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  1. It's crazy that Cam has been here for 7 years now and that he's only 4 years off of our longest full time Panther Jordan Gross. I certainly expect Cam to play more than 4 more years, but it's still crazy how the time flies.
  2. I can certainly identify with wanting to be left alone, but we no longer live in a world where you can really be left alone unless you leave a developed country. You can either do nothing and let others do to you or you have to make yourself involved. It may not be nice or fun but it’s the difference between something you want and something you may not want happening.
  3. We’re in the world we are right now because people don’t wanna talk about reality and just cry and yell when you do. Too fugin bad now.
  4. Really glad to have Torrey on this team.
  5. I find that regardless of how you feel or felt, the competitor’s mindset always has to be in conflict with the past the same as an opponent. There’s always something about the past that you have to rearrange in your head to overcome so you have things for motivation. KB was overweight but he always slimmed down in a hurry and looked great in July and August. He might just be a practice player. There’s a real difference and I don’t know that he ever had the true fire some guys need to produce on Sundays.
  6. Man, I try not to get ahead of myself.. but if Samuel and Moore both pan out we’re gonna shred teams. They’re both so fast and versatile. With both of them on the field someone is getting open and picking up chunks.
  7. Ship

    we deserve a break with Daeshon.

    I think our DE “luck” was Mario Addison turning into our best DE and one of the best in the division currently. He just seems quiet but has become a productive guy. Horton might follow in his foot steps soon. I have high hopes for DaeDae too. Haynes is another guy I hope ends up being like a Elvis Dummervil type guy. We’ve heard he has surprising strength already which will be key.
  8. Ship

    MLS to Charlotte?

    I took it as him saying it's possible one of the minority owners would be interested in pursuing it separately and that could cause a conflict with him also potentially looking for a new stadium location around the same time as the MLS team.
  9. ARE WE BETTER AT... Wide Receiver - Yes, Funch is healthy with a new mindset as the WR1, DJ Moore, Torrey Smith solidifies our speed guys, all the young guys are coming back with another year of learning. Tight End - Yes, Greg is healthy hopefully, Ian Thomas looks like someone who can become a legit threat. Offensive Tackle - No, nothing has really changed here. Maybe some depth shakes out or we see anything from Moton, but otherwise it's a mixed bag back from last year. Guard - No, Norwell was an All Pro, even if we pull out a legit starter it'll still see a drop off. We have a good competition for the spot and I expect LG will be filled by a solid starter. Turner is still great, needs a good year here. Center - Maybe, we've got our starter and a back-up with much of a full season as a starter, plus other competition in the mix. Quarterback - Yes, Cam gets a full healthy offseason to train with his guys, he's got more talent around him, and a great new OC to learn from. Running back - Yes, CMC is a stud and I think we see him improve this year. CJ Anderson is low key our best signing this FA. CAP is gonna get his shot. I feel confident in the stable of backs here. Offensive coordinator - YES, big time. We've given him a mess of talent to play with and Ron is giving him the keys. general manager - Yes, I believe in Gettleman's philosophy, but he had his own super bowl hangover that really hurt us. Some of his picks have been busts, but there's still a nice group of guys he found for us who are gonna be solid building blocks here. Hurney has done a great job so far and I think he has the benefit of learning from Gettleman at a distance and fixing some of Gettleman's personality mistakes. Defensive Tackle - Yes, Poe is an upgrade over Star, everyone else is solid. Excited to see the rookie Norton, I think he can make the rotation. Defensive End - Yes, Peppers and Addison a great. CJ was wasting snaps and I think he was an addition by subtraction here. If Hall is healthy, I think he might show some positive flashes. Outside Linebacker - No, no changes here, TD being out 4 games is no good, but I believe in Shaq to fill that void nicely. Inside Linebacker - No, Luke is Luke, Mayo is a good back up. Nickel - Yes, Elder coming in should be a shot in the arm. Other guys, like Jackson might spend some time there which will be great. Cornerback - Yes, Cockrell will push Bradberry, Jackson will inject some attitude and speed, Seymor gets a full offseason on the team, we've got guys who can match up well against any kind of WR and the competition for CB 1 and 2 should be strong. Safety - Maybe, Coleman was a product, but great guy. Adams out played him last year. Searcy will be a solid guy while Gaulden gets up to speed. defensive coordinator - Yes, I think Washington will give us the best iteration of the Rivera defense yet. He has some new tools and he's seen how other ideas have played out in the system.
  10. Ship

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Also, Cam Jordan is a great player, but I’ve watched our own team talk about how pairing a young talent with a talented vet will net increased learning and I’m here to say it’s pretty much BS. Davenport won’t be doing Jordan’s technique in any games, he’ll just be watching like the rest of us and developing over time like any raw rookie.
  11. Ship

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    But when you put an Ian Thomas next to Kalil....
  12. Funch is gonna put up solid WR1 numbers this year.
  13. I think taking a knee to call out police brutality and unjust killing of black people and the systems that are allowing it to continue without consequence is more important than worrying about hurting veterans' feelings at a football game. I think if Tepper follows the values in this article he will (1) look past Trump's political motivations for pressuring the league to crack down on peaceful protests by players, (2) will understand that many of the players on his team could easily be the black men being shot and killed and will empathize with their desire to use their platform to make a stand, and (3) he will realize that forcing players to hold back and not express themselves responsibly on an important social issue will affect the performance of the team on the field. We've lost games because of players on this team being distracted and let down by our ownership's view on this topic. That clamp down was not necessary and hurt the team.
  14. Our team is gonna be kneeling and dabbing on motherfugers all season now. I think Tepper’s personality will fit Cam and this team. Our QB was made to win big and do it loudly and in an extravagant fashion. That’s what the article told me about Tepper. I think our players are gonna have a lot more support from the owner and that should make our team play looser and lower some stress when big issues pop up in the future.
  15. Was rooting for him. Guys like him only get so many chances to catch some balls. Had a good first TD, but let us down too many other times. Some guys— like Byrd— have what it takes and some guys don’t. Oh wel.