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  1. I don't think Murray has to play out of this world for the Cardinals to have a shot at winning most games. Just like any QB in the NFL, if he completes passes and doesn't turn the ball over, the Cardinals have a shot to win. But when he plays horribly like he did last night, they have no shot and I think that is true for most teams/qbs in the NFL. I have to admit though I am not enamored of Murray. I think he can look exceptional, and he might get better, but he seems very inconsistent. The Cardinals do need a better running game though to help him out. I also think the narrative that Cam carried us in 2015 is not exactly accurate. He was great of course, and deserved the MVP. But our defense carried us for the first few games. Josh Norman's interceptions where the reason we won several of the early games.
  2. Sounds like Mcadoo should be head of our scouting department.
  3. Fwiw, it sounds like most teams in the NFL. If Aaron R, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, etc... went down, their teams would struggle. Teams that are not heavily dependent on the starting qb are exceedingly rare.
  4. Hopkins is great, no doubt. But Kirk, Ertz, Green, and Moore are certainly a decent to good group of receivers, better than several playoff teams. Murray has just played like crap tonight, against a pretty good defense.
  5. I get your point and you may be right, but his height had nothing to do with holding on to the ball too long in the end zone against one of the best pass rushing teams in the league, then throwing up a prayer as he was getting tackled. Those were just a bad, bad decisions.
  6. Kyler Murray imploding. Looks like Carson Palmer against us in 2015.
  7. Worst single play I have seen by a QB this year. And I have watched Sam Darnold a lot.
  8. Have to admit that last play looked like he jumped offsides before the clock expired, but just barely.
  9. It was a combination of factors. I do think the injuries to CMC and Horne hurt us. We then brought in Henderson for Arnold. Arnold wasn't exactly Greg Olsen, but he was a solid outlet. And Henderson wasn't anywhere close to Horne, so all in all, the trade was of little benefit for us this season. But the bigger factors poor offensive line play, and poor qb play even when he did get time. Personally, I think Darnold made some wtf throws even in the first three games, he just got lucky. And the coaching staff appears to be incapable of any kind of adjustments. Even last year, we tended to struggle late in the game, and this year, it just go worse. The staff's in game coaching is just not good. And never has been.
  10. I know, but as soon as I typed that, KC scored easily. I couldn't resist.
  11. But they have a better chance of stopping KC from scoring if they don't let them have the ball.
  12. If I am the Steelers, I fake punt here. Why not?
  13. Well, Debo and DJ both drop the ball about the same amount of times. Debo with 7 drops in 120 targets and DJ with 8 in 160 targets.
  14. After the terrible job that Mike Mccarthy did today, I think Jerry Jones needs to make a bold move and hire Matt Rhule away from us. Come on Jerry, Matt Rhule plus Dak Prescott equals Super Bowl. Just pull the trigger.
  15. They were almost close enough where it wouldn't have been a hail Mary. In fact, one more quick out to the sideline that picks up 5-10 yards, and its a decent shot at 1, and maybe two passes. In fact, you could throw one to the end zone, and on the second one, if nothing is open in the end zone, you could throw it to the 5 yard line and hope they can run it in. IMO, it was an extremely high risk play, which is what it proved to be.
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