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  1. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Rough year for Brad Nortman in 2014?   

    Am I remembering incorrectly or the year we drafted him wasn't there another punter in the draft everyone wanted? I can't remember who he was or anything but I remember a slight uproar when we drafted Nortman instead. And I think the reasoning behind drafting Nortman over the other guy was that his hang-time was better (less powerful leg but could keep the ball in the air longer). If this is the case, was our special teams so bad last year that not even a punter that specializes in hang-time could help (this is a rhetorical question as the answer is more than likely yes)? 
    This stat seems to be 99% due to how bad our coverage team was and not how bad Nortman was. I remember several times the punt returner having to back up to get to the ball but our coverage was no where in sight.
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  2. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Will we see Jonathan Stewart against New England?   

    With so much competition behind him why would we waste snaps on a known beast? Might as well let him rest his legs for the regular season and let the guys behind him duke it out over the remaining RB spots. Based on his history there is no reason to risk him getting injured at this point. We know what we get with Stew. When he is on the field, he produces.
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  3. Adb6368 added a post in a topic The absolute most heartbreaking thing about our WR situation..   

    Last time I checked the qb has a lot more to do with making a wide receive than the other way around. Look at brady, manning, and even the Seahawks. You don't need hall of fame receivers to win a super bowl. I'd prefer a stout o-line all day over pro bowl receivers. If cam is as good as we are all hoping and wanting him to be, we will be fine. If anything, we should be ecstatic that cam may have a good OL for the first time in his career. 
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  4. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Instead of becoming more run heavy, just become Saints/Pats.   

    I'm not saying this is a good idea at all. But haven't we been discussing lately how Cam has a little more touch on his balls? What we should take from the Saints/Pats is their dink and dunk passes at certain points. We have all agreed that Ginn is used to blow by defenders and run go routes. However, why not use the speed of him, Brown, and Byrd to run crossing routes and confuse the defense? And if Cam has truly learned how not to throw a missile 100% the time maybe our speed can help the run game and we can play the ball control game we are really trying to get to.
    Also, does anyone else notice we now have the exact same offense as the Seahawks? No #1 receiver. Beast of a TE and RB. Questionable offensive line. Franchise QB who just got paid. They seemed to have done alright focusing on their strengths... maybe that's not such a bad idea
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  5. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Funchess Learning From Proehl   

    But wouldn't you prefer someone that is 220 and can't be pushed aside as opposed to a cornerback? Shaq has a combo of size and speed that can't be duplicated by any nickel cornerback in the league. Further, I may be mistaken but don't we usually play zone? If so, each player is usually only responsible for a part of the field. Having a LB covering that area instead of a CB pays huge dividends when it comes to tackling and I'm sure any WR or TE is much more afraid of going over the middle on Shaq instead of a nickel. There is no doubt TD has been a TE killer but now we have one of those on both sides of the field. My hope would be the middle of the field is shut-down which allows us to have our safeties stay deep and protect the long go routes. You could be right in the end, but I have to say I understand Gettleman's thought and if it works out we have NO DOUBT the best front 7 in the league for at least 2 more years.
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  6. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Funchess Learning From Proehl   

    Panthers ran nickle out of necessity due to their lack of having a player that could stay on the field and guard a fast TE. Drafting shaq now prevents us from having to take a LB off for a smaller CB. We can now run a base 4-3 defense which I believe has always been the plan. Bene can come in when we are dealing with a quick slot receiver on 3rd down but having the speed and size of Shaq available on most plays gives our defense the flexibility it has always wanted but never had.
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  7. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Top 5 things to watch against Buffalo   

    Besides the 6th WR, I also want to see what Funchess looks like in his first real NFL action. I've heard he isn't picking things us as quickly as KB last year and my expectations were pretty high from the beginning. Hopefully he will get plenty of playing time and can show us he is making some progress.
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  8. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Guess the score of the Bills game, win a free ticket vs. MIA   

    Panthers  - 20
    Bills - 13
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  9. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Cameron Artis-Payne Update   

    Of the 6 potential RBs/FBs, how many can we actually keep? I don't think there is enough room for Stew, Fozzy, CAP, Todman as well as Tolbert and Ward, nor do I think we should based on the redundancy. I really like Todman's use on special teams so I think the answer becomes sending Ward to the PS (unless they like Ward so much they cut Brockel instead). However, 5 runners still seems like a lot to me. Todman has to be the odd man out, right? Stew is a lock and I've heard players give praise to Fozzy (and based on this article it doesn't seem like CAP is going anywhere). This will be a tough choice which shows how far our depth has come.
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  10. Adb6368 added a post in a topic A Saints fan's "Scouting Report" re: Panthers   

    I would hope so considering that is almost certainly the reason we drafted him...
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  11. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Thank god D.G picked Star instead of.....   

    Do you remember the panic everyone went into when we found out Star was out for the Seattle game? A lot of people thought he was the reason we no longer had a chance. Although I didn't believe that, it shows how important he is. Model citizen, beast in the middle of our line. Couldn't ask for a better pick. As far as the loud mouthed guy driving 143 while high and proclaiming he is the best defensive player in football, what a waste.
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  12. Adb6368 added a post in a topic USA Today Panthers Preview   

    All the previews make me think. If you could pick any team... is there a better duo of anchors for each side of the ball. Kuechly and cam has to be top 5 as of right now. My logic is we have a top 15 (guaranteed) and more likely a top 10 qb while having a top 10 defensive player in the league. I'm hard pressed to find a team with 2 potential superstars with one being on each side of the ball.
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  13. Adb6368 added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    Pretty sure it is more than frowned upon for those jobs (think about driving a car... you can still get a dui even if you are under the limit if the officer determines you are visibly impaired). However, whomever mentioned as long as it is OK with the boss is the only right answer here. No idea what to do? Just follow your boss's lead. If there is no clear superior with you, make your decision based on what the boss would think if he was there. Or if all else fails have a beer and if anyone questions you just say studies have proven that one beer increases focus. How could it go wrong?
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