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  1. This, and I believe CMC basically hinted at wanting to leave during interviews leading up to his trade. After the trade he went on to say that he didn't want to be traded. So yeah, screw him.
  2. yeah, the only thing Bryce proved to me last season was his resiliency and durability.
  3. because he got that dawg in him. the QB that went #1 doesn't.
  4. Just hope it’s in our lifetime.
  5. Somehow with this team, how they show up in the preseason is a huge indicator of how they’ll perform during the regular season.
  6. More excuses to explain why Bryce sucks if XL's unavailability becomes chronic.
  7. I don’t think he does either, but this was the year to get a QB (if only we had made the right selection). Not last year. I don’t even know who’s available in 2025.
  8. I dont need Caleb Williams to suck to feel better about the Bryce Young trade. I need Bryce Young to be elite to feel better about the Bryce Young trade.
  9. This is cool. I mean I'm sure they have the technology to implant chips in to footballs and onto the fields to measure spatially where the ball is. But then that'd take the fun and anger out of reacting to the ref's subjective opinions lol.
  10. Wasn’t my point. He’s already at his ceiling and there’s little room for growth if any. Still, I hope to be proven wrong.
  11. I don’t know how well this metaphor will land but I’ll try: Building an NFL player is like the 90s era import tuning where an owner purchases a Honda Civic with hopes of modifying it to take on faster cars (mustangs, Camaros, corvettes, etc.) the engine is rebuilt to handle forced induction, and the body is build to support the added power aerodynamically. The owner might even strip the interior down to reduce weight, or add weight to increase traction. The car is taken to the drag strip to take on the cars mentioned above where it may beat them in a race. However, the owner of that modified civic forgets that those cars can be further modified, whereas the civic is already maxed out. Bryce is that Honda civic.
  12. I live in Northern California and am considering making the trip down there for that game.
  13. we play patriots first. hide every starter and possible starter. they're gonna injure someone.
  14. He’s QB1 for my favorite team so I will hope that he proves me wrong and lights it up.
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