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  1. SkyBanner for Dallas game?

    There's that (3,000 feet and 3 mile restriction an hour before until an hour after), and the fact that the AT&T stadium roof, retracted or not, means your target audience probably won't ever see it.
  2. 4th quarter collapses

    One way or another, the OP brings up a valid issue (this time anyway).  Cam himself in the on field post game interview said essentially the same thing, i.e., they need to finish out better and make big plays in the 4th quarter [not allow them]. Update edit:  RR also clearly said it, and that he planned on letting his coaches and the players know.  Regardless of what the rose colored glasses wearing fanboys may say, the guys who make the decisions, and those who must execute them, are aware that they must learn from their mistakes, not repeat them.  Nevertheless, 8-0, 12 reg. season straight, tops in the NFC, feels pretty damn good!   PS - Anyone think the pass ruled a GB completion (Adams?) in the first quarter that kept a drive going was incomplete?  From that point on, I thought the refs again were going to either screw up, or try to screw us.