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  1. Ties?

    Tye? Thai? I don't understand.
  2. Should Dex be banned?

    I also drink warm beer sometimes. My mother hit me in the head with a hammer when I was young. There may be some brain damage. I don't know. What this conversation about?
  3. Should Dex be banned?

    That smoothed my heart for you. Geez, how do the northern states get away with such high taxes. I bet only a handful of people own the land and they're over 70 so the property tax is half. Anyway, forgive my ban statement. We need to keep you because we feel sorry for low life individuals.
  4. Should Dex be banned?

    You left out sex.
  5. Should Dex be banned?

    How do you know what sweaty armpit residue tastes like? I can only imagine.
  6. Should Dex be banned?

    I like tea unsweetened. Ban him anyway.
  7. Cromartie in Charlotte....

    Pork chop biscuit and tater rounds. Oh, and coffee. The coffee there isn't too good, but drinkable.
  8. Your Odd News For The Day

    That's none of their business. I am right on that, aren't I?
  9. I finally did it

    So did I. So disappointed.
  10. Former Panther Byron Bell Out for the Season

    He's getting paid for being on the bench.
  11. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    Easy my huddle mate. You having a bad day? Take two breaths, drink 12 beers, down a single malt scotch and take a nap. You'll feel better.
  12. OTAs start Tuesday

    Trying to think of one specific but I can't. Interested in how the whole, rookie camp looks. Any specific would be the defensive new blood.
  13. Darren Sproles??

  14. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I agree. This will be the most difficult decision for the season. It may get nasty.
  15. Talking Panthers

    I'm so proud of Jeremy. I have tears in my eyes. He deserves his own show!