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  1. Crixtala added a post in a topic Toxic Relationship   

    sucks brother... all I can offer is to say good luck
    I watched this exact situation play out with one of my best friends after high school/during college.  we moved in together and all of a sudden his girlfriend is living there.  she's a horrible person, treats everyone like poo while she's been treated like a princess her whole life.  she brought nothing to the table when it came to the living situation outside of making everyone hate her and me and the rest of our friends telling him he needed to get out.
    after argument after argument with her, I found out that he knocked her up and I packed up my poo and was out the door.  haven't talked to or seen either one of them since.  don't get stuck in that situation
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  2. Crixtala added a post in a topic Smith Sr vs M Mitchell   

    i didn't watch the whole game, but i'm pretty sure smitty is referencing the play early in the game where they were locked up on the ground together for a bit, not when he actually went out
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  3. Crixtala added a post in a topic Another school shooting, this time in Oregon   

    this has happened enough to know how this thread is going to end up
    bottom line, the process of acquiring a firearm - something that has no other use other than to be a weapon (unlike the knife, nail, hammer, rope, etc. argument that always arises) - should be one of the most difficult things you have to go through
    imo, to disagree with that is the same as saying you don't care about these shootings and are fine with innocent people (too often young folks with their lives ahead of them) losing their lives for no reason at all
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  4. Crixtala added a post in a topic Here's a scenario a lot of people will hate   

    PU level thread.  who cares?
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  5. Crixtala added a post in a topic So what's going to happen with our pass rush?   

    once Luke is back, we'll be able to blitz a little more to add some pressure
    then next year, with the core in place, Getts can move around a little more and make a play for a stud DE in the draft?

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  6. Crixtala added a post in a topic RIck and Morty Season 2! Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!   

    I thought last nights episode was kind of a throwaway episode and was definitely the weakest of the season so far... besides that, every episode so far this season has been great.  definitely no sophomore slump
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  7. Crixtala added a post in a topic Non-Carolina Smitty   

    remember that time when this thread was about appreciating Smitty having a good game?  yeah... good times
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  8. Crixtala added a post in a topic Are we overrating Star?   

    from a player-to-fan standpoint? no
    in comparison to the front office? i think so, majorly
    i think a lot of people are going to be shocked when the FO makes a bigger push in retaining KK than Star... i honeslty wouldn't be surprised if we witness another Peppers situation - a tag or two and then letting him walk.
    now, i'm not saying that he's not a great player... i just get the sense the FO is a little disappointed to this point, or have at least been substantially more impressed with KK... of course, Star could come out and have a huge year an make all this irrelevant
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  9. Crixtala added a post in a topic Times we've gone 2-0 before: 1996, 2003, 2008, 2014   

    whoa whoa whoa... I loved The Rock, watched it all the time when I was younger
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  10. Crixtala added a post in a topic Luke likely out on Sunday   

    i don't know how anybody could watch what happened to him on sunday and think he's going to be out there this weekend
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  11. Crixtala added a post in a topic Cams interception!!!!!!!!!   

    i thought it looked like a defender got a piece of him and changed the trajectory of the ball... either way, didn't make a difference in the outcome of the game
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  12. Crixtala added a post in a topic Josh Norman has a message for the haters   

    he didn't get burned by anyone, but he was certainly giving up his fair share of plays today
    he made some great plays today, but boneheaded josh was still out there... TD had to chew him out again toward the end of the game as well
    i love josh, i love his fire... but if we gotta keep taking the good with the bad all year, he's not going to do himself any favors when it comes to playing for a contract this year
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  13. Crixtala added a post in a topic Injuries   

    i was thinking the same thing... as soon as the tackle happened i thought, 'what the hell was that?' it's like he was already concussed, threw himself at the player and then just knocked himself out... never seen luke try to tackle like that before
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  14. Crixtala added a post in a topic Game ball, who gets it?!   

    i was one of the folks saying we'd be fine without him, but he was clutch today
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  15. Crixtala added a post in a topic The over saturation of Star Wars   

    sit back, relax and enjoy the ride
    i'm all in with the MCU and Star Wars... every single article that comes out about the next MCU movie, i'm all over - I haven't read a single one about the Star Wars films because I want them to be a surprise
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