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  1. Norman's replacement

    I think Maurice Canady is an intriguing prospect. 6'1", 193 lbs. Not the fastest guy out there but i think he would be a good replacement. And it wouldn't take a first or second round pick. I think he can be had for a 3rd and coached up.
  2. I grew up in South Dakota so I didn't have an allegiance to follow. My mom was a Broncos fan and my dad a Vikings fan. So that meant I couldn't like them. You know, rebellion and all. And sad to say, I chose to like the Cowgoys as a kid. Don't ask me why. I can't tell you. But I did. I had the posters and the football cards and the bobble heads and everything. But as soon as the Panthers came into existence, I was hooked. So no, not a life long fan, just a 2/3 of my life fan.
  3. Roaring Riot

    Just outside of Montgomery.
  4. Roaring Riot

    How do I join one of these groups? I live in Alabama. Atlanta one would probably be closest. I wouldn't be able to meet up every game but would love to meet up when we play in Atlanta.
  5. NFL Free Agent News

    PFT reports the $60 million deal for Suh is fully guaranteed. Whoa.