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  1. Not being cut today anymore... now looking to be traded. Making roughly $10M per year which is right around top 10. I'd probably give a mid-round pick for him.
  2. If they keep up their current effort they'd be lucky to continue to get Bobcat level attendance. At least the Bobcats tried to compete on the court. Pretty soon the only way to get fans going to games again will be to give away Growl towels and hypnotize the crowd into think it is a football game. But I do approve of the bobble-head!
  3. Switch to a 3-4. Draft Tim Williams. Shaq Davis kuechly williams as LBs. Star short and ealy manning the line. Super bowl bound. That my friends. Is free Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  4. At this point I am ok with anyone that is 100% a surefire upgrade over who we have now at the position. We still have Stew at RB and none of the DE's that will be there really get me excited. Safety is the 1 position where I feel like we can 100% get better immediately no matter who we pick.
  5. Then give me Foreman in the second and another position in the first. Didn't know that about Foreman. I was already a fan before now I'm sold.
  6. Didn't think so... keep my beer cheap (relative to other stadiums) and carry on
  7. Does this have any effect on the team that takes the field or just the operations behind the scenes?
  8. Probably like this: Win or lose effort deserves appreciation
  9. He's 22 years old. What were you doing at that age? If the NFL 'prime' year is roughly 26 he has 3 more season before he gets there. Too soon to tell
  10. So Eli's and fitz's cause is worth an award but greg's isn't? An award should be able to shine a light on the best. By giving it to 2 out of 3 possible winners says 1 was not up to par with the rest and I despise the fact Greg didn't get the recognition he deserved. I'm not one for conspiracy theories but anyone that sits and reads olsens story without tearing up is crazy. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  11. Yea. A 'dude' that just happens to be multiple dudes. 2 out of 3 to be exact. Either give the award to a single winner or give it to all 3. By saying that 2 people deserve it is giving the impression that the 3rd is undeserving. And that is a abomination as far as I'm concerned. What an embarrassment by the NFL. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  12. I truly believe that we should take THE BEST player available outside of MLB and QB. we could use help at literally every other position Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  13. Although that makes sense I don't know how a team this talented can tank. They won't purposefully lose. We will continue to finish the season with extremely disappointing and lazy losses while sprinkling in great wins against decent (not great) teams. Our roster is built for mediocrity this year. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  14. If I'm understanding correctly, the title should be changed to *had