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  1. Ugh start slideshow on a mobile device fug that
  2. Might be Jobless

    And micromanagement leads to learned helplessness, low morale, etc.
  3. Might be Jobless

    Oh I've worked for state government before and I can assure you one of their top directives is for you to hate life as an employee
  4. Might be Jobless

    If ECU gets fired even when he pitched it with respect and genuine concern then I fear for the welfare of this country's economy in the future
  5. Might be Jobless

    Well corporate america kind of sucks so....
  6. I didn't get a graph in my results page all it said was JOHN CENA
  7. Yep there's a reason why I give him poo and not ECU even though they align on a lot of views
  8. credit card problem

    I have no idea why it's acceptable in this country for you to give your credit or debit card to a complete stranger to then take it away out of your sight for minutes and swipe it for you
  9. Panthers Rookie Camp Wrapup

    Hey did how was the Wookie Camp Wrapup?
  10. Panthers Rookie Camp Wrapup

    I no longer think of Bersin as useless. Now I think of him as Sunshine from remember the Titans. moving up
  11. Cam Newton's Car

    Is it custom made by the juggernaut
  12. Panthers Release Boykin

    Inb4 gettledouche