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  1. this is even worse because they are taking forever to get to our announcement
  2. why would you post this here
  3. if we trade down we need to take all of tennessee's 2nd rounders
  4. the only reason i'll be sad if we trade out of round 1 will be that i have my last exam tomorrow morning.
  5. i don't think titans are looking for a QB guys. that looks like best trade down option based on the picks they have.
  6. yeah i'm talking kendall fuller
  7. so if we can trade back with tenn and get 2 of their 2nd rounds.... that would be sick. fuller shepard cravens
  8. 10 more picks. are there 10 more guys we like? seems pretty wide open right now.
  9. plus now that's on national tv, that's not what a team wants on the front page tomorrow. however, if he's there when we pick-- idk, maybe we can look past it. he is a talented player.
  10. it's not just the smoking pot -- that video is ugly. teams can stick with a guy who smokes pot, but when you're strapped into a gas mask that's just gnarly.
  11. the way this is going teams are making mistakes, which is what gettleman wanted. if guys start to fall, we are totally moving up and taking a stud like shaq lawson.