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  1. Work place drug test question

    What other golf course does Lord B own? I wasn't aware of another. You and I shared a bit more than your realize. I'll PM ya.
  2. Saints game Dec 3

    Ok, I'll be in town with a crew, but will try my best to come find you guys.
  3. Work place drug test question

    Neither "own" a conglomerate of courses to my knowledge. I could be wrong though. My guess would be closer to McConnell Golf...but don't know his location.
  4. Work place drug test question

    Wouldn't think so.....
  5. Saints game Dec 3

    May see y'all there.
  6. Cam joins the 4000 club

    Oh, I think there are people out there who don't like/approve of Cam for a myriad of reasons, I just don't engage them, or read what they post or say. There is no reason to further their narrative. Just pointing out that you are reading and listening to these folks, and they are just dumb...stop letting them bring you down. And the game threads...I think I have only posted in 2 of them over the last few years, and I rarely if ever read them, I'm either watching the game, or working...and that's rare. My point, people are pretty dumb, fanatics can be dumber, don't let it bother you.
  7. Cam joins the 4000 club

    Seriously? I mean, who with a brain doesn't want Cam here?
  8. Cam joins the 4000 club

    He is on pace for a HOF career, but he will also face a ton of QB's with absurd numbers. Playing right now...you have Eli, Ben, Rivers, Rodgers, Stafford, Brees, Brady, Cam, and possibly Ryan who are all on record breaking type trajectories. There will be a HUGE bottleneck, and many of the writers may look down upon the QB's from this era who don't have titles, and 8-10+ winning seasons in their career. Cam will likely need to play another 5 seasons, and probably make multiple deep postseason runs to be a 1st or 2nd ballot guy.
  9. Came in to post that article...thought it was well done. I'm guessing that Kalil will have an up and down time here, just hoping for health and at least average LT play from him.
  10. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    I still think you guys are looking at the 50M number and aren't realizing just how little that is per team. Do you think that Richardson is fretting over 1.5M...when he doesn't ever have to be the "bad guy", and his team value since Roger took over has grown from about 950M to 1.56B? Let it be known, I'm not a fan of Roger Goodell, but this salary, when running a business like the NFL isn't that absurd. I would tell him to shove the jet and lifelong healthcare somewhere I couldn't see it though.
  11. LMAO

    Grown men fighting at a Football game. The law needs to be enforced to the fullest, and this poo would stop happening. You punch someone, it's assault.
  12. 100% agree. Personal finance classes in high school should be mandatory...along with loads of civics classes. Maybe the community colleges could offer steeply discounted financial classes....I don't know...but I do know that keeping your head in the sand, attending Jr.'s football games, and quietly voting straight ticket is what they want in DC.
  13. Is there really more info out there for Joe Buck than what Greg Olsen can get from the Panthers, and from watching film? That's what I don't get....but you are correct...seems like petulance.
  14. There are a few more touches per game with KB gone. Cam is hitting his stride, hopefully let's keep him healthy. Funch is young, but now has 2.5 years in the NFL under his belt, and that much time working with real coaches. Stew playing better, and CMC helping move defenses around are helping Funch. Funch getting closer to the end of his rookie contract. All of those things combined, and we have a legit WR.