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  1. Previously with Jets and Bears. Mediocre stats but played in cold weather and interestingly enough a year younger than Nortman and three years younger than Waters while having real NFL experience. 10 years younger than Scifres. From Myrtle Beach. Would be cheap. Fwiw.
  2. Minnesota also lost an NFCCG because a first team All-Pro kicker missed a kick he hadn't missed all year. Cursed franchise. We also lost TO Minnesota over a kicker (Mare). What did we do? Got another one-without using a high draft asset. The difference between the top kickers in the world simply isn't as great as other positions, and therefore not worth a draft pick, much less a high draft pick. It's that simple.
  3. Who has a better resume and skill set in NFL history (first five years) and why? It's not even remotely close.
  4. At age 27, again, resume AND "skill set". High School, 3 national championships in 3 years in college, the greatest single season in CFB history, and greatest first five years in NFL history playing THE premium position in sports. Remember it took MJ 7 years to get #1.
  5. When I said repeatedly he has the greatest resume and skill set of a (now) 27 year old in the history of team sports, this was certainly part of it.
  6. I just sincerely wonder if JR has heard it. Bashers and naysayers be damned, one man and one man alone could still make the impossible possible.
  7. Be careful what you wish for, as it affects us directly since we'll be playing. Might as well ask for long johns and thermal underwear from everyone both this AND next Christmas to prepare for the insanity of walking those streets. Minneapolis is a dump. St Paul is nicer but they're distinctly different and only their proximity across the river makes their metro area larger than CLT.
  8. Market size went out the window when Jax hosted 12 years ago. Indy since then. Weather went out the window when NYC hosted. Hotels went out the window when CLT hosted the DNC. CLT's relatively inferior party culture went out when the Detroits and Minnesostas host. New stadium (or functioning lights) went out the window when New Orleans repeatedly hosts. JR brought a team here but takes the phrase "better to give than receive" when it comes to his precious shield too far.
  9. Sure were different. Much different. If Hardy at his size would have had the same intent and done the same thing, it WOULD have killed her. How many have ever even listened to Hardy's 911 call? http://www.wsoctv.com/news/listen-greg-hardy-911-call/105810036
  10. Still stupid. Gostkowski was taken in the 4th round in 2006, BEFORE their own Rob Ninkovich (by the Saints). They could have had Matt Prater as an UDFA that same year. Pro Bowlers they passed on for Gostkowski... Brandon Marshall, Elvis Dumervil, Kyle Williams, Delanie Walker, Lawrence Vickers, Antoine Bethea, Cortland Finnegan, Brent Grimes, Miles Austin, Tramon Williams, Montell Owens, and Donald Penn.
  11. Exhibit A on what Ray Rice did to Greg Hardy and the Carolina Panthers. Apparently video proof is FAR less valuable than public perception of an innocent man in the eyes of the law, with Rice not even on the list, at all. Grandstanding from limp wristed kooks whose pitchforks were nowhere near Tampa, Florida, week 1 2014.
  12. Maybe instead of Jalen he thought it said Jameis, both playing in Florida. Injuries suck regardless, but in no way is this good for the Panthers or good period.
  13. Cam Robinson

    Regardless, it's a bad look for Robinson and the Tide.
  14. Cam Robinson

    Don't disagree with anything you said, but even if it pushes OT prospects up/down the board it affects us. GMan doesn't work in hypotheticals, but there's still that ever so SLIGHT possibility that the charges are dropped and as a first time offender we might consider, depending on a myriad of other factors.
  15. Cam Robinson

    http://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/alabama-football/arraignment-date-set-cam-robinson-hootie-jones/ June 16 arraignment. Will be interesting to follow the dominoes from this stupidity. This was by far the top LT, and WAS a top 10 lock next spring. This directly impacts us as our long term LT and depth are completely uncertain. Walter football even had him as the only clear cut first round OT. Best case is he gets the charges reduced or dropped, Saban handles "internally", life goes on, and he falls down the board ala Tunsil. Worst case is he does hard time, is kicked off the team, and does a La'el Collins level drop when and if he's even draft eligible. Then there's the muddied waters level middle (i.e. a little of both) possibilities, and though I haven't heard it mentioned even once, possibly a supplemental draft possibly if he is kicked off the team but somehow weathers the legal water storms without a felony. That would be fun and wildly interesting. But make no mistake his actions have directly impacted college and professional football for the next year or two.