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  1. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Nothing like having a bye and watching the exact game plan on how to beat the saints
  2. Did you watch the Bears game?
  3. Personally I thought it was a pretty solid bye week thread considering what else we’ve talked about this week. Would read again
  4. More than you can definitively say about our previous 2 first-rounders. Progress!
  5. With Adams out

    Let him sit out until week 14 then give him a few games to get his conditioning back for the playoffs. I'm optimistic that once Olsen gets back our offense is going to go full beastmode. With the way our defense is playing as long as our offense is average we have a shot at every game. The problem has been that they've been well short of average thus far.
  6. With Adams out

    Reminds me of the weight lifter that says ’i pick things up and put them down’
  7. Excellent cliffhanger
  8. It is like we are using our own strategy against us! The 'bend but don't break' defense we were known for during the 15-1 season where we'd never give up a big play and force teams to get 6-7 first downs in order to score. Sooner or later a mistake will be made resulting in a turnover. Ball control is great but I don't know if our offense is good enough to sustain 14-15 play drives without making a mistake which is what happened in the colossal meltdown that was the Bears game.
  9. GEAUX B-U-F-F-A-L-O

    I was hoping for a Buffalo forecast of 28 degrees and snowy on Sunday. However, 40% chance of rain and 44 still wouldn't favor the Saints. Friday looks to be solid Buffalo football weather. Any chance that gets pushed back a little?
  10. Crowd size yesterday.....

    This is the first thing I noticed yesterday. No clue how to explain it. I walked up to the gates at 1230 and there was literally no line. I walked right through a medal detector. Then at the end of the first (maybe a minute remaining) I walked to the concession stand and again had no line. Not sure what the deal was. When the game got tight the noise was good but still... a lot of empty seats.
  11. Just wanted to let everyone know that number 72 has just reported eligible. Prepare yourself for a 1 yd gain. If we call a goal line offense one more time from our own 20 yd line I may go crazy Awful awful play calling. Shula Tried everything he could to blow this game.
  12. Big Vern... Where are you?

    He was a bust for us the second KK signed that extension. He can’t replace Star
  13. Star/Norwell > KB

    Yea man. Clowns haven’t memorized the history of every executive who has drafted every player in panthers history...lol
  14. Star/Norwell > KB

    Yea. Totally wrecked me. I don’t know how I’ll wake up tomorrow...