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  1. Adb6368

    I see you DJ

    My fantasy football team agrees with this assessment
  2. Jones is awful. But am i missing something or has gaulden played serviceable so far? I could be wrong but I haven’t seen him give up a big play in limited action yet
  3. Because of our racist owner, amiright?
  4. I remember the last time we played a team with their 1st-string running back out... all of 4 days ago
  5. Adb6368

    Vent is over much more calm

    Considering the D goes against the real slim-CMC every practice I would hope we are prepared
  6. Adb6368

    Corey Coleman...

    I hope he gets picked up and released 31 times so we can have 31 topics about this. If there was any receiver we should have gotten with questionable character it'd be the one that just went to the Patriots for a conditional 5th round pick.
  7. I'd rather give Brenton Bersin a guaranteed contract over this guy
  8. Adb6368


    Did anyone else notice Funchess continuing to go to a knee to catch the ball? I know the commentator pointed it out on one but he did it another few times after that. Seems like something you do when you have no confidence in your ability to catch the ball.
  9. Or Jermaine Carter Jr.
  10. Adb6368

    Kudos to O-Line

    Agreed... but Cam did his part also when the pocket broke down. Our 'best' receiving corp in years were the ones who let us down yesterday.
  11. Adb6368

    Where was C.J. today

    Speaking of whereabouts. What happened to short today? I don’t think kk has had a quieter day as a panthers. Teams now have the blueprint to beat us. Don’t go up the gut towards Poe and kk. Go outside where our undersized or aging DEs can get worked. I can’t say I blame them.
  12. Adb6368

    My one take away...

    It was obvious cam lost trust in his receivers based on the amount of Check downs to CMC. That back shoulder throw to funchess that went right through his hands was perfectly placed.
  13. Adb6368

    Just how and whycome

  14. Adb6368

    Hate Week #1 - Falcons

    Haruki Nakamura flashbacks hit hard this week...