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  1. Freeman in the Protocol

    I think TD shouldn’t have said anything and his comment might have cause Coleman to get fined
  2. I think Clay will be the guy over Byrd
  3. DG in retrospect

    I'm not disappointed with DG's drafts really. A majority of his picks either started or contributed to our team's success the past 4 years. Not everyone is gonna be a lifer on the Panthers. Maybe it's changed, but the average NFL career is 4 years right? So DG brought in guys that addressed issues and filled in spots over that time. We also got some real studs in KK, Star, Trai, Norwell, and Bradberry. Kelvin was a really good player and he was gonna be huge before that injury in 2015. He's still a solid player but maybe has lost that thing that would make him a true WR1. Funchess is yet to be seen. The guy is young and he's starting to round out into the player DG probably envisioned when we drafted him. Kony didn't pan out, but if we'd won the SB and he got MVP-- is he worth it? I mean we either have a guy who puts up a record performance in the SB or we don't. Anyway, I think DG's best trait was that he gave this team more of an identity and feeling of going in a direction according to a plan. You can draft Cam and Luke, but they're only so useful when your team is spinning in circles going nowhere. Having a team with a mission and someone to lead that mission from the top can make good players great and bad players good. Because then they're playing for something. I feel like this team is back to not having that type of leadership and as our vets who learned to win over the past 4 years retire or leave the team, the new crop will be back to 2012 mentality.
  4. Worley has the tools, but his attitude isn't allowing him to focus on improving like he needs to at this critical point. Instead he seems to be blaming others for him not seeing the field. Either work past your issues and lose the entitlement or find the bench.
  5. Coaches are scared to run Samuel deep. He keeps getting short stuff.
  6. Observations from today

    Yep, as soon as we get around to throwing deep to Samuel, we'll be watching a young star be born. He's got the confidence just give him a good shot.
  7. There was a camera close up of CMC, Samuel, Funch, and Shep and I saw what this team's future is now. These guys can do it for us. I liked KB, he was a positive player for us, but I believe in the guys that we have and they offer a larger variety of skills by guys in the top spots than if KB was here. Funch has a dawg in him and he's gonna start letting it loose.
  9. defense has momentum from the 4th down stop, offense has momentum on the TD. lets get it rolling now.
  10. we wasted a play trotting stewart out with a FB to run. the coaches cared more about showing 'their guy' they still believed in him and tried to get him a positive play/td there so they could say they believe in their guys at the end of the game. it's total bullshit. sit his ass and leave him on the bench.
  11. funchess showing he has the passion to be the guy! unleash him!
  12. every play by stewart is a waste at best or big loss. the fact we can't leave the running to cam and cmc for the rest of this game shows these coaches can't move past their first thought on a game plan. and i'll say it again, we need samuel out deep and cam just needs to rip it to him. we will get flags or catches.
  13. Someone on this team needs to start playing with some fuging passion. fug stewart someone needs to ask for his fuging helmet and tell him to sit and watch. Can't stand this bullshit. Cam deserves better, especially after that run. wish he would have trucked someone and just taken it to the endzone.
  14. JR deserves to have this team fall apart now. He deserves to have Cam request a trade/leave. He deserves to have Luke retire. He deserves to be penalized with money and draft picks for circumventing the Rooney rule and hiring Hurney as a fraudulent "placeholder" when he is actually just the GM again. JR deserves for this team to lose a ton of fans and wither away until he is dead. I hope he's capable of understanding the failure he is causing and the disdain his team's fans have for him and that it hurts him. He is an idiot. fug him.