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  1. All this does is remind me of how God-like Kuechly was. That dude broke PFF. Then again, most things remind me of how God-like he was.
  2. Thanks. I'm glad he's trying out. If he is consistent with what he's done in the past, he should be an upgrade.
  3. I don't understand what's wrong with HaHa. I thought he was pretty good his whole career and he has started every game though he didn't play in 2020. And he's only 28. Did he suffer an injury? or have off-field issues? I feel like I'm missing a piece of the story.
  4. Surprised no one has saidThanksgiving game against Dallas in 2015. Not my favorite, but dang good!
  5. Fricking love this thread. I was considering making one very similar just to remind folks that Al Wallace existed, and our lives were better for it. Also Nick Goings - Back up full back/4th or 5th string running back who ended up being a starter due to a million injuries and ran for 100 yards in a game.
  6. Here! Here! I look forward to the Draft and the Huddle's draft pick threads every year. Glad he stepped up to make it happen. Thanks all for the conversation. It's a fun read even when it drives me crazy.
  7. Well, if there is one thing Stephen A. Smith knows about, it is offensive lines. Pretty much how he and Skip stayed on the air.
  8. No. I want to like the players on the team I root for. I can't root for a team that knowingly hired someone who had been credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple people.
  9. Always sad to see someone go particularly when they have been here for a while. I think we underate how valuable a reliable 2nd or 3rd string player is. Wish him luck in his new job and am excited by the opportunity that some new tight ends may have here! Sounds like a good situation for all involved!
  10. honey badger mauled Gronk. Guess it wasn't catchable.
  11. Can't blame the refs for this $hit$how anymore. This is rough.
  12. I can't believe I can't watch the game. Get it tugboat.
  13. coleman was mvp in this game before he made that pick. Then he made the pick.
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