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  1. Everyone take a deep breath.....

    R-E-L-A-X, folks!
  2. Gettleman says BPA philosophy changed this year.

    Probably the most thoughtful post of day two. 90 percent of the Huddle has gotten a case of amnesia and forgotten that Gettleman is a scout by nature---and a successful one to boot. This truth is evident, regardless if he flipped the script or not. Truth be told, I can see how this striking change in tone has unnerved some people, but from my perspective it shows that Getty is not as rigid as we may have believed. He has the willingness to adapt to the situation---modify and shake things up a bit. This may be a good thing. Gettleman has proved to be a master architect of a championship caliber team. In that regard, it's good to be in the same company as the Seahawks and Patriots. Getty has a great feel for the anatomy of an NFL franchise. He has the most complete vision of where he is leading us, and so far I don't think we can complain too much. Let's relax and watch the evolution of contender to champion.
  3. Best players left going in to day 3

    And at least one, if not both, will likely be gone in round four.
  4. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    WTF (who da fuq)?
  5. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Cravens or Bell
  6. REPORT: Panthers considering TE Jerrell Adams in 3rd

    If we still have a pick come the third round, I am thinking Harlan Miller or Pharoh Cooper
  7. Official Igo pie thread

    Igo's secret. He pays Gettleman in these

    Maybe someone does want to trade up in front of Denver, though I can't imagine who now.

    It's looking less and less like we will trade down. Someone we want is probably gonna be there.
  10. Predict Gettleman's Day 3 WTF pick?

    I am must happy someone actually thinks like me, that day three has been Gettleman's most mystifying. But I am not going to rant this year... I hope.
  11. SPOILING PICKS = BAN HAMMER $@^$%@*^&%

    Might I suggest a four day ban in honor of Tom Brady? LOL
  12. SPOILING PICKS = BAN HAMMER $@^$%@*^&%

    I am a cord cutter. I will actually be watching the draft on NFL Now via the PS4. I am sure there is probably some type of delay with it being an app, but to me it's simple: I won't look at Twitter or anything else probably until after Mayock gives his short little video and analysis. By then, the news should be out everywhere, and I'll get on the Huddle and entertain myself by perusing reactions.
  13. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    I will be glad because Henry would be a long term solution as opposed to a Cook whose hands seem to work like a Band-Aid that just won't stick.