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  1. Pretty pumped to win a super bowl in one of our biggest rivals brand new stadium. Hopefully Matty ice can watch from the stands and wonder 'but I thought I told them to get off my field??'
  2. Cam Robinson

    If he didn't get in trouble we wouldn't care because we will be picking way after where he would have gone. Now that he's shown what he does in his personal time we definitely won't touch him. Either way, he was never going to become a Panther. I doubt that, with where I expect us to be picking in the draft the next few years, we can get our next LT there. I expect more pickups like Oher. I don't think this changes our outlook and plan for LT moving forward.
  3. CPAT!!!!

    Bringing him in means you are cutting Ginn since they are both 'speedsters' and can do punt returns. Not sure why we would get rid of someone who 100% knows the offense and has a good relationship with Cam for someone who does the EXACT SAME THING that we aren't sure what we will get? The move makes no sense to me.
  4. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I think we keep Garrett as a 6th WR while cutting Marcus Ball knowing that, if the injury bug hits, we can have Cash as a emergency backup at safety.
  5. Antonio Cromartie wants to come to Carolina

    We may not have a choice. However, Cromartie reminds me a lot of Harper where he could come in and a majority of the fan base hates the move based on the limited knowledge we really know about the guy. Then he comes in and becomes a leader and perfect veteran to groom our younger DBs. Obviously, Harper was a class act and definitely exceeded my expectations so I don't know if we can expect that from a guy like Cromartie. But just because we think we know someone doesn't mean they can't completely break the mold once arriving in a locker-room full of leaders like ours.
  6. Eric Berry or Mo Wilkerson?

    I've actually be wondering what our plan is with all of this money we have. Isn't our cap space like $30M or something crazy like that? I understand we have some large contracts coming up but I see no reason why we shouldn't use SOME of that money to go get a difference-maker. I understand Gettleman's philosophy that we are never one player away but I can't imagine what our defense would be like if we got a game-changing safety like Berry on a 2-3 year contract. Top of the line safeties don't usually break the bank like other positions if i recall. We would still have $20M left over for our DTs with some contracts coming off the books over the next few years.
  7. First year DG didn't draft a RB

    Elijah Hood '17
  8. I disagree. You have to think about it relative to the NFL game today. Just because we had 2 starting running backs in DWill and Stew for years doesn't mean that should be the norm. There aren't many teams with more than 1 (if even 1) quality RB due to league turning to a passing-centered sport. I can't think of too many teams that have a group of RBs as talented as Stew, Tolbert, Fozzy, and CAP. We threw a rookie on the field last year and he went for 100+. Compared to other teams, we are 'deep' at the position, IMO.
  9. Hedging your bets, a lesson in drafting success.

    I think the depth at DT caused teams to pass on the top-tier talents and go for other needs assuming they can pick a DT later with some value. This helped us get a top 20 talent way after the fact. We didn't reach for need. We took the best player on the board. The fact we picked a player that we had very little need for makes me feel confident he will be good

    I can't say I'm worried about any of our NFCS rival picks. They all got good players, but with Jack still on the board, I was worried they were going to get a top 2-3 player in the draft that has a chance to become something special barring injuries. They went with much safer picks which I would much rather see knowing how far (I believe) we are ahead of each of the other 3 teams. This won't close the talent gap that much with us still about to add another player.
  11. You can't convince me he is worth a first round pick. He was a monster in college because he was able to bulldoze people. Although he was in the SEC, there is still a HUGE gap between the children he played a lot in college and the linebackers that will be hitting him in the NFL. His 'game speed' will also be neutralized by quicker, more athletic defenders. I see him getting injured often and not being able to take on tacklers like in college. Do not want.
  12. I seem to recall reading last year or the year before that the NFL does not like the idea of having the last game of the PY being the first game of the season. They usually save that for a little later on. Don't think it will happen but would be pretty cool if it did.
  13. Kyle Love talks continue

    This guy single handedly allowed us to rest Star when he was injured and not rush him back until he was 100%. Although there was a drop-off, I don't think it was anywhere near as much as many of us expected when we heard Star was out for a few weeks. He deserves to come back and be a part of the rotation. His ability to be a wall in our defense allows Short and CJ to do wthat they do best.
  14. I would love Oakman in the third. He reminds me of Nkemdiche but much more raw. I remember last year people were talking about him as a surefire first round pick. For whatever reason, he didn't live up to expectations this year. Looking quickly through his draft story on i found this tid-bit "He almost lost his way during his redshirt season at Penn State, where he was kicked off the team after attempting to steal a sandwich from a campus cafeteria because he was out of meal credits. " Obviously this guy has had a rough go of it in his childhood but give him a year under CJ and time to develop and this guy could be a monster.
  15. If it came down to..

    I think trading down is lining up perfectly for us. The QBs of the draft have seen their stock fall over the past few weeks from potential top-10 to late first round. With us sitting at 30, I guarantee a team will want to move up to guarantee the 5th year on a QB still on the board. Trading down in this position is a no brainer, assuming a can't miss prospect isn't still on the board (a la Star).