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  1. I pose this question to all Huddlers...

    A healthy Smitty, even at this age, would have made some amount of difference, from notable to substantial. Anyone who says otherwise is just hatin'. This would have likely been his last opportunity for a ring. A motivated 89 is what you want in a championship.
  2. Bersin's Contract status?

    Perhaps if he had played in the Superb Owl, we would have won. I'm kidding, but...
  3. Question about Alexander

    Damn, either I am getting old or dissapointment after disappointment has completely put Big Frank out of my mind, because when I saw the title I was like "Alexander? Who the fug is Alexander?"
  4. Just ESPN, nothing to see here...

    I am trying to figure out if that was a ballsy call 
  5. You know what? Many may not like the comparison, but I suspect that G-man is the next best thing to Billy B as far as team building. I have thought it for a while now.
  6. I think that's a little harsh to say that he had no vision, but strategically he just couldn't figure out how to put all the pieces together. He had the core down, but he didnt know how to effectively shop at the Dollar Store to maintain and keep the team above water (Edit: and many don't, which is something that we suspect Gman thrives at).  
  7. Nothing against Harper, but he was fully a stopgap measure whose play had fallen off noticeably when he was signed. Weddle still plays like a player in his prime. I'm thinking that we should still be able to get three strong years out of him.
  8. I agree 100 percent that there is really no reason to hate Gman. To me, last season really proved that we are ahead of schedule in reference to being a perennial contender. I will just nitpick a little bit and say that you still can't discount Hurney's imprint on the team, particularly as it pertains to key players.  Mind you I am not going to give Hurney credit forever, but with Davis, Tolbert, Kalil, J-Stew and J-No still being strong parts of the foundation of the success of the team, I just can't give G-man all the credit. He has done a masterful job with the finances and arguably what he has had to work with as far as filling in pieces. I just want to see his depth players make a more consistent contribution and/or for him to address those other obvious weaknesses that we have on this team so that we can actually get that Lombardi. I absolutely believe that Weddle would help us to that end. Anyone that knows football knows the guy still plays at a very high level.  The thought of Weddle and Coleman (who I also said would surprise back in the spring) as starters in the secondary should scare a lot of people. Add in J-No, possibly Peanut, and Big Play, and we have some outstanding solidity "out back".
  9. Devin Funchess Rookie Highlights Video

    For some reason, Funchi reminds me of a larger version of Reggie Wayne. I am pretty excited to see his progression. 
  10. Let's talk about Ted Ginn Jr.

    Ginn is a talented guy that knows our system. If he had not gone for the bigger payday in Arizona, he would have likely been here for the duration. I really don't see him getting cut. If he is on the chopping block, then I figure Brown would be as well. Ginn may be more vital to our offense (plus he plays special teams).
  11. If he is blocking people on Twitter simply because they question him (in a mature fashion, mind you), then he needs to man up and get some thicker skin. 
  12. We need a DE... so whom?

    My early money is on Oliver Vernon and/or Kevin Dodd with the 30th pick.
  13. There is a difference between insulting someone and giving constructive criticism---respectfully discussing an opinion, and backing it up, than gratuitous name calling and insinuation about one's life, character and integrity. That is what Nolan Nawrocki basically did to Cam Newton before he could even get in the pros.  That is disrespectful. If you are trying to tell me that every member of the media has disrespected Cam, I will tell you that's undeniably untrue.  As a professional football player in the NFL, like it or not, part of your job is to interact with the media with a certain amount of social decorum and professional interaction. This interaction (fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on one's perspective) is a big part of the reason why the popularity of the NFL has increased exponentially over the years. Media interaction comes with the territory, and sometimes everything said is not going to be agreeable to the player or anyone else. But that's to be expected. It's part of the job. Not only Cam, but any player is held to that standard. Needless to say, being called a "slob" or any other such unfounded and unnecessary foolishness goes not only beyond that standard, but also the standard of the Huddle (supposedly).     
  14.   No, it's called doing exactly what I've always said. You talk to me, or about me, with respect, and I will do the same.  I have told you this very thing (probably) years ago. So there is nothing hypocritical about it.
  15. Yeah, it was a response. I m not apologizing for being disrespectful after being disrespected.  Funny that someone else referred to you as the same with different language within the same 24 hour period. LOL