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    I can't say I'm worried about any of our NFCS rival picks. They all got good players, but with Jack still on the board, I was worried they were going to get a top 2-3 player in the draft that has a chance to become something special barring injuries. They went with much safer picks which I would much rather see knowing how far (I believe) we are ahead of each of the other 3 teams. This won't close the talent gap that much with us still about to add another player.
  2. You can't convince me he is worth a first round pick. He was a monster in college because he was able to bulldoze people. Although he was in the SEC, there is still a HUGE gap between the children he played a lot in college and the linebackers that will be hitting him in the NFL. His 'game speed' will also be neutralized by quicker, more athletic defenders. I see him getting injured often and not being able to take on tacklers like in college. Do not want.
  3. I seem to recall reading last year or the year before that the NFL does not like the idea of having the last game of the PY being the first game of the season. They usually save that for a little later on. Don't think it will happen but would be pretty cool if it did.
  4. Kyle Love talks continue

    This guy singlehandedly allowed us to rest Star when he was injured and not rush him back until he was 100%. Although there was a drop-off, I don't think it was anywhere near as much as many of us expected when we heard Star was out for a few weeks. He deserves to come back and be a part of the rotation. His ability to be a wall in our defense allows Short and CJ to do wthat they do best.
  5. I would love Oakman in the third. He reminds me of Nkemdiche but much more raw. I remember last year people were talking about him as a surefire first round pick. For whatever reason, he didn't live up to expectations this year. Looking quickly through his draft story on i found this tid-bit "He almost lost his way during his redshirt season at Penn State, where he was kicked off the team after attempting to steal a sandwich from a campus cafeteria because he was out of meal credits." Obviously this guy has had a rough go of it in his childhood but give him a year under CJ and time to develop and this guy could be a monster.
  6. If it came down to..

    I think trading down is lining up perfectly for us. The QBs of the draft have seen their stock fallover thepast few weeks from potential top-10 to late first round. With us sitting at 30, I guarantee a team will want to move up to guarantee the 5th year on a QB still on the board. Trading down in this position is a no brainer, assuming a can't miss prospect isn't still on the board (a la Star).
  7. So this is what rooting for a winning franchise feels like...
  8. Jaylon Smith

    Yeah... and you don't risk a 1st round pick on someone that could potentially never play at full speed. We need a guaranteed future starter in the first. I would entertain the idea at the end of the second though depending on who is still available. If he makes it to the 3rd, I'd jump all over it and cross my fingers.
  9. I'm pretty sure a day or two before the draft a lot of people had leaked that we were WAY higher on him than other teams. If I remember correctly, I also seem to remember hearing that Shaq was one of three-four players that we realistically were planning on taking. It worked out fine for us last year but the fact that the pick was not a huge surprise to me makes me nervous about our ability to play the draft 'game' and keep our strategy on the DL. Hope this isn't the case again and a team drafting after usjumps ahead of us knowing our pick...
  10. I don't think I will be able to watch it again until, at a minimum, week 1 of next year. Need to get the bad taste out of my mouth first.
  11. Pro Football Focus - Panthers free agency strategy

    I'm not saying we couldn't use another receiver, I'm saying that there are much more pressing issues out there than the WR position. When saying that Brown, Funchess, and Ginn are #3 or 4 AT BEST you are not taking into account they WILL be our #3, 4, and 5 options next year. Our true #1 receiving threat is Olsen, followed by KB. Further, you have to take into account that we rarely have 4 receivers on the field at one time. That is not the offense we play. We usually have 2, maybe 3, wide receivers on the field on any play so, with the rotation we have, we will always have someone on the bench to sub in as needed. Lastly, I don't think there is any chance Gettleman drafted Funchess to be anything less than a #2 receiver. We haven't had enough time to gauge whether or not that is possible but I don't want to sign some guy to a lucrative long-term contract to be a solid #2 receiver if Gettleman still believes we are grooming Funchess for that role. It would just be wasting a high pick. We had the number 1 offense in the league. Let's calm down saying that we are dead without adding receivers when we didn't even have our best one throughout a season we went to the Super Bowl.
  12. Pro Football Focus - Panthers free agency strategy

    Am I the only one that doesn't think we need to spend a dime of FA money on a WR? KB is coming back from a leg injury that would concern me A LOT more if he was a speedster instead of the towering possessionreceiver he is. And I was very impressed with what I saw from Funchess over the second half of the season. Further, Philly absolutely balled out in the Super Bowl before getting injured and ran right past the Arizona secondary in the NCFG. And all that is before we even talk about our #1 receiver this year: Ginn. With KB coming back Ginn could potentially have a better year next year than he did in 2015. If a stud WR falls in the first such as the Coleman kid from Baylor or Treadwell from Ole Miss, I would jump all over it because they are straight difference makers. Other than that, I'm fine with the WR corps we have going into next year.
  13. Panthers Mock Offseason

    Not sure anyone would pay 10 million a year for a 31 yr old center. This is complete speculation but I would like to restructure his contract and maybe change some of his salary to a signing bonus so he gets the money upfront, and agree to sign is brother to amulti-year contract. Maybe the idea of ensuring he gets to play with his brother for a few years is something he would be interested in at this point in his career. And, if his brother is half the teammate Kalil is, he'd be a great addition to the locker room.
  14. Suh: We Destroyed Panthers in Training Camp

    Why are we talking about a practice with a team that couldn't even play well enough to keep their coach the entire year? Let alone a team that paid this guy a tremendous amount of money to come in and do absolutely nothing. Congrats Suh! Here is your training camp trophy! Now go shove it where the sun don't shine.
  15. That's a good point. I never thought about it that way. This will be the first true offseason where we see how Gettleman truly operates. Every year since he has been here he has been conservative with his money and only given out small contracts to FAs. Although he doesn't seem like the kind of person to make a huge splash and pay premiums for stars, I guess we don't know until we see what he is like when he has cash available.