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  1. Why don't they just treat every play near the red zone/goal line as if it's 4th down? Surely that might be more motivating for them to get into the end zone =/
  2. I usually watch highlights whether the panthers win or lose. Likewise, I’ve watched replays and reruns of SB38, but have never touched 50. Don’t think I ever will. That one just hit differently.
  3. I remember seeing a picture of Clete donning broncos gear or something to that fact prior to the game and had a gut feeling that it was over. I chose to reject that feeling but unfortunately it was true
  4. Maltese-Poodle mix
  5. I feel like it's too obvious to deny. The NFL wasn't going to allow Manning to walk off into the sunset without a SB ring. Cotchery caught it. However, Ron and Shula still could've given Remmers some help.
  6. He’s just arriving to work early. Nothing to read into it. My mother with OCD always made us go to appointments 30-60min early, so being early doesn’t necessarily mean anything.
  7. Not to say that the off season isn’t busy, but hopefully he’s able to keep losing or keep the weight off during the regular season when it gets real busy.
  8. Up-Up, Down-Down, Left-Right, Left-Right, A-B-A-B, Select, Start.
  9. I believe we've been undefeated against the Cardinals since that 2008 playoff game, but if anything they avenged for that playoff loss with the most recent playoff blowout in 2015.
  10. I feel like the panthers have atoned for the sins of that game already
  11. Imagine someone else wearing 58, 59, 89, or 1 =/
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