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  1. Yea, that beatdown was exactly what I wanted on my birthday. At least I had to work, and couldn't watch the game.
  2. I don't want any of this coaching staff here when we are preparing for the draft next year. We need a new GM and an entirely new coaching staff.
  3. Yup. If we want to be totally honest with ourselves, Cam has looked pretty pedestrian for a while, and the coaching staff isn't bright enough to know how to "fix" it. If I hear from coaches or fans, about "panther football" I'm going to lose it. Play smashmouth D, and run the rock....welp, that would be the way to do it, if we could go back to 1990. We need innovation, creative thinking, etc....that ain't gonna happen with Ron at the helm.
  4. The person who signs Ron's, and did sign John's checks.
  5. Also didn't help that two of our biggest leaders were going to the media asking for more money. Not sure what's going on inside the building, but it doesn't smell good.
  6. Is anyone really surprised that we look unorganized? Firing an NFL GM just before the start of the season? No kidding we look absurd.
  7. You either clean house all at once, or not at all. You want to bring in a new GM in 18? Ron has to go. Any GM that would be worth a damn is going to want his own coaches. We did this not too very long ago with saddling DG and Ron together...and now it's going to happen again....this is so stupid.
  8. Saw that as well. Ron's inability to cut the cord with players and coaches alike have turned me on him lately. I'm all for stability, but this is insanity...between JR bringing back Hurney, and Ron holding onto coaches and players alike who are familiar to him...it just needs to stop. People hated DG's brash style, but this is the NFL, not a kids playground....Belechick has absolutely no problem cutting someone who isn't getting the job done...we needed more of that.
  9. Ron's coaching is a direct reflection on the owner of this team. Ron knows that he won't be fired, nor will he be forced to fire anyone.
  10. He's just not playing good football right now. The alarm bells aren't sounding for him.
  11. Gameday Menu

    Not sure...working this Sunday for a change.
  12. Changing the Launch Point

    Yup. Rodgers moves all over the place, and can throw from almost every single angle there is. Brady slides up perfectly, and rarely misses what a defense is trying to do.
  13. Name them. And you were referencing tackles when you said this: Also, LOL...no good OTs in the draft for the last 5 years! sure ok. Also, if you don't think that Trai, Oher, Norwell, KB, CMC, Samuel, Ginn, etc...were talentless, then we can't have this discussion.