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  1. As a college qb, Hartman has been great. But he has a tendency to go thru stretches where he just keeps throwing it to the other team. He had 7 interceptions in a three-game stretch against Louisville, State, and UNC. And the quality of the defense doesn't seem to matter. Zero picks against Clemson and FSU this year, but three against Louisville and two against Liberty. Might be able to get away with that in college, but in the NFL, it means he gets cut.
  2. I think it makes thing more interesting when the big guys lose. Assuming they make it, I would love to see TCU win the CFP.
  3. FSU gave Purdue a much closer game than most thought they would. Notre Dame is blowing out Michigan State.
  4. Pretty good night for the ACC last night (and as a Wake fan, great night). Big road wins for Wake and Virginia. If Miami and Duke can hold serve tonight, the ACC at least breaks even in the last challenge. But wow, Louisville and FSU are horrible. Louisville might set a record as worst ACC team ever.
  5. Famous people shouldn't go on social media, and if they do, it should be anonymous.
  6. Might depend on how he plays the rest of the season, but Pickett has shown some decent potential. I do think they are highly unlikely. They may however be willing to trade with someone for a good haul of players/picks.
  7. Personally, I think its 50/50, and could depend on how they finish the season.
  8. You are right, I forgot about that. I am not sure about Seattle. On one hand, Smith has played well for them. In fact, he is currently top ten in the league as far as passers. They may pick a qb though.
  9. Broncos and Steelers are highly unlikely to take a qb. If they are ahead of us in draft order, our only concern would be teams trading with them to move up in the draft order.
  10. Pickett looking solid tonight. Ryan, not so much.
  11. Right now, we are 6th in the draft order. Three teams ahead of us, (Chicago, Denver, and Pittsburgh) won't be taking a quarterback. The Texans probably will. Detroit is up in the air. They currently have one of the top passing offenses in the league, so they may decide that they are good enough. Also, even if we fall further back in the draft, three of the teams behind us are unlikely to take a qb. Of course, some team (Falcons, Colts) could trade up I suppose.
  12. Someone cared enough about this issue to write an article on it? I barely care enough to write this comment.
  13. If we had won the Cleveland and Giants game, Rhule would still be here.
  14. In order for this to happen, we actually have to win a road game or two.
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