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  1. We will not. At a minimum, 8 games. And maybe as much as two years. Personally, I was not sure Cam was going to be a long term qb until the New England game when he lead us on a game winning drive. Of course, injury shortened him, but the difference between a decent NFL qb's and a very good NFL qb is how they perform in crunch time. I can't imagine we will know that after two games.
  2. Personally, I agree with the guy who said we would be a contender with AR, but I don't think there is a chance in hell he wants to come here.
  3. My guess is that they thought they could build for the future and win now. And to be honest, had they been able to play a little better in the last 4 minutes of most games last year, they would have won more, maybe even competed for the last wildcard spot. Hopefully, the team is better this year and Darnold can perform better under pressure than TB did.
  4. Where is the drama? I see signs of mild disagreement.
  5. Last year's week one Tampa/New Orleans game was a big ratings winner. I do think that the NFL wants to start off with a bang, but the more that I think about it, they probably won't start out with the SB winner on the road.
  6. I think that New England opens with Tampa. Defending Sb champ vs Tom Brady's old team is far more appealing than us playing Cam. Although it would be unusual for the defending SB champ to open on the road.
  7. Actually, he decided to go back to Wake Forest to do their pro day. Makes sense since he never played a down for Georgia.
  8. Because BB didn't want him there. BB is a good coach, but in some ways, he gets a bit overrated. His record without Brady as qb is nothing to brag about.
  9. He definitely knew when to let Brady go. I mean TB is completely washed up.
  10. I don't know who is better, but I do know this. What the media/mock draft/nfl analyst thinks should be irrelevant when the staff makes the pick.
  11. For Cam's first three years, he actually had a decent offensive line. Not great but ok. And the wide receivers, well they had Smith and signed Ginn in 2013. The team had a lot of holes to fill when Cam got here. So they had to make a lot of choices, and while the defensive picks were good, the offensive picks not so much. We spent a second on Silatolu, a first on Kelvin Benjamin, a second on Funchess. We also signed Oher, who was good until his injury. And Ted Ginn of course, who gave the offense some firepower. IMO, both Hurney and Gettleman both tried to pick players that would
  12. I do. Get as many picks as possible to increase the amount of young talent across the board and hope enough of them pan out to make us a contender. This is how teams become consistent winners. If enough of the picks pan out. Or change coaches every 3-4 years if they don't pan out.
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