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  1. How Many of You Will Attend the Super Bowl 50?

    My wife and I are going. I told her after 03 I am going to the Super Bowl when the Panthers get in. I neglected to pay the high tickets prices for the playoffs anticipating the Panthers will make it to the big game. Welp...  They are in and I got everything booked on Monday. We are super stoked. Staying near the SFO airport so looking to take Uber to the game on Sunday. 
  2. Other than a win, what do you want to see today?

    Want to se the defense dominant and get ready for the playoffs. Defense wins championships. 
  3. How ready are you for Bersin at punt returns?

    I am good as long as I see one hand waving in the air
  4. I saw him attempt the "dab" last night too. Pretty weak. 
  5. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

    Made up for the missed PI on Davis
  6. Nothing wrong with starting the vets. CJ will have something to prove and will be hungry. Allen has played well enough to keep his spot. Remember Kony can also slide in at DT on passing downs. He will will most likely end up with more reps between all three. 
  7. Sports Bar in Asheville

    The Bier Garden is a good place. Watched a panthers preseason game there in Aug. 
  8. Panthers/Colts Hype Video - (Star Wars Version)

    Awesome had to watch it twice
  9. National Crow Thread

    Your right the media will only see the last play as a blown coverage and that is why Seattle lost the game.   Seattle scored off two turnovers and lucky Hail Mary that should have been intercepted. Great catch by Lockett.  The media will not take in account the Panthers drove down the field 80 yards on each of their scoring drives. Including coming back from 9 points down midway through the 4th.  The Panthers whipped that ass!
  10. Mike Shula - update for the haters

    I am glad Shula stuck with the run game even though we were getting stuffed early on. The run game eventually opened and we ran the ball every single time on our first touchdown drive. This opened up the passing game in the second half.  Hats off to the entire offense when things were not going our way. Early sack, no passing game and running started very slow. Shula stuck with the game plan and we played Panther football. I also thought he did a nice job making adjustments after the half. 
  11. Can't Wait Anymore: Panthers/Hawks Hype Vid

    Good work as usual. Can't wait til Sunday