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  1. Watched that video 3 times without noticing that
  2. I think it 100% depends on how the medical staff feels the health of Samuel is week 1
  3. Most worried about depth right now. I’m fine with moton. But if either of our current starting tackles miss time we go from a playoff team to straight trash. And that’s not hyperbole.
  4. What is Luke doing??? haha. I get the sense that he's the big brother of the LBs that always keeps the mood light and has the goofy personality that makes every newbie feel at home. Meanwhile Davis is the vocal leader and heart of the group.
  5. Adb6368

    Back End Safety Spot

    I’m a pretty avid panthers fan and have never even heard of Parms. Either I’m getting old or he’s a long shot. Answer most likely both...
  6. Adb6368

    Funchess Cost

    The more important question is.... if DJ Moore turns into Stephon Diggs, would you be happy? (Note: His draft profile compares them https://www.nfl.com/prospects/d.j.-moore?id=32462018-0002-5602-31ed-ce270f370fe4). I, for one, would not be satisfied if that is all he turns into.
  7. Adb6368

    Video: Moore smokes Jackson

    For a panthers employee voth really is a douche bag. Wish we could get better representatives for our team
  8. Such a horrible situation for Williams. It always comes back to this being a true ‘business’. He had an offer on the table that I’d imagine would have made him a top 10 paid right tackle in the league. He (rightfully so) declined and bet on himself and ends up in an absolute nightmare scenario. Gotta feel for the guy.
  9. Adb6368

    Secondary logo??

    Did a quick prototype for you
  10. Derek Anderson couldn't beat the Bucs. We needed to go in some other direction. Not saying it is the best option but it certainly isn't too much worse than where we were.
  11. We'll compromise and call him a semi-pro
  12. Your technical abilities far exceed mine. Pie for you.
  13. https://www.panthers.com/news/how-ian-thomas-beat-the-odds New piece up over at panthers.com. I had read about this right after the draft but totally forgot about how hard his life has been. Really hope it pans out for him. He seems to have the right attitude and will do what it takes to become better. Disclaimer: I have been on the train thinking that Manhertz's injury is a blessing in disguise. Rooting for Thomas to show enough to immediately become our #2 TE.