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  1. Let's play pick two running backs

    One legit fumble and a screw-up---lack of chemistry--between him and Cam due to not having enough time to work together hardly means there is some ongoing problem, or even a foreboding of a problem. He needs more reps as a pro to really come to any conclusions. That's just the bottom line.
  2. Hitner to the Rams?

    But he disappeared on the biggest stage.
  3. Let's play pick two running backs

    I really don't believe Artis-Payne has a fumbling problem per se, as much as I believe it may have been rookie jitters. And I know that Wehger can provide special teams play, and is a dark horse to actually be the heir apparent with speed and power. If he masters blocking, he will arguably be the most complete back of the group. The fact is, we need to see more of CAP and Wehger so that we can get an adequate assessment of what each fully brings to the table. We already know what we have in Fozzy, a journeyman who is easily replaceable as he probably should have been by Jordan Todman last year. Much like we need to add more Mayo this year, we need to give CAP and Wehger more quality reps and let the upside evolve on the field. I see Fozzy as kinda like the Ben Jacobs of RBs. He has had a good run, but allow nature to take its course.
  4. I think that people are realistic about Garrett's chances. To be brutally honest there is not really a huge amount of hype surrounding him. I mean he was a UDFA after all, albeit a 3-4 round projection by many, but a UDFA nevertheless. And it's not like Rivera has the proclivity to give rookies an equal playing field vs vets in anything more than rhetoric, so Garrett will really have to force his hand by really standing out. That's just an uphill battle in my estimation that I wouldn't put any money on. The main thing that gives people hope is probably him being the nation's leading receiver in yards last year (even against some higher level of talent). You don't lead the nation in yards by a mistake, so along with his meaurables the upside is almost palpable. The comparison to Dwayne Jarrett is not totally on point. Jarrett was by all accounts a polished route runner whose physicality was somewhat in question, particularly when he was jammed at the line. He was also slow. But probably the most meaningful difference is that Jarrett was somewhat of a head case coming out of school with a less than stellar attitude. Garrett reportedly has a good attitude and takes nothing for granted, as he has had to overcome a few obstacles to even make it to this point. That motivation makes people want to believe that he an continue to climb even higher. And lastly, Getty called all these guys really smart. Jarrett had the mental acuity of a box of rocks. Believe me, I understand what you're saying overall, though I don't quite get the Jarrett comparison, but I just don't see Garrett's tape as any less compelling than Worley's or Sandland's (who excites me greatly). The thing is, due to their respective positions, their road to being on the 53 roster is much greater simply because there is much more legitimate competition at the WR spot. That's just the way I see it.
  5. I am not saying that Garrett is an excellent route runner, because his routes were limited, but to say that he never gets separation just isn't true. I looked at the vid on and saw him get good separation on a couple of highlights, so much so that he was basically wide open. Several of his highlights are in the red zone, if not the end zone, so of course it's more difficult to get what is the appearance of separation, but he still adequately made enough separation to get the catch. I just don't know what you're seeing (or not seeing) @Bronn. I think it may be more of a case of preconceived notions about an undrafted free agent. And honestly, notice some of the double and near triple coverage. That has to stand for something. I can envision him doing a lot of damage alongside KB and Funch.
  6. PFF tags the 16 Worst picks in 2016 Draft

    Our draft was solid. You really can't argue with Butler as a project, and Bradberry's SPARQ score as well as his general measurables are great for his position. Not only Bradberry's, but Worley's and Sanchez's skills and style of play fit our zone coverage scheme perfectly. Moreover, Sandland may turn out to be the best value of all long term. If nothing else, I will call it right now, Sandland will be the best 7th round pick out of that draft. So, no, it's not surprising that we don't have a pick up there. We got some relatively productive players with good ball skills and measurables. Plus, they fit what we do, and largely fill needs.
  7. Pure Speculation Thread

    I don't think we got fleeced, or did the fleecing. That fourth round pick was nothing to sneeze at. The trade was arguably fair on both parts. You probably have some Clevelanders saying how they got over, but I believe it was an imaginative and fair trade. The move of our draft, which was not technically a draft move, was immediately after the draft when we acquired Garrett and Cash. In my mind, they were both fourth round material, so it's like we got two additional forth rounders which made the sting of losing that fourth round pick kinda disappear.
  8. Irrespective of the Saints, I am more interested in the market for LTs. Cordy Glenn just signed a five year, $65 mil contract with $36 mil guaranteed. If we can ever get Cam some top shelf blindside protection, then we're gonna have to pay, and to me that's not necessarily a bad thing. Will there be a day when Oher is demanding that type of bank? Good thing that we have Cam who is more mobile than most. We should have made a play for Jared Veldheer when we had a chance.
  9. Sure, but some thought he would at least be gone by the fourth round, so the compliment---whatever type it is---may just be closer to the truth than not.
  10. Bryan Strickland referred to the Panthers UDFAs as "undrafted gold" in his latest report. Just taking a guess, I would think that the use of such a grand metaphor is a direct result of the optimism of those within the organization, the least of which is the Director of College Scouting, Don Gregory: Many still may have questions regarding our new UDFAs, but Gregory answers one without a doubt. Cash is a linebacker, pure and simple. But not even Gregory can really answer the $20000 question as to why Keyarris Garrett wasn't drafted---anymore than anyone else that is, but he is still excited to have landed the big receiver. Now I am here to tell you. I have been watching the Panthers for awhile now, and I just don't remember a time when people seem so excited about two UDFAs out the gate, much less Don Gregory. I knew the third day was going to be interesting, and that's why I alluded to that fact in the thread when Jeremy Igo said he had to do a photo shoot. I basically told him that he may be missing the best part. What I didn't expect was for us to be able to land two, highly productive players as UDFAs that more than a few people thought could go as early as the third round. After getting a legitimate ball hawk at CB and talented prospect at TE on day three, our cup still felt a little bit empty as the draft ended. But, boy, after landing Key and Cash, the top two rated UDFAs as judged by ESPN, our cup seemed like it had "runneth over." Sure, I'm just a fan prone to some homerism and optimism, but it's nice to know that Don Gregory, Bryan Strickland and others feel that such quality players were a fitting exclamation point on a draft that in my opinion didn't really summon a whole lot of excitement---not that that's a bad thing---until day three.
  11. Hedging your bets, a lesson in drafting success.

    I can see questioning the pick in terms of drafting yet another DT, but Getty's track record with first rounders has been a pretty good one, so of course there is really no reason to think that Butler won't be good.
  12. Rookie Camp - Need your input

    Garrett Bradberry Sandland Butler Worley Sanchez Cash McGee Johnson Shostak Bonnet Norris
  13. Garrett > Funchess?

    Funchess looks more athletic to me. He also appears to have more dawg in him. But of course that doesn't mean that he will ultimately be the better receiver. If Garrett wants to be better, he is going to have to put in the time and effort with the coaches, playbook, and show it on the field. For now, he is a limited route runner just trying to prove that he belongs in the pros.
  14. I believe more teams will follow that model because, at the end of the day, rookies will actually get decidedly more out of mental preparation than running around in shorts.
  15. Josh, you gave us your all as a Panther, and I appreciate that. Good luck (except when you play us, of course)!