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  1. ThPantherFan


    Good point.
  2. ThPantherFan


    I agree. If the media wouldn't broadcast it, it would probably go away.
  3. ThPantherFan


    NFL isn't punishing anyone because of protest. I think it will be just like last year.
  4. ThPantherFan


    I must have missed Trump's tweet.
  5. ThPantherFan


    Just curious to know if the National Anthem protest will be an issue this year? The only protest I heard about during the preseason was Miami and Tampa.
  6. ThPantherFan

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    Let the drama begin. Sht!
  7. ThPantherFan

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    I know you meant money.
  8. ThPantherFan


    I love you too.
  9. ThPantherFan


  10. ThPantherFan

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    You're really Hawk in disguise, aren't you?
  11. ThPantherFan

    It is camp week. Rejoice.

    Let's hope and pray for no injuries in camp.
  12. ThPantherFan

    Bashaud Breeland update

    I agree. Have to go with the facts at the time.
  13. ThPantherFan

    Bashaud Breeland update

    Probably right.
  14. ThPantherFan

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    Never the patriots.
  15. ThPantherFan

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    I don't think I would have owned up to being a Dolphin fan. Ha! Just kidding.