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  1. Being very honest when I ask this...do people actually listen to "sports radio"? I can't, for the life of me, understand the love for that stuff.
  2. thefuzz

    Sean Smith released from jail.

    I can remember wanting to draft him back in the day...then we took Everette Brown and......right before Smith....Sherrod Martin. But no, I don't want him here.
  3. Starting to think that may very well be true. Loved MASH re-runs, love GOT, and a lot of the funny ones....The Office, Parks and Rec, 30 rock, etc... Also liked strange shows like Foyle's War and Midsummer Murders a lot, and love anything Sherlock. It's a very weird thing.
  4. I have tried, and will continue to try to get into The Wire...but it's a big struggle for me for some reason. I'm a weird one when it comes to TV...I am currently struggling through Mad Men, got almost to the end of BB, and couldn't push through. Stopped watching The Americans after a few seasons, same with Homeland and Soprano's. Haven't fired up Deadwood or Boardwalk yet, but am nervous I will run out of gas on them too. Loved Sherlock, am working through Justified. Watched all of Longmire. It's just weird, as I know those are great shows, but they certainly haven't grabbed me. Do love GOT. That said, Winter is Coming, and I'll spend a lot more time indoors soon, so I'll likely give all of those another shot soon.
  5. I know my favorite, but not sure I can consistently come up with 5. The Godfather is my favorite, and has been for a very long time...the rest below that move around a lot.
  6. If Williams' price tag comes way down, or he wants a 1 year prove it deal, I'm all in on keeping him. (not what he thinks he's worth by the way)
  7. Doubt there was little more than words being tossed around at this point. Anyone wanna look at our adjusted cap space available now?
  8. Playmaker?...nah....possession receiver who Brady can count on to be where he is supposed to, and catch the damn ball...yea, I can see it.
  9. thefuzz

    Game Day Menu

    It doesn't suck. Paying wind and hail insurance isn't awesome, and there is the threat of Hurricanes, but I wouldn't change a thing.
  10. thefuzz

    Trigger for Hiring Norv

    I'm not sure that you are grasping just how smart Sean Payton and Co. are. Did we carry over an existing defensive coordinator or did we change from their time here? Again, were it the Raiders before an opening day...sure, there is a lot of info that can be gleaned, a division rival with a great HC...nah, not that much, IMO. But we can agree to disagree, surprising as that sounds, it still does actually happen in 2018.
  11. thefuzz

    Trigger for Hiring Norv

    GM's don't typically hire coordinators, that's the HC's job. DG has said in the past he doesn't want to get in the middle of that.
  12. thefuzz

    Game Day Menu

    I mean maybe, but that wasn't the plan. Just scooting around the island a bit...need some sun on my face...it's been a long hard monsoon season here in Eastern NC.
  13. thefuzz

    Trigger for Hiring Norv

    Outside the conference...yea I can see it helping. Outside the division, and inside the conference....maybe a sliver of help. Inside the division...nah. The really smart coaches are just that, really smart...and I think that Payton is one of the best offensive minds in the NFL. He doesn't need Teddy to tell him Trai is playing poorly, that Williams probably can't handle Cam 1 on 1, that Funchess was hurt. He can see that one the tape. Now a backup QB going over? That might mean something different entirely. If Shula had stayed, and the Bucs picked up Anderson this offseason...yea I can see that helping.
  14. Qualified for the pension, good for him. No hate from me, always seemed to answer the call...3rd down or "we need you in October".
  15. thefuzz

    Game Day Menu

    Taking the lady on a boat ride after work, and will likely end up back at our marina for some fresh fish and a couple beers.