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  1. This really isn't very hard. I for one am glad that the league MVP isn't scheduling knee surgery for next week.  Do you think we would have won 6 games or 8 games with DA at QB? Handling the press conference like that wasn't a good look.  I personally could not care less, but he's going to take heat all offseason for that so why not play nice for five minutes to save yourself trouble down the road.  If Cam had come out and said one Sunday what he told the media on Tuesday that would have been more than sufficient. Even if we had recovered that fumble, our chances of winning Super Bowl 51 were better in that moment than winning Super Bowl 50.  Our line was done.  Funchess was wide open at the 50 on that last fumble and we couldn't get a hand on Miller to permit the pass.  Game was over.
  2. My take on the Cam Newton fumble.

    Cam's comments directly confirm what Igo posted. The confusion may be partly due to the media asking one question and Cam answering another. Media:  "Why didn't you dive for the ball?" Correct Answer:  Cam should have dove for the ball from the right hash mark.  He misplayed the recovery and got too close to dive. Question Cam is Answering:  Why did you jump back instead of bending down to fight for the ball? Cam's Answer:  I didn't go after the ball (at that point) "because the way my leg was it could have been contorted".   The distinction is fine but important.  Notice that Cam does not say "I didn't dive in there because I was afraid of getting hit."  Cam has never been afraid of taking a hit - we have ample evidence of that fact.  He just screwed up the recovery attempt by taking one too many steps and put himself into a position where if he tried to recover that ball - without first repositioning his body - he probably would have been injured. If Cam bends down to get that ball, there's a chance he RG3's himself without the help of Ware's helmet (pay attention to his upfield knee from the sideline view).  And some combination of Ware and the guys that piled on going for the fumble would have taken the knee out either way (watch the endzone view). This wasn't a calculated business decision.  Cam Newton is not scared and did not quit on the team.  He clearly went after that fumble until his brain told him that his knee was about to get blown out - either by his own positioning/momentum or the 300lb dudes diving at his feet - and so he jumped back and immediately went after the ball.
  3. Seriously wtf is this Charlotte?

    By walking out of his press conference early, Newton made the grave mistake of pissing off sportswriters.  They are a very self-important bunch and so the reactions were predictably harsh and paternalistic. Another Observer writer - Jonathan Jones - wrote a very good and measured article on the topic, I thought. I find it interesting that Brady walked out of a midweek press conference after two questions in December (the questions were about Trump, to be fair).  He also walked out of a press conference in Dec. 2013 after a loss to the Dolphins.  I never heard about any of that and frankly I don't care at all.  But Cam is held to a different standard.
  4. Cam backing away from the ball...

    Yep.  Denver wouldn't have hit double digits without defensive touchdowns.  Can't ask much more from the defense. I wish Norman had caught those two picks.  They would have been outstanding individual plays - but that's what we needed last night, because the offense couldn't get out of its own way.  Both defenses were great but Von Miller made outstanding plays and our guys - outside of Ealy - just couldn't make those game changing plays.  Tough, but not at all the defense's fault.
  5. Roman Harper

    Tre needs to play without committing multiple huge penalties before I can trust him as a starter.  Giving free yardage to that pathetic offense - or putting our pathetic offensive line any closer to our own end zone - was something we could not afford last night.
  6. Cam backing away from the ball...

    If you watch the replay of that fumble full speed it is much more understandable than if you watch the low angle slow-motion replay CBS threw up on the screen immediately after the play. From the high angle, it seems clear that Cam initially overran the fumble (he thought it was going to keep rolling).  The ball died in the turf right as Ware got his hand on it.  At that point, Cam's feet were too close to the ball and his momentum was carrying him past the ball so he checked up for a split second to reposition and fall on the ball - and then the ball squirted out and went between his legs as Kalil jumped onto the pile. It's important to remember that Cam is 6'5" - biomechanically, that's a difficult move to make.  If Cam had just dove at the ball the second Ware got a hand on it he would have hit the ball with his knees.   Slow motion makes it look much worse than full speed.  Cam has taken a beating countless times throughout his career and he has never flinched.  I highly doubt this was a business decision.  Just a weird play where he panicked, sprinted for the ball, misjudged the distance, and had trouble getting down because he's 6' 5".
  7. It has started...

    The last four games between QBs making their SB debut versus QBs returning to the super bowl have been won by the debuting QBs.
  8. It has started...

    You are either trolling or you are uninformed if you think the Minnesota offense is a good comp for this Panthers team. I hope Wade brings that same attitude to his gameplan (he won't, because he's really good at his job).
  9. All this turf talk is nonsense.

    So Carroll was complaining that his guys were slipping all over the place in pregame right?  Well conditions certainly did not get worse in between warmups and kickoff, so his players should have been smart enough to go ahead and switch cleats if they felt the field was going to be an issue. Panthers players weren't slipping around, so stop whining Seahawks.  One could argue that turf teams have a decided advantage at home when playing against teams like the Panthers that primarily play on grass.  I've never heard our guys complaining about it. If you don't like the start time and don't like the playing surface - try winning more games in the regular season so you can play at home.  You were the 6 seed and you barely escaped the first round when Minnesota's kicker missed a chip shot.  Deal with it.
  10. Ron vs Arians on "prevent mode"

    I interpreted Ron's comments more as being directed towards Shula.  I'm sure Ron wanted conservative playcalls to use up clock in the second half - but ultimately, we played too conservatively and weren't able to hold possession which gave the Seahawks a chance to come back. Shula basically took Cam out of the game in the second half.  He's the league MVP and he's thrown 27 TDs vs. 3 INTs in the past nine games.  At a certain point, you have to trust him to take care of the ball and give your guys a chance to make plays and score. There's a difference in aggressively throwing downfield vs. throwing short to intermediate routes to keep the defense honest.  Seattle knew we were going to run the ball on the majority of plays and that's why they were able to stop us so consistently.
  11. Final Panthers Cuts

    I liked Todman better than Fozzy and Wegher - but the staff probably knows what they are doing.
  12. Final Panthers Cuts

    It was Marlowe.
  13. First Look - Devin Funchess

    It really shows you how little work some of these analysts put into studying individual prospects that some analysts keep talking about Funchess as having to be a TE in the NFL. I think most analysts saw the 4.7 and immediately wrote him off as a WR. But the more I see of him it seems obvious that he is at worst a large NFL slot receiver - and at best a real mismatch on the outside. You don't want him inline. There are so many prospects to review that obviously some will slip through the cracks. But anyone harping on the Funchess pick doesnt have much credibility in my book. You can argue we paid too much (only time will tell) but the player is undeniably intriguing and has more than sufficient upside to be deserving of the #41 pick.
  14. Final Panthers Mock Draft

    Very interesting. Do you think the Panthers have warmed up to DJ Humphries as the process has evolved? Or is he still viewed as a 2nd round talent but he might be the pick based on need and lack of other options? Seems like the consensus is there are only around 15-20 first round grades on most team boards. My dream scenario would be walking away with Peat, Preston Smith, and Devin Smith (packaging 3rd and 4th round picks for a late second rounder to get both Smiths). Would address our 3 biggest needs with true BPA talents.