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  1. color me old school but that doesn't sound like an apology. More like "I'm forced to 'apologize' because my parents will take away my ps5." Hope he grows and learns from this.
  2. Breaking: Washington Football Team signs Pro Bowl DT Short
  3. NFL rigged it for Mahomes last year. They asked him to return the favor this year.
  4. After reports of Panthers offering Bridgewater in the trade package to Detroit for Stafford, it would be weird and awkward to include him in that picture. It's pretty obvious that he's not part of 2021's plans, which is a breath of fresh air having a coaching staff that is willing to admit that they made a mistake.
  5. Reid will show us how to properly scheme the offense to support Remmers' weaknesses in pass protection.
  6. and all three teams came away with an L. I wonder what team #4 is.
  7. It sucks to drop from 8 to 3 but if you want to blame anyone, blame Haskins for stinking up his last chance to be WFT's starter.
  8. Reid, Mahomes, and scheme will negate anything devastating that Remmers might impose during pass protection.
  9. Will do! I'm not looking forward to SPSS. It's definitely not one of my strongest suits.
  10. Thanks! I’m studying Clinical Psychology.
  11. Bridgewater dug is own grave when he decided to throw the coaches under the bus. The main thing I got from that presser was that TB5 is on his way out.
  12. I feel like all the (unwarranted) criticism and hyperbole people used about Cam were all true of Teddy. I remember Jon Beason saying in 2010 that people see who you really are when you’re faced with adversity, and I think this year really showed us who Teddy is. He’s selfish/me-first (throwing short to maintain his 2nd place in the NFL completion rating), not a team player (doesn’t take the blame for his errors, blames coaches), and is arrogant (acts like he’s Peyton manning at the LOS pre-snap, only to check into a run to save his completion rating). I’m sure there are more examples, and I do
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