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  1. It's interesting how these threads go. There is not a single word from the team or tepper about moving the team. It's just an assumption by the author, and yet Tepper is getting blasted for something he actually hasn't said. Unless something more concrete comes out, this isjust the authors opinion with no basis in fact.
  2. If you don't have Medicare part b (the one that cost $170 per month, Medicare won't cover things like ambulance service, wheel chairs, some prescription medication, diabetes supplies, therapy and counseling etc.... One trip in an ambulance could cost as much as $1200 If you believe that Medicare and indeed all health and health insurance should be redesigned, I agree with you. But as far as what is available right now, at this point in time, in my opinion, (based on working with my mom for 15 years now dealing with straight Medicare, Medicare part b, part d, and medicare advantage plans), Medicare advantage is far and away the easiest and cheapest to deal with.
  3. Probably the best all around baseball player ever. Great fielder, great hitter who could hit for power and average, and a real threat to steal.
  4. I strongly disagree and I have direct and recent experience with it. I help my mom manage her finances, and the Medicare advantage plan has been a huge benefit and a great thing for her. The $170 a month you are referring to (Medicare part b) was already being taken out of her account well before she switched to the Medicare advantage plan. It is something Medicare does for additional coverage of prescription medicine and other services. And no, Medicare wouldn't pay for everything, if you only have part a (when you don't have the $170 taken out of your social security). The 20% copay you referred to is only if you have Medicare part b and have the additional money take out of your social security. In addition to the 50 a month, she gets 2000 a year in dental coverage which Medicare doesn't provide. They also have other benefits, such as life alert (which would cost 40 a month if she had to pay for it herself). Not saying it doesn't have drawbacks, but the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.
  5. When I was stationed in Norfolk, the redskins were probably the team of the area. Aside of course from the miitary people who were stationed there and kept there favorite teams. In truth, even in the area I grew up (triad) there were more Redskins fans than any other team, simply because they were on TV every week.
  6. San Antonio is not a larger market. San Antonio itself is bigger than Charlotte, but the Charlotte Metro area and combined statistical area are both larger. Austin is as far away from San Antonio as Greensboro/WS/High Point or Spartanburg/Greenville are from Charlotte. And if you drive that trip (I have) unlike NC, there is almost nothing in between the two. Also, San Antonio would have to compete with Houston and Dallas. Charlotte's closest competition is Atlanta.
  7. I read the article. The only threat of relocation was a rumor they might move to Kannapolis. That would actually be better for me. The discussion about moving to another state was purely conjecture on the part of the reporter. While its certainly not outside the realm of possibility, there hasn't been any actual mention of it.
  8. Wasn't talking about Medicare exactly. Medicare advantage is different. The one my mom uses is thru blue cross and blue shield. Medicare Advantage (Part C) | Blue Cross Blue Shield (bcbs.com) My mom has been using it for about six months now. Before she was using a medigap program run by United Health Care and it paid almost everything, but was costing her 400 a month. The Medicare advantage plan doesn't cost anything (the premiums are actually paid by Medicare). Now she does have copayments, some of them for for medicine, but so far, they aren't bad. Hers also covers dental, which medicare normally doesn't cover. I will state though that my Mom has Medicare part b (she pays for it, but gets reimbursed by the employer my stepdad retired from).
  9. Nfl leaders don't look at the population of just the city itself. Charlotte has three of the top fifty combined statistical areas within a 1 to 1.5 hour drive. Charlotte, Greensboro/WS/High Point, and Greenville Spartanburg. Those three statistical areas include nearly 7 million people. Other than Raleigh, the only one in the top fifty within an hour and half of raleigh is Greensboro. So only about 4-5 million people. Charlotte has many more people to draw from. Also, many of the surrounding communities for Raleigh are not native born. If memory serves, many still refer to Cary as Containment area for relocated Yankees. One of the reasons the Canes do so well is a significant portion of the population are people who moved from Northern Areas. Would that population translate into support for a NFL team? Hard to say, but I see a tremendous amount of Giants/Jets jerseys in the triangle when I forced to endure the crazy traffic on 40/85.
  10. Raleigh would struggle to support an NFL team. Lower population than Charlotte and surrounding areas and too much competition from college programs.
  11. Its social media, people like to whine, especially when its someone they don't like at the time. I don't see the point in complaining about something like this (its a good thing overall) but then I generally just scroll past the whining.
  12. If you draft a qb at number one, or anywhere in the top ten for that matter, fans expect him to be elite. Since there are only 10-12 elite qb's in the NFL at any one time, it rarely works out that. And 10-12 might be pushing it. But if Young fails, we get another shot next year.
  13. Worst Sports town is Dallas. Why? Because its full of Cowboy fans. No other reason needed.
  14. I am ok with the pick. If all of you are correct about how bad we will be, then if it takes him a full year to get fully healthy it won't matter. If Bryce is as bad this upcoming year as he was last year, then we draft a qb and the new guy has a fully healthy Brooks in the backfield, and we can spend our draft picks on other positions.
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