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  1. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Man, Ron and Marty went to this dude's house with his family and said they might draft him. I remember he was basically crying when we didn't take him in the green room. He belongs here, we can motivate him. I'm sure he'd give his all for this opportunity.
  2. Saints game flexed

    so i guess those producers didn't misspeak, they want the panthers-saints to be a big game, not panthers-ATL. lame, it makes the saints look more important than they are.
  3. we are truckin to 10-0, we come out a little slow because we know we're bad men, the other team gets a little cocky and wants to unseat the king, then we say oh wait-- hammer time. they're dead.
  4. 2 games in 5 days...

    i'll be with my girlfriend's family... her dad likes football so i'm assuming/hoping the game will just be on. if not, i will hiding in various places around the house watching it on my phone.
  5. DeAngelo Hall switched to free safety

    it's a game i wish benji was playing just so he could bust that dude. from here on out i expect we'll be seeing a lot more teams try to pull poo like the Titans were last weekend. never seen a fight our guys didn't win though.
  6. Road to the #1 Seed in the NFC

    you guys need to be sold on the Cardinals, they are gonna be our biggest threat in the playoffs this year. they are for real, incase you forgot they were doing this last year too before palmer went down. plus, their defense plays us really well usually, though they've lost some of the guys who made that possible (Dansby, Dockett). Green Bay might win some more games but I think they're not gonna have the firepower to "wake up", i pick Vikings just because they have solid defense and a running game. don't know much about them otherwise. I legit think we can go 16-0 but it will be overshadowed by the Patriots doing the same thing.
  7. Official Panthers - Titans Gameday Thread

    Driving over to Nashville within the hour... Stoked!
  8. Time to check off one more box...

    I have been having a fantasy where we're in the Super Bowl against the Patriots and most of the players from the 2003 team and Hurney come back and give a speech to our current team at some point during the week coming up to the game. Basically a they stole it from us then, fug them, it's our time type of thing. Smitty gets really riled up and the whole thing brings a huge sense of purpose to our guys and we go out and end Brady's career and take the Lombardi.
  9. Don't really care anymore. Remember he was about to come back here last year before the packers swooped in. It's too bad now, he would be huge for us.   its gonna be a lot more of a pain in the ass to play hardy. Peppers may have been motivated to beat us, but I worry that hardy, who is crazy, will have worse intentions against Cam.
  10. Hornets vs. Bulls

    what is happening in this game? i can't watch it on tv or fox sports go. all i see is a massive hornets lead. what is lamb doing? i may have to stop watching games... i watched the last pre-season game and all the regular season games except this one... every game that this team has lost.
  11. i don't get the obsession with "the market" for NBA players. why does it seem like every NBA player wants to play for a "big market team"? i could understand something like old legendary franchises like the lakers, but aside from that who cares where you play? is it the fact a big market team could pay more by reaching past the soft cap? you really don't see this as much in the NFL and it just seems odd to me that NBA players are a bunch of ego maniacs in this regard.
  12. I feel like frank is going to be one of the best players we've drafted. Keep in mind that isn't saying much, but it's a good start.
  13. Biz is a free agent

    honestly i don't think the tear down model really works in the NBA, i'm ok with us moving on from it. it plays to our strengths anyway. you can project the NBA careers of 18 year old players who are one year removed from high school and even if you find one that is a sure fire all star for the next decade you still have to pray to god that your lottery number is called at the right time. the case in point for how shitty and not worthwhile a tear-down project is is this team. the fact that a team like ours can go in to a draft and not get the number 1 pick and get anthony davis is unreal. there are too many moving parts a team has no control over that there is no way to bet the entire team and organization on some ping pong balls and statistical projections. i prefer the FA/trading path for us. you have a general idea of who you're gonna get and you can build a well rounded team. sure, you gotta draft some talent, but you don't strip the team down to the studs in order to draft it. i don't believe what philly is doing is gonna net them a championship. players won't pan out, the talent won't mesh, the coach will suck. any number of simple problems will continue to sap the original plan, and then everyone-- fans, players, and front office will have wasted their time. the NFL is a rebuild league, the NBA is just a money/asset/star league. and since we don't have a star, we just gotta roll with money and assets. with smart, quick deals, favorable trades, and a well rounded complimentary team.
  14. Positions of need/change?

    Batum is a SG, he's big but apparently he plays better at that position. Ditch Al, either keep Biz or get another rim protector C MW can be backup SF. Get another PG and try and trade Al, Taylor, and maybe one other guy idk.
  15. i hope frank hears the fans. look up damon stoudamire when he was drafted by the raptors as their first ever draft pick. i think what frank said about the bobcats isn't as big of a shot at us as people seem to feel like it is. in any case, it's true. but if frank thinks that right now then he better also be thinking he can be part of the reason why it's not boring to play here. we don't want mental midgets on this team. if he crumbles or is a baby about the fans not liking him, then he isn't gonna make it here or in the NBA. i hope frank hears how much the fans didn't want him and i hope he is ready to come in and work it on offense to show us that we're wrong. i hope he gets here and wants to show the city why they should want him. i posted before that what i'm really annoyed about with this pick is just the lack of variety and the obsession with one position and one type of player. i'd love it if cho came out and said hey we need an absolute all-star stud killer at this PF position because it's gonna be the one key position to making this team a top playoff contender. i'd just love to hear the reasoning so at least we know. the one thing that i think about is cho's time with portland and their history of having a stud PF, i remember reading about it in an article about aldridge. i think that's also the reason portland wanted vonleh. anyway, i think that we're in a good position even if frank is exactly like zeller except not as mentally weak. and by mentally weak i mean being a big man and going into the post and not getting blocked or pushed around. i don't care what anyone says, zeller is big and physically strong enough to not have what happens to him on the post happen. it's because he is mentally blocked from bringing the power down low, it has nothing to do with the NBA being a grown man's league. it sounds like frank has a lot more fire and grit than zeller and that is the key to making the talent work. frank is a killer and that's the difference between a guy like zeller and a 20/10 guy each night. if frank brings the heat then i'll be happy.