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  1. I think going undefeated is still a little too bold to think of based on having a lot of divisional games left. However, I can't help but continue to think we are the only team that can match up against anybody. Bring the high power offenses in here and Norman will lock down half the field. Bring Gronk in here and shaq and TD will blanket him. Bring AP in here and our hog mollies will swallow him whole. There isn't a single offense in the league right now that I'm afraid of. As long as our offense can get to 20 each game we will have a chance to win at the end and that's all you can really ask for once you get to the playoffs 
  2. Unsung Heroes

    It's probably a good sign when your worst defensive starter makes game saving pass deflections, constantly comes up to stop the run, and is always the first one on the field after a made extra point or field goal to greet the hogmollies jogging off. I'm not disagreeing with you at all he is probably our worst offensive starter. But being the worst student accepted into Harvard is still an accomplishment.