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  1. After a great rookie year, he was a second year player playing a cerebral position in a poo show of an offense last year. Quickly jump to bad conclusions much?
  2. Good research to draw me in, but then went into an obvious agenda that comes across as conspiracy theory. Hate I wasted the time. Anyways, now that I’ve wasted my time, let’s hope you are 100% wrong!
  3. Good thing we didn’t hire him to be a public speaker. We’re not all wired to be extroverts and good at public speaking. The man is definitely going to be a great GM.
  4. He may be a reason we’re talking about these folks still. Now I do realize Evans and Metcalf are absolute beasts, but we’ve seen plenty of physically talented receivers fizzle out.
  5. Absolutely. https://twitter.com/NFL/status/1751767552009945256
  6. Happened to his dad, schottenheimer/norv turner on the chargers, and several others. Some teams have higher expectations than others.
  7. Agreed. Felt like the trade up for him was a no brainer.
  8. Give Canales a chance. I think we’ll be happy.
  9. Wish we had an ignore on here. Your user name and your denying the truth about McCaffrey tells me you’re all butterflies and rainbows.
  10. Believe what you want. I’ll believe the truth.
  11. Even though he didn’t want to be here, I’d have made him honor his contract unless getting 2 first round picks.
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