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  1. Resting players vs 16-0

    we'll have a week bye if we get 1st seed anyway. there are only so many chances a team has to go undefeated, i think anytime you're in a position to do it, you do it. no one can take that away.
  2. man we need to just go for it
  3. hopefully they review and call the hold
  4. Funch Master Flex

      i like to think that at the beginning of this song, he's saying "funchess and bunches" or "funchess and punches" or anything good that rhymes with funchess.. this needs to be the song for his first highlight video!
  5. i think this has more to do with which end of the line these guys play best on. Kony was the RDE to start the season and he struggled against the other team's LT. CJ is a LDE who has always played against the other team's RT. When CJ went down, they shifted Kony to LDE and he has thrived there. Additionally, Allen has played RDE his entire career and that is "his side".  I think the staff has seen that maybe Kony is better suited to LDE and either won't ever be a RDE or hasn't gotten good enough to be the starter on the RDE side. That means with CJ back, Kony is in competition to start on the LDE side against CJ who is the vet and -- assuming he is at full speed-- probably better for now. For now, we're going with the vets who fit well as bookends on our line. Kony will probably back up each spot, maybe with a little more on CJ's side, they might even split time there.  I think this season has shown that Kony can be the guy to fill in for CJ, should we decide to move on from him or try to negotiation something with him. We still need a guy who can take the RDE spot after Allen is gone, right now Delaire and Addison are good as rotation guys on that side, Addison appears to be maxed out at a third down/rotational guy, maybe Delaire can develop into a full time guy, but in the draft and FA we'll probably be looking for a pass-rusher who can be the guy at the RDE side for the future.
  6. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Man, Ron and Marty went to this dude's house with his family and said they might draft him. I remember he was basically crying when we didn't take him in the green room. He belongs here, we can motivate him. I'm sure he'd give his all for this opportunity.
  7. Saints game flexed

    so i guess those producers didn't misspeak, they want the panthers-saints to be a big game, not panthers-ATL. lame, it makes the saints look more important than they are.
  8. we are truckin to 10-0, we come out a little slow because we know we're bad men, the other team gets a little cocky and wants to unseat the king, then we say oh wait-- hammer time. they're dead.
  9. 2 games in 5 days...

    i'll be with my girlfriend's family... her dad likes football so i'm assuming/hoping the game will just be on. if not, i will hiding in various places around the house watching it on my phone.
  10. DeAngelo Hall switched to free safety

    it's a game i wish benji was playing just so he could bust that dude. from here on out i expect we'll be seeing a lot more teams try to pull poo like the Titans were last weekend. never seen a fight our guys didn't win though.
  11. Road to the #1 Seed in the NFC

    you guys need to be sold on the Cardinals, they are gonna be our biggest threat in the playoffs this year. they are for real, incase you forgot they were doing this last year too before palmer went down. plus, their defense plays us really well usually, though they've lost some of the guys who made that possible (Dansby, Dockett). Green Bay might win some more games but I think they're not gonna have the firepower to "wake up", i pick Vikings just because they have solid defense and a running game. don't know much about them otherwise. I legit think we can go 16-0 but it will be overshadowed by the Patriots doing the same thing.
  12. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Driving over to Nashville within the hour... Stoked!
  13. Time to check off one more box...

    I have been having a fantasy where we're in the Super Bowl against the Patriots and most of the players from the 2003 team and Hurney come back and give a speech to our current team at some point during the week coming up to the game. Basically a they stole it from us then, fug them, it's our time type of thing. Smitty gets really riled up and the whole thing brings a huge sense of purpose to our guys and we go out and end Brady's career and take the Lombardi.
  14. Don't really care anymore. Remember he was about to come back here last year before the packers swooped in. It's too bad now, he would be huge for us.   its gonna be a lot more of a pain in the ass to play hardy. Peppers may have been motivated to beat us, but I worry that hardy, who is crazy, will have worse intentions against Cam.
  15. Hornets vs. Bulls

    what is happening in this game? i can't watch it on tv or fox sports go. all i see is a massive hornets lead. what is lamb doing? i may have to stop watching games... i watched the last pre-season game and all the regular season games except this one... every game that this team has lost.