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  1. As long as it doesn’t cripple the team, sure. I remember when Charles Johnson was “overpaid” but developed nicely after his payday. Hopefully Burns can do the same.
  2. I don't know if we'll land him, but I know that Fitt is in on every deal.
  3. I hope this season is a delicious stuffed-crust pizza (topping of your choice) or a giant wet christmas style burrito. Previous sessions under Rhule? A salad made with overdue vegetables with no dressing.
  4. in his defense (maybe), it was stupid and he knew it lol. edit: sorry, I gave Rhule way too much credit there.
  5. I know this is getting old but based on this thumbnail, did anybody even attempt to give Bryce a booster to stand on?
  6. I live in California but I’m planning on going to the Detroit game with my brother in law who’s a lions fan. I’ve never been to an away game before so I don’t know what to expect (lol).
  7. OOU mentality lol
  8. Got my support, but time to prove us doubters wrong Bryce.
  9. Whoever it is, this (extremely) experienced coaching staff better be right about him. Aint nobody got 7 years to wait for things to work 1000%.
  10. Nah bruh. Nobody is going to unseat Rhule as the worst coach in Panthers history, hopefully ever.
  11. Again, I’m team Stroud but whoever we take I’ll support. Whoever it is I hope he leads us to multiple Super Bowl wins in his short time as a Panthers QB because they’re never old enough to get calls, nor will QB protection rules apply which WILL lead to injuries.
  12. I think one thing we might be overlooking is the "increase" of head injuries. I would assume that every player plays through injuries but are smaller players more susceptible to head injuries/conscussions?
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