioso7

    Panthers sign safety Southward

    How long has this culture of shitbag safeties been going on? Bout a decade now
  7. It’s week 3.. these numbers will taper off..
  8. Bargain price special teamer..
  9. Is the NFL rigged? Why would cam do that? Never has.. if so can I know the sliders? I want in..
  10. Millioso7

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    Cmon home buddy! I’m a fan of your work(@defensive coordinator)
  11. Misinformed outburst with no credibility are always funny lol
  12. Millioso7

    Josh Gordon!

    How bout our weak ass safety group? Let’s clean house there
  13. Millioso7

    Does Funchess deserve a Payday?

    Looking too deep into my comment but you don’t know what the lions will do come off season.. I only said that cause he from Michigan..
  14. I think Ron is aware that if he is not trying to improve As a coach Tepper will be looking for his replacement..