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  1. So.....

    Good thing about rookie kickers is I keep getting older and they stay the same age...
  2. If you don't know anything about him consider this little snippet from Wikipedia: "Tepper keeps a brass replica of a pair of testicles in a prominent spot on his desk, a present from former employees. He rubs the gift for luck during the trading day to get a laugh out of colleagues" SUREEEEE.... what could go wrong? It's not like our former owner ever did anythi.... oh
  3. He is the clear-cut favorite. You don't think JR would be partial to a Steelers minority owner considering that is who he mirrored his franchise after? I'd be surprised if this isn't our next owner.
  4. Click bait thread i know. But if you have time I suggest you go to this guys twitter and look through the thread. It may, dare I say, surprise you. UPDATE: As I should have expected, too many believe that his tweet above was his actual thoughts and not spoken in jest... For those that love GIFs his thread does not disappoint
  5. Andy Benoit Ranks Free Agents

    It's "befuddling" that he was a first-team all-pro yet you classify him as a difference maker? That's not contradicting at all.
  6. People wanted to Dismss him throwing a temper tantrum at the combine but sometimes it’s the small things that really shows someone’s true colors. He fell to the end of the first and was considered a steal. It turns out he fell because ...
  7. Source of the exact stories and relating agreements? I’d like to actually here from the parties involved instead of ‘sources’. I haven’t seen one legal document yet. I don’t care about names but at least official transcripts from a party involved.
  8. May miss OTAs but he's still showing up to the stadium every day while the rest of the NFL is on vacation. Shows that hes got the drive to succeed. I still believe he'll end being the steal our our 2017 draft (CMC will never be considered a steal at pick 8).
  9. I will watch every Panthers game I can until the day I die. However, I have surprised myself with how disinterested I am in literally every other football game being played each year. Not sure how or why but the game doesn't appear to be nearly as exciting as it used to be.
  10. With the season coming to an end with a disappointing result (spoiler alert: Patriots win), I wanted to reminisce on the good that came from this season. Obviously it didn't turn out the way we wanted but there was plenty of memorable moments. Mine was probably the 'butt-drag swag' as we had been the game of the week for 2 or 3 weeks and with the media darling Rodgers coming back we shut him down and ended their season. The catch was amazing but I laughed by ass off seeing Olsen going bezerk to Rivera about it being a horrible challenge then completely changing tone and celebrating like a kid when they called it a TD, ending with a good laugh between player and coach. What say you? What will be your fondest memory of this season?
  11. Not nearly as effective as bersin.. on a bubble screen... in the playoffs... against the legion of boom in their prime
  12. For anyone that actually followed the story this confirms what you've known for a while. Considering how defensive Rivera has gotten in prior pressers around the concussion protocol he doesn't strike me as someone trying to circumvent the system.
  13. Just watching the 1-minute video made me like him. Seems to have the right attitude and a confidence about him.
  14. Not saying that the refs are perfect but anyone that believes the NFL wanted NO in the Super Bowl is flat out wrong. I could maybe get behind Minnesota since they are hosting the SB or Philly because of the NFC East bias but come on... I think this reddit thread (although slightly dated) proves that NO would be one of the last markets the NFL would be rooting for.