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  1. Chargers could be sneaky good this year if Rivers still has something left. Two great pass rushers, two great corners, good young TE, HOF QB (if anything left), great runner, great WR, good O line. However, they, like us, play in a really tough division.
  2. Ben Navarro, "The Cool Cat"

    Do we have a recent "who do we want as new GM" thread? To me, I think that's more intriguing than the owners stuff.
  3. I'm not speaking only in the Super Bowl, nor individual games, but the overall scheme, thought process, in game strategy, etc...Individual games are just far too up and down. What I'm really getting down to here is the almost always running on 1st down. Favoring vets over younger players. Leaving timeouts and potentially points on the board when getting the ball back toward the end of a half...etc.
  4. How many QBs?

    I hope 30, but will likely be 7 or so.
  5. I'm talking about team wide, and wasn't really directly discussing the defense. I'm not a huge fan of us blitzing as much as we did last year. Overall Ron is a very conservative coach, he does let his hair down a bit on the defensive side, but certainly not on the offensive side of the ball. He is coaching like it's 1990, and although Turner is (we hope) more aggressive than Shula, he too is a product of the 80's and 90's....whereas the best playcallers in the NFL right now are in their 30's.
  6. The runaway success of the Eagles last season should be making every conservative coach in the league go back to the drawing board. I can't imagine the excuses that Ron would have had if he had lost his QB and LT...but they kept chugging right along. Be aggressive, the numbers have been telling you to do it for a decade. But here we sit.
  7. Amazon is not what it used to be...

    I love it, keeps me from having to go to Wal Mart or Target. I have the walmart app on my phone, and just do a quick price check before purchasing. No complaints, and the returns couldn't be easier.
  8. And yes...I had to re-read that a couple times.
  9. Some brought up injury, and IMO that can lead to a prospect never living up to his billing. Clowney was on his way for a bit, but finally got healthy. Either way, we haven't had many "busts" lately, but the three worst were Brown, Edwards, and Otah, at least over the past 10 years. I'm not a fan of the Big Vern pick, but I sorta get it. I didn't love the Shaq pick either, but I sorta get it. At least Shaq is seeing the field a lot more though.
  10. Give me a ring or I'm leaving. 2nd year in a row for Greg. 4th highest paid TE in the league. Coming off of a shortened season. Considering retirement. Hurney. I'd be all for a heavily incentivized deal, but man I'm not happy about this for the 2nd offseason in a row.
  11. They don't make much because there is very little "demand" for them, same with the military. People line up to take on those jobs, as dangerous as they may be. Pay will increase, or job requirements will decrease. If not a single woman showed up to cheerleading tryouts, and the owner of the team really wanted them, they will have to pay more and more until they start showing up.
  12. As long as the line is around the corner to be an NFL cheerleader, they will continue to be paid peanuts. Same for police officers, EMT/Paramedics, firefighters, teachers, etc...... Little boys grow up wanting to be a policeman or firefighter. Hence they barely make a living.
  13. Is there are more "dangerous" pick out there right now than WR? Maybe OT or QB, but even 50% of QB's seem to be capable, seems like less than 25% of WR's are making the transition quickly enough.
  14. You don't have a very strong grasp on the history of the Panthers, and bad contracts. Also, could you have predicted Oher's career altering concussion? I thought DG did a pretty good job on LT until that happened, then we scrambled, and it looks like it's not going to work out.
  15. If you are taking something off of the approved list, you are gambling. He just came up bust. Hate it for him, but it is what it is. Let's see just how good Shaq is.