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  1. Give this man a medal!
  2. I see his promise to remain incognito during the summer is working out according to plan
  3. Adb6368

    Curtis Samuel ....

    You don't cut 2nd round draft picks their second year. Obvious talent on a cheap contract. Worst case they say his healing isn't progressing and place him on IR again. 0% he isn't a Panther this year.
  4. Adb6368

    Panthers OTAs Thread

    Pundits will say he is here to steal all of our secrets to give to the Cowboys because of his huge homerism. Interesting matchup week 1, no?
  5. Hurney Magic? Could this be our worst nightmares coming true? Or just an ex player hanging on to his twitter description a few years too long? Knowing hurneys past... Buckle your seatbelts
  6. Completely hypothetical here but I wonder if Tepper having no intention to move the team has anything to do with the Rooney’s (Steelers owner) respect for JR and not wanting to ruin his legacy (or what is left of it) in the Carolinas. The smart business move you usually see is the new owner threatening it even if they have no intention just to get more money out of the city. Good to see that is being squashed up front.
  7. Adb6368

    The Case against Munnerlyn

    If elder looks halfway competent in camp munnerlyn should be an easy cut
  8. Worst case is we just drafted another Vernon butler!
  9. And you think the league wants to do that? That would be literally the last thing the league would want to do. I never said it couldn't happen, I said no one wants that. I would assume the league would prefer to give the team to Navarro and be let down than get into a messy court battle that damages the shield. Do you remember how much bad PR the NBA got through that process?
  10. How so? My guess would be that JR has all the leverage. His rep is already trash and the only thing the league can do in the case that he picks Navarro is vote against him becoming owner. For a league with more bad PR right now than maybe anytime in it’s history, do they really want to vote against a guy from the teams state that spends millions helping educate kids. Would that really be a good look?
  11. On one side I’m ready to freak out. However, thinking clearly about this, half of the competition for the spot has never played a snap for the panthers. With that said, I hope this is the default answer and Rivera expects one of the new comers to come in and beat Silatolu out for the spot.
  12. Adb6368

    Elijah Hood

    Exemplary character... one of those people who may actually benefit being home and around family unlike some (cough WORLEY cough). Would have no issues with this pickup.
  13. Tell me... what group would you rather have: 1) Bradberry, Worley, Munnerlyn, Seymour, Gunter 2) Bradberry, Jackson, Cockrell, Seymour, Elder Assuming we pick up a starting caliber safety by the beginning of the year, I think we will be alright.