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  1. This guy reminds me a little of Cedric Bensonwho parlayed a first round pedigree and mediocre production into a 7 year career. He does just enough to stick around.
  2. What is your GIF to sum up the season?

    My Super Bowl dreams had just taken flight....and then...
  3. Post your game breakdowns/previews videos/links here

    Chef John shares his yearly prediction.
  4. Celebration Tweets

    Yep, she's been a fan for some time. They gave her some face time on the "jumbotron" at a game I attended a good 8 years or so ago.
  5. It was Lockette that made the catch. Lots of video on the (ah-maz-ing) catch, but none I've seen with the challenge antics.
  6. Michael Irvin "Open Mike"

    I was with him until he hugged himself and said Cam was sweet as jam.
  7. Post your best Seahawk fan excuses

    Pretty sure all the games they played this season were 60 minutes. This ain't baseball, Pete.
  8. Richard Sherman: Stop ripping on Cam for dancing

    Does this guy ever supply a quote that doesn't include some variation of 'those that never played the game can never understand blahblahblah'
  9. You go home and see this on your couch

    Too late for Scotch Guard, I guess.