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  1. They went thru a stretch where they couldn't force a punt, but they were definitely better in the second half of the season than the first. Still not great, but definitely improved. The defense this year was significantly better than last year, although that is not saying much.
  2. To be honest, I would think talking all his cap hit/dead money would be enough for us. At least I would be ok with that.
  3. Regarding mileage, at least his knees got a break this year.
  4. Isn't part of the problem that Watson feels like Houston is not putting the team around him he needs to be a winner? So what would be the point of moving here if we trade our two best receivers for him?
  5. I don't think trying to get Watson means they have completely given up on Tua. I mean, maybe they have, but the reality is that Watson is established and elite, while Tua is still an unknown at this point.
  6. Perhaps, but in fairness, this is a rare situation. They are looking at giving up on a maybe to grab an established star qb. That opportunity doesn't happen often in the nfl.
  7. Haven't heard that, but it is good news. Johnson and Johnson now has a vaccine, so that will help as well.
  8. I saw an article last month that one of the issues shipping the Pfizer vaccine is a severe shortage of dry ice. Since the thing has to be kept super cold, dry ice is the most efficient way to ship, yet they can't get enough of it right now.
  9. Nice thing for your wife to do. But moving teachers doesn't solve the basic problem of supply and demand. I do think the issue will start to get better over the coming months though. My wife is a health care worker, and due to supply and some other issues, will not get her first shot until next week. Second will be in March.
  10. Counties don't have enough of the vaccine. The county I live in has had to reschedule several times to due to shortages or deliveries that didn't happen. Hopefully that will change in the near future. But we can't take vaccines away from others such as health care workers or those that are most vulnerable, to give it to teachers. So until there is enough vaccine, we are stuck.
  11. The NFL actually raised the minimum cap this year, although I am not sure how that will impact the maximum.
  12. I believe this is fairly typical. I doubt the Broncos have many left from their team. And I bet that within 2-3 years, the Bucs will have over a 50% turnover.
  13. I have no idea who new era is. Got to admit though I do find it amusing to watch grown men criticizing what other grown men wear. I thought that was a woman thing.
  14. I think part of it is our obsession with first round picks. Had Hurts been a top 10 pick, more fans would think Hurts will be the starter. I will be surprised if the Eagles take a qb, unless they get a good offer for that pick.
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