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  1. Damn, this thread reminded me of how much I miss gif approve threads. I understand why it's not really a thing anymore but my gif collection grew because of those threads. 
  2. LMAO This is fantastic.
  3. Jeremy Hill was the 1st NFL player I saw that dabbed. Cam is definitely the biggest name to do it 1st though.    Oh and NBA players too. 
  4. Panther's should fear Bucs

    Um what are you talking about.  He's averaging 89 yards per game against us. (That's only because he had 9 yards in 1 game due to getting injured). Take way that game and he's avg 109 yards per game. Averaging almost 5 yards per rush.   I'd say that's more than absolutely nothing.
  5. ESPN Playoff Machine

    Have the Bucs sneaking into the playoffs over Atlanta and Seattle.
  6. Bills definitely beat themselves but officiating is still well below standards.   Actually both sides were affected by this. Low point of the game was inadvertent whistle. Bad whistle and then made up too calls to make up for it. Garbage.
  7. Wow the coaching disparity between BB and Rex Ryan is GIGANTIC.
  8. Clearly a catch. How can a ref miss that? SMH
  9. People thought Taylor was good?
  10. Brady before this game.
  11. Bills are just not good enough. Talent clearly there but too undisciplined on both sides of the ball. Shame.
  12. I like in BK too and I see panther gear from time to time.   Doesn't always mean they are fans tho. I know enough ppl who wear gear just because they like the color scheme/design.
  13. Panthers have two opponents this week.

    Something, something tin foil hat.
  14. Looks like I'll be winning some extra $$$ this thanksgiving.