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  1. Season is still young (no pun intended), but I can already hear these words: "With the first pick, in the 2024 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select..."
  2. And we mortgaged future draft picks to move up to number one this past draft just to perform at 2010 level.
  3. Bryce is Bridgewater. Having a hard time believing otherwise.
  4. Manna


    We had Cam AND Luke and wasted both of them.
  5. a loss = 0-2 in the division. certainly not doom and gloom but not a good start.
  6. Instant upgrade if he's better than CJ "Get beat deep or PI" Henderson.
  7. I too was encouraged by the coaching staff's trust in Young. They allowed him to run no-huddle which was directly responsible for the TD throw to Hurst. I'll channel Aaron Rodgers on this one in that we're in good hands with Bryce Young.
  8. Most of my concerns about Bryce were confirmed. He can at least take hits and appear ok (so far). Still have hope for the guy to develop if the team can just surround him with some WRs worth a damn. This loss only irks me more because it was against a division rival. On the bright side, I get to see what someone of my stature looks like in the NFL at the QB position.
  9. Garbage time and still not throwing deep?
  10. I don’t know Bryce is teddy bridgewater or if it’s because nobody is getting open.
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