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  1. Panthers fans were outnumbered in the stands more like 1:11 it looked to me the whole vibe of the game seemed way off and against our favor. If you didn't know better, you'd think it was at mile high.  Then you had special referee Clete McFlippityflop announcing all the major calls, none of which seemed to be in our favor.  it felt more like Peyton's retirement party than the Super Bowl. 
  2. Without Gettleman, this team wouldn't have accomplished all that it has so far
  3. Panthers Lost memes....come in here to laugh

    mfw people come up to me and start talking about the game at work    
  4. Kony Ealy

    So proud of Kony. He gets poo on so much on this board and he had the best game of his career. A lot of people turned out and if they had the opportunity to tee off, the box score would've read a lot different.
  5. Key Factors in the Loss

    The Panthers had no answer for that fuging Miller/Ware pincer attack the entire game. Denver pretty much lived off that maneuver all fuging night. Cam could never get settled and played rushed. It's like playing story mode in MK9 and Shao Kahn just keeps spamming that fuging plasma hammer.
  6. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    You heard the man
  7. Well let me go on record and say that being a sports fan is probably the least rewarding thing you can possibly invest any emotion into. It's something I've believed for a while.  Maybe the Panthers can continue to play at the level they did this season and make it again in the near future. Maybe they'll be better prepared.  But I think I'm done spending so much time talking about this team. It's too exhausting for no payoff. I still like the direction they're headed and I'm never going to bring myself to like another team. This didn't define how good Cam Newton is as a player, but Miller and Ware literally took over this game and the offense had no answer for it. I think the Super Bowl 2 years ago helped Denver prepare better for what to expect, in ways that most people cannot comprehend. Bottom line, if you want to be successful in this league you have to give yourself as many opportunities to get to the big game. I have no more words for what happened tonight. Just speechless beyond lament. What an opportunity and it ended like this.
  8. Watching Peyton fall on his ass just makes me imagine what could've been if this fuging offense could get a lead on this team
  9. This whole season for a fuging Super Bowl popcorn fart
  10. fuging ridiculous you know they really had me convinced that they were through with the unprepared, deer in the headlights on a big stage poo, and here we are and the offense is completely shitting the bed
  11. We're already out of challenge flags this half because the refs can't call a fuging thing 
  12. Screwjob, injury, TD return on consecutive plays 
  13. Shirt to Benefit Greg Olsen's Charity

  14. If one more person gets nostalgic about the 2003 Panthers Bryan Adams is going to write a song for it.