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  1. I always liked Taylor but maybe trading for Henderson lit a fire under Taylor. If he continues on this trajectory he may develop into something special.
  2. I’m all for whatever this terrible line does better at. I’m guessing run blocking is slightly better than pass blocking.
  3. Remember when Rhule said he wanted Sam to play more within the system? Ever since that comment Sam hadn’t been running as much, or maybe I’m just mistaken. We didn’t get much going on offense until Sam started scrambling. Throughout the game there were many opportunities where he could’ve made a play with his legs but chose not to. I’m thinking he refrained from doing so in efforts to “play within the system.” Can’t really do that with a leaky offensive line and receivers who largely took a day off.
  4. Our top 2 WR consistently failing all day. The one player who made the play of the day is a guy I’ve been harping on since he was drafted.
  5. Win 3 in a row, lose 3 in a row. That must mean we’ll win the next 3? nope. Not at this pace.
  6. “I’m going to catch it, I’m not going to be Robby Anderson today.” - Jonathan Vilma.
  7. Just noticed the commentators saying that the Vikings DBs are sitting on routes. Sounds like a Brady issue for sure.
  8. Sophomore slump for Brady? That or he's trying to get "too cute" with his play calling to audition for a HC job (like what Chud did in 2012).
  9. I'd argue that he's taking a very Cam'esque route in his career because he's carrying the offense. Cam - passing, rushing, avoiding the rush due to leaky o-line CMC - rushing, receiving, pass blocking due to leaky o-line
  10. It's fine. We're not losing games because we don't have CMC. He would make it more challenging for the opposing defense, but I'd say situational play-calling and O-line have contributed to the losses.
  11. A weak offense that consistently goes 3 and out / having to punt is more detrimental to the defense than the opponent's run game in the 4th quarter.
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