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  1. "These players.... Butler, Thompson, McCaffrey... they seem to be paid a lot for being on a rookie de... HOLY HELL!!! Back in my day I would have traded these picks for a college QB changing positions or an underwhelming Florida st DE. To draft these players in the first round is absurd! Only 1 RB in 3 years? How do you field an average team like that?" Or something like that.
  2. Agreed. With the reported 17M in cap space give him a HUGE raise this year and make the cap hits less moving forward. Might as well use some of the cap space now while we have it and ensure we aren't hedging future years.
  3. With the Huddle losing their minds the past few days, I sat back and thought about what could have been done differently. Obviously, I would have never let go of G-man. But, assuming that's water under the bridge now, what would YOU have done differently if you were sitting in the owner's chair? I don't see a lot of options better than letting Hurney take over for a year just to give this EXTREMELY talented roster a chance to move forward with some sort of familiarity. However, I would have preferred a backup plan before we fired Gettleman (mind blowing, I know!). I think that plan should have been to go get John Dorsey, the ex- KC Chiefs GM. From what he has done with limited resources with that team, and knowing the strong core of players we already have, I think he would have fit our culture perfectly. So what says you all? What was a better option then tagging Hurney with the interim GM title? Or, after a shortsighted decision, is this the best we could have hoped for?
  4. double post - delete please
  5. Hurney will be responsible for 2 things before he (hopefully) gets replaced next summer: extend olsen and extend davis. That, in and of itself, should not be a big deal. But PLEASE do not overpay for these aging veterans. Come in, give them a modest pay day, and leave. No harm, no foul.
  6. Can't wait for him to be hired and his first move to be firing Shula
  7. I'd be interested to see how him and Cam interact considering the reason he was let go was to give full reign to Cam. Will Steve be able to take on a lessor leadership role and become a mentor to only the WR corp as opposed to wearing a C on his jersey? I believe at his age he will be fine with this, but nonetheless, it could be interesting to watch.
  8. Yea, not laying off any of your employees while your business shuts down is a real ahole move. You can attack the guy for his business moves but no one should question his character. We've seen more success since get the expansion team than MANY teams (Jaguars, Browns, Texans to name a few). Winning is hard in this league.
  9. That Shaq Thompson pick though... Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  10. Kyle Love is 30. I would not want to lean on him for much more than giving a true starter a rest. He's performed well but you can't expect him to consistently be able to push (or even hold) a pile for more than a few plays at a time.
  11. My main concern is his health. His biggest knock coming into the NFL was his lower body strength and getting a high ankle sprain your first year does not smother those flames. Obviously he has plenty of time to grow but he needs to put on a lot of muscle while not sacrificing any of his speed which is his strength. That's the key to his success Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  12. Would it be blasphemy and Huddle suicide to say I would rather give all 3 of these players contracts before giving Davis an extension? It feels weird that I actually feel bad saying that out loud...
  13. The best thing I learned from that is Andrew Norwell takes no days off.
  14. I agree with him being the greatest panther. However, Thomas Davis owes as much to this franchise as they do to him. The Panthers (JR specifically) continued to support him through everything and gave him every opportunity to succeed. Who knows what would have happened if we didn't decide to continue to hang with him through 3 ACL injuries. It had never been done before! Who knows how many teams would have given him the opportunity and (more importantly) the ideal situation to succeed. He will always be one of my favorite Panthers but we can't be spending all of our cap space on veterans that are nearing the end of their career.
  15. If we finish the year with a super bowl team are we considered champions? Shula will get praise if he deserves it. Calling go routes and waiting for cam to be destroyed is not my idea of a good offensive coordinator. We are smart enough to know the difference between a great offense due to play calling and personnel and a good offense due to players overcoming horrible play calling. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle