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  1. Adb6368 added a post in a topic A Saints fan's "Scouting Report" re: Panthers   

    I would hope so considering that is almost certainly the reason we drafted him...
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  2. Adb6368 added a post in a topic Thank god D.G picked Star instead of.....   

    Do you remember the panic everyone went into when we found out Star was out for the Seattle game? A lot of people thought he was the reason we no longer had a chance. Although I didn't believe that, it shows how important he is. Model citizen, beast in the middle of our line. Couldn't ask for a better pick. As far as the loud mouthed guy driving 143 while high and proclaiming he is the best defensive player in football, what a waste.
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  3. Adb6368 added a post in a topic USA Today Panthers Preview   

    All the previews make me think. If you could pick any team... is there a better duo of anchors for each side of the ball. Kuechly and cam has to be top 5 as of right now. My logic is we have a top 15 (guaranteed) and more likely a top 10 qb while having a top 10 defensive player in the league. I'm hard pressed to find a team with 2 potential superstars with one being on each side of the ball.
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  4. Adb6368 added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    Pretty sure it is more than frowned upon for those jobs (think about driving a car... you can still get a dui even if you are under the limit if the officer determines you are visibly impaired). However, whomever mentioned as long as it is OK with the boss is the only right answer here. No idea what to do? Just follow your boss's lead. If there is no clear superior with you, make your decision based on what the boss would think if he was there. Or if all else fails have a beer and if anyone questions you just say studies have proven that one beer increases focus. How could it go wrong?
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