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  1. Adb6368 added a post in a topic No sign of Luke at practice possibly out until after the Bye   

    Just walked past the breakroom at work right as they began to talk about the Panthers and it's the first thing said... obviously no proof since it was live and I was passing through but I'm confident that is what they are at least reporting... doesn't make it true knowing them
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  2. Adb6368 added a post in a topic No sign of Luke at practice possibly out until after the Bye   

    ESPN just reported on Sportscenter that Kueckly passed the protocol and "could" practice today
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  3. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Going to be a News-Filled Day According to Bill Voth   

    Does anyone know what time practice starts? If its around this time I'm assuming the news will be a photo of Kueckly either: A) Suited up meaning he passed the concussion protocol or; B) Without a helmet meaning he failed the concussion protocol
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  4. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades - Defense   

    I don't know if saying there have been no signs is accurate. Sacks aren't the only benchmark for a DE. Ron Rivera has even gone as far as to praise his dirty work this year. And although he had a horrible pass rush rating, he was actually positive on run defense. I think there are positive signs there but we need to temper our expectations. One of my biggest complaints are his stupid penalties and I would hope that is an easy fix. He very well could be a bust but I'm not going to judge him until next year. Maybe having CJ out and being on the sideline to mentor him while bringing in a veteran stud like Allen can help him learn the little things that can push him to the next level.
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  5. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Panthers PFF Grades - Defense   

    From all of the DE's we've ever drafted, I don't think we've ever had one come into their own until year 3 (save Peppers). I look at this as an investment because I doubt it was ever Gettleman's plan to have him starting this year. Hardy and Alexander were both ahead of him on the depth chart but he was forced into action due to the circumstances. If nothing else, look at this as a learning year where he works out the kinks and comes to ball out next year. I just hope this year doesn't demoralize him too much that he can't come back from it. WAY to early to give up on him.
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  6. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Is it me, or are there a lot of analyst ACTUALLY picking the Jags?   

    I don't know about the experts but Vegas has us around 3 point favorites. Add in 3 the Jags automatically get for home field advantage and we sit at a 6 point favorite (meaning all else equal, we are 6 points better than them). Considering how NFL betting lines are, 6 points is actually a pretty big point differential. Too many questions to have us favored anymore. Experts are picking on potential right now, not reality. Everyone wants to be known as the person who 'called' the impossible.
    We will win by 10+
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  7. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Panthers Field Second Oldest Roster   

    It's nice knowing our stars are just now coming of age while we fill out the roster with proven veterans that bring leadership and knowledge to the team while understanding their role. I am not at all worried about this stat as not one of our building blocks are even close to retirement.
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  8. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Gettleman has long term plans for Wegher   

    this seems to be the forgone conclusion with everyone. People assume he will get hurt this year and he won't be a panther next year. However, what if he stays healthy and has a career year? It wasn't too long ago that everyone knew he was the best back on the roster. I don't think it's too much of a stretch that he runs for 1300 yards and earns another year here. He's a monster when healthy and maybe this is the year he proves he's worth every penny of the contract. I'm not sure what g-man is thinking but there is some level of productivity that you just can't let go. Personally, I hope he gets there because hes been nothing but a producer when on the field. 
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  9. Adb6368 added a post in a topic What we saw yesterday is our blueprint.... its our DNA   

    Good theory in thought. Easier said than done when our 1 on 1 mathcup is a 3rd or 4th string receiver up against the other teams #1 CB... Olsen can only get open over the middle so many time.
    The best I think we have looked all preseason was when Cam was in a groove and we were running the no-huddle offense. Cam has seemed calm and comfortable running this and it has kept defenses off guard. I remember we did this last year during the preseason also but when regular season hit we never saw it again. I hope to see some more up-tempo this year and hope to tire out the defenses.
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  10. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Official Panthers at Steelers Gameday Thread   

    Anyone else thinking we already know who is on thia team and our only goal is to run the clock out and not get injured?  Nothing to see or read into here...
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  11. Adb6368 added a post in a topic This Corey Brown Hate-Fest Is Asinine   

    I'm sure this has been said but I just don't get why he has such a long leash? He wasn't a first round pick and although he showed flashes last year, it's not like he appeared to be a savior for us. Is he guaranteed a spot solely because he was on the team for one season and caught a few passes? If there was ANY other wide receiver that was fighting for a roster spot (so they are not named Ginn, Funchess, and Norwood), I have a hard time believing they would stand any chance of making the squad based on performance so far. It boggles my mind that this guy has a 'guaranteed' spot when he really hasn't shown anything to prove he is worth it. A few go-route TD's last year does not prove you belong. He needed to prove last year was not a fluke and he has done just the opposite. I'm almost ready to say Byrd is a clone of Brown last year and has at least shown he can hold onto a punt so why not give him the job? 
    With that said, I'm not going to give up on him yet. Hopefully he has a case of the yips and he can restore some confidence tonight. 
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  12. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Phil Taylor good sirs?   

    Not sure why we would try to bring in a DT at this point unless the injuries to Star and KK are more serious than advertised. With Dwan, CC, and Love all looking pretty good and assuming at least 1 of our starters are back from injury and 100% (or as close to 100% you can be in football), we have a full rotation. I would keep the people that know the playbook and have had all training camp to make the team over a question mark. Can anyone name another Browns DT? I can't say he was cut from a HOF DL. I like who we have at this point and this position should be the least of our worries.
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  13. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Latest Panthers Depth Chart after 1st cuts   

    A couple of things that stand out to me:
    1) Corey Brown over Cotchery: I think we have all come to the realization that Brown is a lock for the team, but the fact that he is still listed as our starter is laughable. Please, continue to reward failure on this team. At least push him back the depth chart to try and light some fire or see if he can handle some adversity. Giving someone a position by default is not how this should work.
    2) A.J. Klein over Shaq - can we please get the inevitable out of the way and do whatever the whole world already knows and switch these two. It's not even like Klein is some veteran that deserves a last hoorah before being overtaken. Meaningless in the grand scheme of things.
    3) Boston over Coleman: I assume this is another one that is inevitable because all signs point to Coleman being pegged as the starter. Or is there still competition here that we aren't paying enough attention to? I'm excited to see what Coleman can give us this year and see if he can steady our forever shaky back-line 
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  14. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Bold Regular Season predictions   

    Boykin makes the team and finishes 3rd in receiving yards behind Olsen and Funchess.
    Dickson is the breakout player of the year and we begin to focus on 2 TE sets.
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  15. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Very good game by Cam   

    that pass to Brown was an ELITE pass. He couldn't place the ball any better. I couldn't ask for more from Cam Tonight considering it was evident he had no interest in running. He took some sacks that will not happen in the regular season. Boykin is going to step in to be this year's Brown in my opinion  
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