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  1. That was my thought...more of a Tolbert in San Diego days FB. Stew can do a lot of the things Tug did back then, but I wonder if he could be a ram as well? Guess not.
  2. Just curious your opinion...Stews age, experience, size, and him being a Hurney pet.....can a player like that be converted to a HB/FB? Just wondering if he could play FB in some situations, and revert back to a HB in others?
  3. 100% agree. I know who the QB's are, but our 2 minute, and the Saints/Pats/Eagles 2 minute look like they aren't the same sport. Now, maybe we have too many young players to properly install a 2/4 minute offense, but damn...it's awful.
  4. Cam is a pocket passer, that's just not the only trick in his bag. Either way, good interview, and liking what I'm hearing....let's see if he and Cam can get on the same page like he and Rivers did.
  5. The economy

    I expect the government to keep interest rates as low as possibly for as long as possible, but they need to go up.
  6. Ehhhh, CMC is a touch taller, but at the combine LT weighed in 19 pounds heavier. I think that CMC will always be a touch on the lighter side...very similar to Faulk or McCoy.
  7. To make the playoffs consistently, you need a good to great QB. You don't need a good to great QB to win the Super Bowl. Case in point, Big Ben, Rodgers, and Brady are going to make the playoffs almost year in and year out, Saints are the outlier there with a 1st ballot guy, but an awful defense, and happen to play in a good division. However, there are the outliers that don't need a good/great QB to win it all, but are in and out of the playoffs, will have good years backed up by 2 bad ones...Denver, and the Flacco led Ravens come to mind...Eli and his Giants are similar as well. Winning a SB isn't just about QB's, or players, or coaching, it's heavily dependent on luck and injuries as well...so the more cracks you get at the playoffs, the more likely you are to win the Lombardi. It's why I prefer the team to be run with a 5 year outlook, not a 1 year outlook.
  8. Reuben Foster....as expected

    The teams don't care if you smoke, as long as you are suiting up on Sundays. They do care about your decision making...before you ever even sign up to accept millions. That is why he dropped.
  9. Jesus. The cap hit, if cut after 18 is $7.2M, which if designated as a June 1, will be split over the following two seasons. We have paid Kalil the majority of what we are going to pay him, and will only count $9.6 against the cap in 18. Again, not enough posters on this board pay attention to the cap.
  10. To be honest, none of his picks in the 1st, outside of Cam and possibly Gamble, are the risky 1st rounder types. DE, OT, LB, RB etc....back in the day OT's were the bread and butter, they didn't fail like we see them today...and LB's and RB's typically make immediate impacts in the NFL...lot's of times day 1 starters. We don't see many S's, WR's, CB's TE's etc...the picks that were harder to judge back then.
  11. Ha, just said the exact same thing. Just better coaching.
  12. I understand where this is coming from, but the dude finds ways to do that over and over...1st season or 2, I can see it, but we are deep into his career, and he keeps on doing it. Seems to have a knack for it, and they likely coach the WR's to be better at it than most of the league does. Ours certainly would rarely start working back to Cam once he gets in trouble, but Russell's do.
  13. No it's not. Scoring 4 TD's no matter the situation is better than 3.
  14. I can't tell you (although you probably remember) how many times I use the term "can kicker" on this board back in the day.
  15. At this point, you can't call those throws miraculous, he just makes them far too often for that. He may be one of the better "scrambling QB's" I have ever seen to be honest.