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  1. Do you trust Gano?

    I hate for games to come down to kicks because I don't totally "trust" an kicker, but I trust Gano less than the top tier kickers in the game today, especially when the game is on the line. As for Nortman, he is mostly good. He needs to be more automatic because he tends to fug up every once in a while with a shank (at what seems to be the most inopportune time). I trust him more than Gano though. Just like there are worse options, there are always better as well.  Sometimes they just have to present themselves.
  2. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    Shula still fuged up though.
  3. First of all, yeah I said it: Funchi! If we can have a Benji, we can have a Funchi. Devin Funchess seems to have fun playing the game, and he has some positive chi going on that just pops off of his personality on and off the field.  Did you see that incredible catch last night? It was absolutely marvelous! I don't absolutely know why we didn't see more Funchi this year, but I can only assume that he didn't know what the hell was going on half the time (like Cam joked about earlier this season in one of his pressers). So I also say it in a facetious manner. But, I am excited about Devin. He climbed and two-handed Cam's overthrown ball like a boss, and he really made some clutch catches all season long...when he was in there---on the field, of course.  He is not in Ron's doghouse, but he was on Ron's porch. He is going to have to have to find a way to impress Ron (and company) enough to get off the porch and run with the big dogs on a consistent basis. His route running needs some work, but you could see his improvement over time---much like the changes in a time-lapsed video---because it was that noticeable, at least to me. He probably needs to block better. He has work to do, but Ron and Shula are going to have to let this kid play. Just imagine the duo of a more polished Benji and Funchi on the field together. That dream is still very much in play, my fellow brethren.   But getting back to that catch though...and a couple of others this season...those are the catches of a big time baller.    P.S.: Man if we could somehow get Alshon...  
  4. Positions we need to upgrade

    CAP wasn't even active last night. I don't believe RB is an issue. Both CAP and Wegher are big time gamers just waiting to happen. Edit: Their ability to block wil be the only thing to hold them back...and, uh, maybe the O-line's run blocking (LOL).
  5. Even Wade Phillips is trolling Cam on Twitter

    Actually, we had too little dab last night...
  6. I can't and won't single out a player this whole season. The hallmark of this team was "team"! That's why the season was a good one.
  7. This really isn't about "rubbing it in people's faces", this is about the NFL  totally screwing up the post-game interview locations. They should be apart for (really) professional reasons, particularly on the sport's biggest stage.  Your nut-hugging references should probably be directed to another location as well.
  8. OK, what he was saying wasn't so bad as the NFL fuged up the presser process.  What a bunch of morons that should have known better.
  9. Cam was more mature than I would have been at 26 because I would have went over to the guy and told him to shut the fug up. At the very least, some official should have told the muthaphucka to tone it down.
  10. That's right, can't downplay dad's influence, and his knowing his son better than anyone else (save mom). He knows what buttons to push. He's going to keep Newton's head "in the game" so to speak. And I am talking on and off the field.  Bogart, I am with you regarding G-man.  
  11. I hope DG learned something tonight

    There is always something to learn if you're doing your job correctly.   It is no coincidence that our suspected areas of weakness became our actual weaknesses on the sport's biggest stage. Everyone is going to have to dig a little deeper and up there game, and that includes G-man. In a way, that is especially G-man depending on one's perspective.
  12. Perspective (too early?)

    The first thing I told my son when it was apparent that we were probably going to lose (which was probably with 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter)is, "We aren't ready yet." By the way, I haven't been to sleep myself.
  13. The Fall of Cam Newton

    Being blitzed and pressured are two different categories as it pertains to PFF. I heard on TV last week that Cam had problems when pressured, and this article here has a graph that illustrates the point.    Traditional pressure is different than the blitz.
  14. Yes, Star Lotulelei was kinda ballin' last night. I feel like he has been somewhat of the forgotten man this season, but his name was called on the big stage a couple of times. I think it will behoove the Panthers to keep this man in Charlotte because he does more than people appreciate , and I believe that he will only get better. 
  15. First off, I'm grateful for this season. It was the best one I've had as a Panthers fan. Like I said a few weeks ago, we were playing with house money as far as I was concerned because I never expected us to hit the jackpot until January.  It's tough to lose in the Super Bowl. but the Panthers really went beyond anyone's expectations this year, so I am really gonna try and hang my favorite Panthers cap on that fact as opposed to hanging my head. The fact is is that I had some misgivings about many Huddlers prognosticating a win because our strengths supposedly played right into their weaknesses for the last fortnight. I reluctantly tried to convince myself that "maybe they are right", but deep down I knew that our weaknesses might play to their strengths, and unfortunately that happened. My son told me all week "I don't know, Dad, that pass rush..." He continued, "You know Cam doesn't play well when he gets constantly pressured all game." I responded by telling him that our line had done pretty well (in pass protection anyway), notwithstanding Cam's ability to escape and/or buy time, and that we had the number one scoring offense. But I still recognized the possibility that trouble was looming due to the outright differences in talent level between the Panthers overall O-line and Denver's overall D-line. I also thought there was a good possibility that Wade Phillips would out-coach Mike Shula, but I pretty much ignored the feeling just like ignored the Phillips thread in the Huddle this week. Moreover, even though my son didn't mention the receivers---you know how I am---I wondered if they were really ready for the big stage (like Fox Mulder, at the time I said to myself "I want to believe"). But I really believed that we would be alright.  In short, all my fears, along with his fears, came to pass. Nothing went right. Cam was pressured all game long and reverted back to some bad habits, and no extra body was put in there to block to give him  little more time for the most part. In addition to not pulling someone back for extra protection, Shula confounded my mind once again by failing to adjust and running the same old run or slow developing passes (particularly on first down, keeping the Panthers behind the eight ball for a notable amount of our stalled drives. And of course the receivers had problems getting open and hanging onto the ball.  My wife told me that "we played like the old Panthers", and she is basically right.  She said she didn't know why we did, but that we did. The good thing is, that even she (with her casual fan self) noted that if we can get a few players here or there that maybe we can win it all next year. Kelvin Benjamin will be back, and that will be a great help, but protecting Cam is an absolute necessity, particularly with teams like the Broncos ready to meet us in the postseason. As for Shula, I have mixed emotions, but my son still says that he needs to go. I told him that Shula isn't going anywhere unless he get a head coaching job. He just shook his head much like I was doing all night long, but, like I said,I am not going to hang my head because the entire team really did an outstanding job this season. We'll just have to wait and see what rabbit(s) Dave Gettleman will pull out of his hat this off-season. I sure hope that BPA meets need, because that's how G-man rolls.