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  1. Julius Frazier Peppers Thread

    Pepp is not fond of Chris Doleman at all. Not sure why, is very happy about being within immediate striking distance. Room is very pissed as a whole. Watch out Chicago.
  2. Luke's out..we are fuged.
  3. The season rests on Kuechly's diagnosis.
  4. And now for the halftime adjustments..................................................................................
  5. When CMC ran that pass out of bounds why did the clock not stop?
  6. I don't care...all I know is, I wanted it to be and the next thing you know, it be.
  7. He did not leave via his own decision.
  8. Oh I don't know, calling AND emailing DJ the Suit Stout at least once a week calling for his head on a spike because he was an uninformed, small-minded, pompous prick for over three months. Calling the Whiner Line everyday, busting his ass for the ***** he was. Although it may have had nothing to do with it....I laughed until I cried the day he was canned.
  9. I hated that motherfukker and still do. I hope he never works again.
  10. The words "Former Panthers media favorite" and Marc with a C James were never uttered, printed, or thought of together previous to this post. I take great pride in my little part in having his ass fired from WFNZ.
  11. He didn't and is only getting stronger with the rest he has been given.