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  1. 1) I believe we have held other teams to 0-4 on 4th and short. Those RBs included Hyde and McCoy. Hyde is average but I don't think anyone can question that McCoy is elite. It's hard to gain a yard when the defense knows it's coming. 2) What if I told you that RB we drafted at #8 was not drafted to be a RB, but a pass-catcher? CAP will hold down bulldozing duties in the future while CMC will continue to get 10-15 touches a game. It's been 2 games. I think you need a little more tape before coming to a conclusion.
  2. Changing the Launch Point

    We have seem to go from one pole to the other on this. Against the 49ers Cam zeroed in on CMC and force fed him the ball. Then, against the Bills, he held the ball the whole game waiting for someone to get open downfield. I'm hoping that everything evens out now and we get the best of both worlds.
  3. Breakout Players vs Saints

    For all that is holy please let it be someone on offense.
  4. Kalil Not Practicing

    It makes you wonder how much players truly 'always prepare as if I'm going to play'. Obviously everyone says it. But when it comes down to it, is that just fluff? I can see a lot of the backups being pretty lackadaisical in preparation and it biting them in the end.
  5. I don't care if we suffer a little during the regular season, we need to rest Davis during games and get Thompson more snaps. Davis is on an All-Pro track but I don't believe it's possible to keep that up for an entire season. He needs to be full strength if/when we get to the playoffs. And we have a more than capable backup sitting on the sideline for 50% of the game.
  6. Barnidge Time

    Coming from the couch to gameday at this point in the season seems like a good deal. At this point you'd have to take anything you can get, right?
  7. Barnidge Time

    I believe all players signed at this point in the season come on non-guaranteed contracts. That would mean we could cut him once Olsen comes back with no further damage. Seems like a win-win.
  8. "Woke up with a bad neck"

    Not going to blame a guy for not wanting to severely injure their neck... kinda an important part of your body. And having to crouch for 3 hours while looking up and then hit someone seems to be one of the worst things you could do, slightly ahead of running head first into a brick wall.
  9. As far as Funchess goes...

    Good find. However, the way I see it is we are either keeping Funchess or KB. With KB's 5th year option their contracts should come up at the same time. Assuming Funchess is progressing, we should be able to sign him to a reasonable deal and let KB walk who would cost a lot more. If Funchess still hasn't shown anything, we keep KB and let Funchess go. Everyone that says we don't need both of them will probably get their wish in 2 years.
  10. Snap Counts - Bills at Panthers

    "We need to find Shaq more playing time"... as he continues to play less than 50% of defensive snaps "We need to rest TD to extend his career"... as he continues to play 100% of defensive snaps. Obviously it's working right now but sounds like the preseason coaching speak was complete BS.
  11. As far as Funchess goes...

    My obligatory post reminding everyone he is only 23 yrs old. He is 1 yr older than KB when he was drafted. Think about it for a second.
  12. Those goal line runs...

    I've never seen Stewart so raddled. Even to the point where he cost us a delay of game penalty for spiking the ball. I don't think any of it was his fault but was pleasantly surprised to see some fire out of him. Appears to me he is running like his job is depending on it which is quite obviously the case. Kudos to him. An angry Stew is a good Stew.
  13. Hate Week. Again.

    Brees always finds a way to light us up. Very nervous for this game. However, if talent prevails and we get the W this would be the perfect warm-up for New England. Feel like this can give us an idea of what to expect in Foxborough the following week.
  14. I wouldn't just jump over week 3 and drew Brees. I think that will tell us plenty.
  15. Coaching staff will harp on cam missing 3 throws for TDs and completely disregard the other 150 plays that were dead before the snap.