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  1. DJ played with one of the worst series of QB's/Coaches in the NFL over the last several years. IMO, and with all things considered, he outplayed his contract.
  2. You are right in that we never know for certain how things will work out. Of course, some do come in with more of a polished look to them.
  3. So apparently, if a team wants to get rid of its owner, all they have to do is hire the Hurney/Rivera combination.
  4. I think a lot of that depends on him and on his coaching staff. He needs to work on decision making, time, accuracy. His coaching staff needs to design the offense in a way that he can succeed. Of course, both of those things could happen, and he still not work out. Or he could become a star. No one knows at this point. For better or worse, I guess its not our problem.
  5. We will draft a qb with our first. WR is a bigger need right now than TE, so I hope we don't waste our 2nd on a TE. And a later round pick isn't likely to be any better than Ian.
  6. We are still a good quarterback away. No way to know if the qb we draft is going to be good, or how long it will take him to become good.
  7. I think to many want to cut him simply because of his association with Rhule. Not a good reason. He is cheap, a solid backup and already here. Ironically, Wilkes used him better and more in than Rhule in all his previous games. As far as his receiving ability, he was targeted 17 times and caught 14. Not exactly Pro bowl caliber, but decent numbers for a backup running back on a team that threw the ball less than just about every NFL team.
  8. Hubbard averaged nearly 5 yards a carry on an offense that everyone and their brother knew would be running the ball. And he is relatively cheap. He even caught a few balls after we got rid of Rhule. Not really any downside to keeping him.
  9. 90-95% of the time, if a team loses its starting qb, the team is in trouble.
  10. Would love to see what he could have done with a good qb/coaching staff. Good luck in Chicago, except when playing us.
  11. Any GM that bases a choice on a single game should be canned immediately.
  12. Chicago has had some decent receivers. But they haven't had many qb's decent enough to cause a receiver to want to stick around.
  13. Fwiw, I am just playing devils advocate here. But, if you like them both, and you know you aren't going to get either one at nine, then you trade up. And given that the Texans weren't going to trade down, Chicago was the only option. That being said, we probably do have a favorite and will likely stick at 1 unless the Texans make some absurd offer.
  14. Its not contingent on that at all. The move would be contingent on us not caring whether we draft Young or Stroud. I am not saying we would or should do it. Or that we don't have a favorite. But if we TRULY didn't have a favorite, I could see us trading down a single spot to pick up a extra pick or two.
  15. But he said if we are ok with either one. I would prefer Stroud just because I think he has NFL size, but if the staff feels that both Young and Stroud are roughly even, and the Texans wanted to trade, why not?
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