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  1. I have hope for Corral, but Darnold made some amazing plays at times. Amazing plays are great, but what I want to see is fewer bad plays, along with being cool under pressure when the game is on the line.
  2. If its the first six games of the season, could hurt the Aint's quite a bit. Three conference games plus Cincy and the Vikings.
  3. Carolina this year is no doubt a better situation than Jacksonville last year. Its not even really a question. Rhule might not be good at being an NFL coach, but Urban Myer was probably one of the worst choices in the history of the NFL.
  4. That is what I think as well. No way a bunch of Billionaires are going to let some fella who is only worth around 200 million have the ability to kick them out of the club.
  5. If we are basing our qb selection on where the qb went to college, I suppose that means we should select Devin Leary. I mean Russel Wilson, Philip Rivers, Roman Gabriel (yes, I am old), and a few others who have started games in the NFL.
  6. You could be right. But there is a part of me that thinks that while the owners are content in letting Goodell run the day to day NFL operations, when it comes to dealing with a member of their very elite club, they are far more hands on.
  7. He is telling the truth. He doesn't have the power to remove an Owner. The other owners do though. He can recommend it be done, but the owners have to actually do it.
  8. Even if they were throwing the hype, the hype is more often than it is right.
  9. Might be loaded. It's anyone's guess as to how good they really are.
  10. I feel like in some areas at least, the guys in charge have made solid decisions. Not spectular, but solid. But when it comes to quarterback, our decisions have gotten progressively worse. Signing Bridgewater and releasing Cam, trading for Darnold, and then trying to trade for Watson and all of his legal issues. I am so glad that we were accidentally saved from making what would have been one of the worst decisions in franchise history.
  11. He didn't show much last year, but it takes some players longer than others to adjust, and I am hoping CJ is one of those.
  12. I don't want us to trade for Mayfield unless we do a straight swap for Darnold. Which apparently won't happen. That being said, Mayfield has played four seasons and Cousins has played 10. So a fair comparison is their early years. And Cousins was pretty bad his first three or four years. In his first three seasons, Cousins had twice as many interceptions as starts (19 vs 9). His interception percentage was higher than Mayfield or Darnold. He did get better as time went along, and its a valid point that Cousins got better once he became the regular starter, but if you compare the early years, Mayfield seems to be slightly better, but Cousins would be better now. Of course, I really don't want either one of them.
  13. But you can have him cheap. A $25 Chick Fil A gift card would suffice. One of the interesting things about Darnold is that he can look great for 5-6 plays in a row, and then will just do something inexplicably bad. And it really doesn't matter how well the oline plays. In fact, most of Darnold's int's last year came when he had time to throw. There were times I said, thank god he got sacked on a play.
  14. Regardless of whether we get Mayfield or not, regardless of whether you want him or not, bringing him here means we will likely be on our third starting qb in three years. Four in three years if you count Cam. We also tried to get a guy who had a number of criminal/civil complaints filed against him and passed on drafting a couple of players who both appeared to have NFL potential. I think we can all agree that the past 3-4 years have been filled with a cascading series of bad decisions when it comes to the qb position. I guess this is the kind of thing that happens when a new and inexperienced owner hires a coach with no experience in running an NFL team.
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