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  1. Tugboat Tolbert.... Does he return?

    Yes, he will be given a contract.  Probably 1 or 2 years.
  2. I pose this question to all Huddlers...

  3. The 2015 Carolina Panthers (Nflpanthers07 Highlight)

    A great video to watch during the off season.  Gets us set up for 2016.
  4. Question about Alexander

    Good way to look at that.
  5. State of the Huddle Address - 2016

    I've been here since the FIRST beginning.  I've witnessed all the transitions from the early crashes, locker room, bants and banns and SCP's bowl movements.  One thing about this message board is, even though we disagree sometimes, all get along with very few exceptions.  Early days saw some very unprofessional discussions but that has been handled in a very loving and effective manner.  We lost some good people because of that. My hat is off to Jeremy, Zod, Igo, or what ever he maybe called (PU) from time to time.  You have to meet Jeremy if you haven't already.  My first face to face with him was at a tailgate.  The first words out of his mouth when we introduced ourselves was, 'Oh you're TPF, I don't agree with you but respect you'.  I'll never forget the sincerity he had with that statement.  He never explained what he disagreed about ( he may have been drunk) or what ever.  Jeremy is like a fine single malt scotch, he'll warm your heart.
  6. Matt Kalil to be cut?

  7. Isn't he pretty old for a safety?  Is the speed there?  I don't think there is anything special about him.  Correct me if I'm wrong.
  8. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    In the early days they use to pop in often.  Like I said, after the fiasco with Dan, a few look but rarely post.  Just see Igo's post.
  9. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Oh well, maybe a few players will stop back by.
  10. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    Yes, a few of the players stop by.  No, they will not reveal themselves after what went on with Dan Morgan.
  11. we just voided Harper and Cotch contracts

    It's business and both players know that.  They both have been good mentors with their locker room presence.  Just time to go forward.
  12. So My Super Bowl 50 Rings Came in the Mail Today

    You know what I would do with those rings, right?  I thought you did.  Do it.
  13. NFL Turning Point: The Clete Blakeman Effect

    I'm sorry, that ball did not hit the ground.  I strongly disagree.
  14. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    Football season must be over.