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  1. Fwiw, I am somewhat Optimistic. We will likely be bad in the upcoming season, but either Bryce shows improvement, or we pick another qb the following year, and hopefully get it right.
  2. I am. Cam has to wind up and throw mortar shots to get it deep. Bryce may have issues as his delivery is slow and he takes a while to get it out, but he has better arm strength than Cam at this point. Cam is no longer able to do this. If he could, with his other physical attributes, he would still be playing.
  3. I am 6'3 and 245, although certainly not a great athlete. But I wouldn't throw punches at anyone unless I had to. Especially a professional athlete.
  4. Tropical spots don't interest me in the least. Lived in Hawaii, and visited several other tropical places when I was in the Navy and imo, a beach is a beach is a beach. My favorite place over the years that I have visited is Italy. The history, the food, and the culture are wonderful. I would love to visit Greece. And maybe China, although the government there gives me pause.
  5. Fwiw, I am a Wake fan. I don't think that any of it was intentional. I do think that KF saw the Wake fan running towards the way KF was headed, and put out his arm to shield himself. Of course, the Wake fan was probably talking trash, so maybe there was a little hostility in the move that KF made. But certainly, no attempt at injury by either side. That being said, court storming should be controlled better at a minimum. Most coaches think it's a bad idea. And with all the armed pyschos around today, how long before someone gets seriously injured? Not just a knee or ankle, but actually a more serious life-threatening injury.
  6. As long as they don't look at our road record.
  7. They have been decent the last two years, hopefully this year they get over the hump and make the tournament. This one shows the Duke player shoving a Wake fan who was running by, probably talking trash. Which is why they need to delay court storming.
  8. I felt for years that it was only a matter of time. And with all the crazy people out there today, I think its only a matter of time before some psycho fan attacks a player on the court. They have to start giving time for the other team to exit the court, which is difficult in a game that was so close. That being said, Go Deacs.
  9. It probably won't matter in a couple of years except to a few hard core fanatics here. If he gets traded or cut and plays well for another team, the hard core will claim its another DJ Moore, CMC situation and blame Morgan. If we sign him for 30 a year, a different group of hard core fans will complain about that. In the end though, Morgan will likely be judged on wins and what he does at QB if Young doesn't work out.
  10. The 2001 roster was probably about as bad, and yet we kept a number of players from it and ended up in the Superbowl two years later. We had a bad team this year, but we shouldn't throw away every one just because we had a bad team.
  11. I agree that they played well. Held the best qb in the league to 25 points in five qtrs, and one td was caused by a muffed punt. I disagree that they don't make it without him. They almost made it last year but got screwed at the qb position.
  12. The missed blocking assignment on the third and 4 was critical as well
  13. All the criticisms here of Purdy have me convinced that he will end up a hall of fame QB.
  14. Maybe, but at the same time, if the xp had been made then KC plays the last drive in regulation differently. Instead of kicking the field goal from inside the 10, they have at least one and maybe two shots at a td. Mahomes with two shots at the end zone inside the ten yard probably means they have at least a 50/50 chance at a td.
  15. I have 37.95% of my investments in vats of salt buried in the back yard, in case the end times hit.
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