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  1. La'el Collins signs with Cowboys

    1.65 million, 3 yrs, fully guaranteed. poo.
  2. La'el Collins signs with Cowboys

    fug I hate Dallas
  3. Post a pic, any pic.

    I used to go to those games.
  4. The perfect nfl draft 2015 beer?

    That is a fuging goddamn atlanta beer.
  5. Post a pic, any pic.

    He seems to like the front pretty well!!
  6. Season 5: The Walking Dead

    Yeah I understand what they were doing with both of them, just found the scene to be I dunno, contrived or forced. Or something. Just MHO. What has Gabriel offered the group, up until arriving a Alexandria? Would you let someone tag along who doesn't really do anything other than agonize over his past and present risks to the group? All he's done is either choke or outright fail because of his preoccupation with his guilt. I'd have left him back at the church.
  7. Season 5: The Walking Dead

    Still don't get the Sasha / Gabriel scene at the end. In fact I don't get Gabriel at all and wish he'd have gotten eaten when he was wandering in the woods.
  8. Bergdahl to be charged with desertion

    Breaking news on CNN - officials say he left unit to walk to an outpost to report wrongdoing. Riiiiiight LOL that sounds like something a little kid would say.
  9. Season 5: The Walking Dead

    no no, you gotta read World War Z. Totally different (better) than the movie. Brooks describes many instances where yes, the army simply runs out of ammo.
  11. Crude oil may drop to $50 a barrel

  12. i heard the police in ferguson are racists or something

    Breaking news on CNN says cops have converged on a house in Ferguson. Edit, now that is gone, replaced by new that the two officers have been released from hospital. Maybe it really was a handgun...