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  1. no kalil, bad run blocking, top d-line opponent. it sucks that we couldn't overcome that today, but he's an overthrown pass away from being a 'great weapon'. he did alright agains the 49ers, who also have a young talented d-line and some good lbs. i'll wait til he looks like today against an average or bad team before i start hating on him.
  2. Shula failed us

    What? Really? Never knew that.
  3. Olsen has a broken foot

    Sucks. Hope he's back soon. i think we just use KB in a WR/Receiving TE role and get more spin for funch as WR1 and Shepherd and Samuel as WR2 & 3.
  4. why do a fg there? if they score they win now. idiotic.
  5. You can wear a tie and compression leggings anyway.
  6. Dangerous weapons do dangerous things.
  7. If we had a good FB would we still be using them? Still no good answer why DA is on the roster. We're wasting space to maybe get a 6-7th round pick. Apparently we will use that on another interesting prospect like Armah who we'll not use or even desire to have on the team. Seems worth it.
  8. Hoyer has looked good plenty of times and always reveals himself as a disappointment. He needs a josh Gordon or deandre Hopkins to bail him out with his pray throws. SF doesn't have that. Nor do they have a RB we can't handle. McDonald was their stud against us last year and he's gone. we can and should win this.
  9. Gano to start on Sunday

    Here we go, really hustling to pull off a late round pick trade for a kicker who blows. What great effort from our GM to be a shrewd value seeker. fug them for trying not to hurt Gano's feelings.
  10. If a guy like Armah wasn't in the cards for the evolution of the offense, then we're not trying to evolve very much. Guys like him, when used correctly, are awesome weapons. Armah demonstrated an ability to make strong blocks, hustle on special teams, and make a play with the ball in his hands. Dickson and Olsen aren't blockers and I don't care how much the team, the players themselves, and the fans want to say "Dicksons our blocker TE and Greg practices on the sleds every year to be well rounded and never leaves the field." At the end of the day, they are both mediocre blockers and we shouldn't rely on them to be our blockers. Prior to this season with McCaffrey, Stew has had to battle behind the line of scrimmage and at the first level because our TEs are mediocre blockers. Stew is not fast enough to get away at the beginning. This fact is even more noticeable when we see McCaffrey play. McCaffrey is partially there to conceal our sub-par TE blockers. Fournette would look like poo like Stew does most of the time in this offense and it's because we wanna pretend that Greg and Dickson are actual blockers. Investing in this offensive evolution means we should invest in a fuging FB who can make plays too. Armah was potentially another swiss army knife that we're gonna leave on the PS now. How many PS guys grow into players on this team? It's the back of the refrigerator where good food gets left to spoil. If you believe he is talented but raw, you find ways to work him into the game and you give him time with the 1s and 2s. No one is gonna hone their craft against PS guys. We deserve to lose him to a team that's willing to give him a roster spot and a chance to practice against actual talent.
  11. Armah deserves a spot, the fact we're exposing him so we can continue to try and make a trade with one of our kickers is idiotic. Even worse, if we somehow think using Gano as a kick off guy and Butker as the FG kicker. Just fuging cut Gano and move on. Who even gives a poo? Its not like keeping Gano is better than a bad rookie. Either way, if the rookie fails, it's not a meaningful difference than if we kept shitty Gano. We'd still be looking for a replacement at some point. So just roll with the rookie and lets move on. It's just stupid. I don't particularly care about Ward because I think Mike Adams will be fine in the regular season, but all of these moves seem to be done in a vacuum without any thought into the order of operations. Kaaya sounds good for a back up, but why as the 3rd stringer? Dump DA for that. If we were concerned with having a guy with experience in the offense to serve as a back up bridge for Kaaya to get in the groove, why not just keep Gilbert then? Why leave Corn out a whole year over an hour or two? Why not let Cole Luke drop to PS and then move him up after the kicker gets moved? Dumb poo, trying to play chess with bird poo when we have bigger concerns to use brain power on.