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  1. Shaq is who he is at this point. Even when we were having losing seasons, Luke was continually praised because he was a beast. Same with Jon Beason.
  2. we're probably in the business of developing players for other teams =/
  3. If those two teams meet in the SB again, it’d be hard to root for Cam regardless of how much I like the dude/player.
  4. I believe he targeted Kelvin then, who promptly decided to retire without attempting to tackle the defensive back.
  5. I don’t want to crown him already, but he looks like a fast 2015 Josh Norman.
  6. You’re right. I was thinking more along the lines of an organization not doing enough to support their young QB, thus ruining their development.
  7. I hope Darnold hasn’t been David Carr’d by the Jets and can develop into the franchise QB we need.
  8. Off topic, but judging by that picture I can imagine that the ball was under thrown and Tre Boston and Jackson were both trailing the WR. On topic: hopefully excels this year.
  9. Quickest way to rehabilitation, heck even habilitation, if you ask me.
  10. I believe Julio’s 300 yard game was when he had an injured Bene, rookie Zach Sanchez, and rookie Daryl Worley covering him. Bradberry who had been doing well that season was out that game. Homerism or not, 89 over everyone else in the history of the NFCS since 02. He played on a run-first team and carried the team until Cam came along.
  11. When Rhule praises you, you gone.
  12. For me it feels like that one great girl you let get away because you were an idiot.
  13. I’d watch everything but the Super Bowl. That one still stings.
  14. I think that was the only time Ron ever played 4D chess in his head coaching career, and Rhule for it.
  15. You mean the redzone situation where you missed a wide open DJ Moore in the end zone for a TD? Yeah, we gotta fix that alright, and we have…by trading you away.
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