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  1. Tell Tre Boston that
  2. If we think we have a team that can win now I think you have to get rushers in the FA market and not the draft. It takes too long for college kids to develop the strength and speed needed to combat NFL linemen. Hell, even Clowney was looked at as a bust at one point. We need to get proven DE's from FA and draft someone we are sure can be a day 1 contributor in the draft (Adams, Hooker, etc.)
  3. Completely agree Wilson is better behind the bad oline but honestly, that's inexcusable. Cam should be Wilson on steroids in areas of the game. However, there are times Wilson seems to be making the things happen while cam is thinking too much. Cam needs to take what's there and not try to hit the home run every play Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  4. I'm confused how us not protecting Cam Newton is the 'problem' meanwhile literally the worst offensive line in the league (Seattle) according to PFF won 10 games and received a 1st round bye this year. It's almost like they know how to disguise their weaknesses and win despite of them while we are using our weaknesses as an excuse to be bad.
  5. Do you even Hurney, bro?
  6. Yea franks killing it tonight. Team leading -16 +/- tonight through 3 quarters. And people trying to blame hibbert who is starting today and is playing a different rotation. Awful Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  7. I see your point... But 'sense' did not get us Vernon Butler or Shaq Thompson. So we can pretty much throw sense out the window when it comes to G-man drafting.
  8. I'm done. He's awful. Completely no trust in his shot and his defense is its usual horrendous self. He needs to be taken out of the rotation. This guy has cost us too many games this year. Should have taken the trade on draft night. Could have Myles turner or booker. Another stellar move by hornets management to set us back a few years. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  9. Look at TD's stats over his first 4-5 years. He may have had solid production years 2-3 (88 total tackles), but his breakout year wasn't until year 4 (113 tackles). And you can argue his first few years of production were solely due to being thrust into playing due to a complete lack of talent at the safety position when he was drafted. I could argue that Shaq is on the same exact trajectory as TD, except he isn't wasting time playing another position (which he could have considering his college career).
  10. If you think Butler is halfway serviceable I would do this in a heartbeat. Especially with this draft being rich with positions of need. Getting Fournette/Adams then Cook/Hooker IMO would be more beneficial then a 1 year DT loan. Butler would go immediately from a 'luxury' pick to filling a position of need (potentially making that draft pick look a lot better).
  11. I think the choice should not be made until we determine what to do with Stew. If stew is back, we should use the pick on someone that will help immediately next year. If we decide to let Stew go which would be a shocker after this year, then we should go RB. This pick has to be a 100% day 1 starter next year now that we are picking in the first half of the first round. No more grooming - I believe the last 2 picks, although they may help in the future, were a big part in our regression this year. Everyone else got better while we were trying to develop players still.
  12. I was actually just thinking the opposite. Didn't Rivera bail him out by saying he tweaked something on the long run play which is why he didn't make the tackle? Just another excuse for a guy that constantly misses that play. Seems like they are trying to protect him at all costs. I know mcdermott was mad but pretty sure the head honcho stoop up for him. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  13. I don't think we would ever trade rivera for less than a first round draft pick. And with the team LA has and the QB they have to build around, they should be drafting near the top of the draft order for the foreseeable future. Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  14. Our head coach that has had 2 good seasons and a bunch of average seasons for potentially a top 10 draft pick? I would do it Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  15. Anybody know how many snaps he played? Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle