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  1. Refs......again and again

    I noted the non-calls on holding against TD, a blatant pick on the dump off to the TN TE that set up their TD and the curious block in the back on Ginn's punt return. But I also noted the non-call on what should have been a personal foul on us for hitting Mariota in a slide. So I am not quite sold on the conspiracy that the refs are out to get us, but they certainly could do better. I really wish they would just let the teams play and not influence the outcome as much. Unless something is blatant and truly impacted the play, it shouldn't be called.
  2. Shaq Thompson!!!

    While I loved him putting the smack down on that hit, it was not quite textbook. It looked to me that he put his head down and I am surprised that he did not get injured during it. Not trying to be a downer, loved the bad assness, but it worries me when they drop their head like that. Same could have happened to him as it did Luke.
  3. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    Government already has their hands in too much.., that is a horrible idea. Taxing it makes sense, but only if they tax all online transactions the same. A "Sin" to you, may be defined completely different to me. I don't think spending my money as I see fit is a sin.
  4. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    A better comparison really is the Stock Market vice the lottery. My guess is he has no real idea how DFS works, which is fine. But he should know about it if he were going to speak to it's legitimacy; otherwise it just sounds like he is just throwing darts.
  5. New York bans Fanduel and Draftkings

    This is actually kind of sad. It is a reflection of what this country has become, with regulators controlling how you live your lives. You do not know what is good for you, only the government does. Too much government! Why is gambling even an issue to begin with? Why does it matter to anyone else how someone spends their money? Because of the possibility of addiction? You mean like nicotine, alcohol, sex, food, caffeine, attention, social relevancy, socioeconomic status, or any combination of those "My Strange Addictions" .... addictions? Yes, there is an element of luck with Daily Fantasy, but I assure you it is no more about luck than the stock market. It is a combination of both luck and skill. If you're lazy and don't research, the outcome would all but assure you'll lose. Just as what would happen if you didn't research a stock.  Except in my opinion the risk of losing it all due to manipulation and corruption is far greater on wall street. By the way, Banning Daily Fantasy outright will greatly impact professional sports. Before I started playing fantasy sports, I only cared about watching Carolina play. That pretty much summed up my Sunday. Now, I am in tune with every game and it is the reason I pay extra for stuff like the Redzone or certain publications. I am sure I am not the only one either for who this scenario applies. BTW, Attached is the results of one of my leagues on DraftKings. This was against 4400 people and it cost me $2.
  6. Luke is a field general, who just so happens to be on hell of an athlete. Luke scored a 34 on his wonderlic score, which when compared to other professions, you'll see why he is so successful. Per Wikipedia as comparisons of other professions: Systems analyst – 32 Chemist – 31 Electrical engineer – 30 Engineer – 29 Programmer – 29 Accountant – 28 Executive – 28 Reporter – 28 Teacher – 28 Copywriter – 27 Investment analyst – 27 Librarian – 27 Electronics technician – 26 Salesperson – 25 Secretary – 24 Dispatcher – 23 Drafter – 23 Electrician – 23 Nurse – 23 Bank teller – 22 Cashier – 21 Firefighter – 21 Clerical worker – 21 Machinist – 21 Receptionist – 21 Train conductor – 21 Craftsman – 18 Security guard – 17 Welder – 17 Warehouseman – 15 Janitor – 14

    I like pie! Some hot 8-0 apple pie, with a scoop of vanilla ice about it!
  8. Packers against QBs that can run

    The game plan really does need to be "run the damn ball", but I will lose my facilities if they come out and just continue to run three straight up the gut and out in three. Yes, you need to run the dive to keep them honest, they just could use a little more creativity in how they call the counters, tosses and draws. I remember when Stew and Williams both rushed for over 1K, it was because they were able to pop it outside and take advantage of the over pursuit from the DE. With that said, I know that DE's are a lot less likely to over pursue with Cam and his running ability, but there has to be a way to create opportunities on the edge. I also know Stew is a power runner, but he does have good speed and vision. Just babbling.... Don't mind me.