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  1. You go 18-1 you are one of the greatest TEAMS ever.  We aren't talking Dynasty just Season. As they say, it is hard to win in the NFL.  18 - 1 means you are a great team.  Only 1 team in NFL history will end up with a better percentage point and that is Miami Dolphins 1972.  New England finished 18-1 but lost the SB.  I believe only the Chicago Bears finished 18-1.  Regardless no one will have a better record. You can argue all you want among those teams but YOU HAVE TO INCLUDE CAROLINA. However, let's win this one and then we can talk about it.
  2. ESPN writer Super Bowl picks are in *Surprise*

    I know this on NFL.com but MJD must be on some serious drugs if he thinks Denver is going to put 42 up on us. 42 Points for the 19th rank offense.  WOW  Only 2 from NFL Network chose Denver.  MJD and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila (whoever that is)
  3. It is funny.   I had posted in another thread about the great Denver Defense.  They talk and talk and talk about how we haven't faced anyone.  I was running stats through NFL.com and noticed the following. Based on YPG. Denver had face 10 games where the opponent was in 20 or below in YPG.  Two were in the lower teens and the remaining 6 games they played were against top 10 and 2 of those games were in the playoffs.   5-1 against those teams BTW. (Three Teams Twice) For Carolina it was pretty much the opposite.  We had 10 games against top 10 offenses, 4 teens and 4 below 20. While good I don't think they are as historically great like some might think.   In PPG they were 4th and we were 6th.  IMO a more telling stat on who is better defensively.  
  4. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    Still a pretty decent feat no one will be able to claim.
  5. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    Actually Jerry Richardson was on the 1959 Baltimore Colt Championship team.  Caught a TD from my Hero Johnny Unitas.  Super Bowl 1 was 8 years later.
  6. The Ultimate Factor as to why we Win

    Of course it is a team game.   And he couldn't do it without the rest of the cast. Every generation or so there comes a player that does extraordinary things.  Things that make you say wow.  Things that you never take your eyes off of that player because if you blink you might just miss something amazing.  Cam is that player.  Downplay the existence if you want but Cam Newton is a once in generation player.    Ed Dickson TD is all you need to see. That pass was on a rope at mach 3.  ONLY Place to put it.  Cam did.  Or the Olsen TD against Seattle.  One spot and only one spot. Money.  
  7. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    Can't wipe the smile off my face nor the tear in my eye. ELLEN YOU ROCK..... Might as well put this one in the Books Panthers Win Cam Newton MVP  
  8. ESPN's GIF of Cam Newton seems a bit off to me...

    Looks like a white guy trying to imitate Cam.
  9. I'll just leave this here

    It will be amazing if they score half that.
  10. The Ultimate Factor as to why we Win

    You can talk how our defense will shut Denver out and they just might. You can talk about Stewart and the Running game or our unheralded WRs. But the Ultimate factor will be CAM NEWTON Like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. (Yes Old School NBA Fan) Cam will take over this game.  They talk about his size and all his amazing abilities but they only touch on his ability to carry this team.  Just like when the Giants tied the game up.  They left too much time for Cam.  We all have seen the Video.  Cam didn't say a word but WE ALL KNEW IT WAS GAME OVER and Cam was going to win that game.  He Did. If it is close Cam will find a way and we will win.    I know many will say my glasses are a tad rosey but I believe that gifted athletes like Cam don't come around very often but when they do.  They rule the world and very few people can stop them.  No one will contain Cam this Sunday.  He is going to show us a new level of Cam Newton.   He'll bring the Trophy home and we all will tell our grandchildren about the first Super Bowl we won with Cam Newton and how he dominated the game.  Watch and See. IN CAM WE TRUST CAMVP Go Panthers
  11. Barnwell: Carolina isn't a good matchup for Denver

    It wasn't all Carolina rah rah.  It points out flaws and possibilities but I believe all of those possibilities have to fall into place for Denver to win.  Not that they can't or won't in the opinion of the writer.  Chances are it won't. I agree. I am going to stick with my rare prediction.  Panthers build a 2 TD lead and Denver gets it within one on the final play of the game. 30-23 Carolina
  12. Like walking out of the movie.......Sniffle Sniffle with tears of Joy. Go Panthers
  13. The best Cam Newton article this side of Nolan Nawrocki

    Well since RG Knee is no longer a target gotta find something to bitch about.  Cam rolled her deadskins to the ground. I love Cam's attitude towards the Media.  In fact I think he is feeding off it.   Tire of the same stupid questions over and over.  He just wants to go out and roll DENVER. Go Panthers
  14. IF you are going to bring stats into the game you have to bring comparable stats.   Cam's QBR and Denver's QBR per game.   Denver's Defense QBR vs Carolina Defense QBR.  Denver had 52 sacks Carolina had 44.  Denver had 14 Interceptions Carolina 24.  Defensive Turnovers Carolina 39 Turnovers Denver 27....  Turnover Margin Carolina +20 Denver -4.  So while you might Sack Cam a couple times the odds of turning it over is far greater for Denver than it is Carolina. If you look at Stats that count Turnover (because they create short field opportunities) I would take Carolina over Denver Points per game would be more of a concern than total yard  PPG Carolina #1 Denver #19 Points allowed Denver #4 18.5 Carolina #6 19.2 (less than a point) So if Carolina is #1 in points and Denver is 19 and the defenses are a wash?  Who would you take to win?  Great defense cuts a teams total points in half.   So Carolina 15.5 Denver 11.0   There is your score.  Carolina 15-Denver 10. Based on STATS of course.  Another interesting stat..  Denver vs Mobile QB (Luck and Smith) Denver gave up 150+ YPG on the Ground.  Carolina is the best running team in the NFL.  Sad day coming for the Denver defense.  Why not mention this STAT?  skeered?
  15. Final Score Super Bowl Prediction Thread

    I predict we get and maintain a two touchdown lead with Denver scoring a touchdown on the final play of the game. 30 - 23 Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Champs