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  1. I can understand being happy with Gano, he has been good so far this season. Could have saved about 3 mil or so a year for the next 4 years though (Gano's contract is up at the end of the year). With the production near identical, that's tough to justify currently. One thing is for sure though, you're paying a kicker 4 mil per year, you need to start letting him kick from 50+.
  2. Panthers have drafted very young recently and unless they are early first round picks (Cam, Luke, McCaffery) there is usually a plan in place for those players to learn as well get snaps. Turner, Shaq, Funchess, Butler and now Samuel all had snaps taken away to sit and learn. Worley started that way but became the exception when Bene was cut and Bradberry got hurt. I agree with the premise that he needs to develop, however, I think the comparison is a off because Worley needs the work on the basics which Norman already had when he came into the league (Norman better have been more polished because he was 24 year old rookie, Worley was 21).
  3. Should we bench Worley?

    They kind of backed themselves into a corner on this one. Worley was 20 when he was drafted, its going to take some time for him to develop, but because the position was completely rebuilt in one off season, they are forced to play him and he has to learn on the fly.
  4. Hall to IR, Southward to active roster

    Some of the painful truths of our roster coming to light. Our DEs are not spring chickens. We need to get replacements and soon so that hurts for Hall to lose those reps this year. Safety has been stopgapped for awhile, an investment needs to be made there soon as well.
  5. Armah or Barnage?

    You're not going to replace Olsen's role with any free agent. It's going to have to be with multiple players and KB, Funchess and Dickson looks like the most likely committee. I'd be game with Armah assuming he learned his new position enough.
  6. I like these developmental prospects that have been brought after the off season. Need to have an eye towards the future. He's raw but big and athletic as all hell so we'll see what the coaching staff can pull out of him.
  7. Score Predictions: CAR Home VS BUF

    Playbook was barely opened last week against the 49ers. Hell they probably won't open it all the way against an out of conference opponent either (save some of the good stuff for the divisional game next week). Talent gap is unmistakable though and it's in Charlotte. 31-13 Panthers
  8. 3 Reasons Why

    The guy said Bradberry gave up 300 yards to Julio though. Seems like a simple fact to check.
  9. There's the key. Too many times people make their proclamations without any research or evidence. To your credit, you certainly take your time to do the research to formulate and try to back up your opinions.
  10. The 2015 Draft Class (including Marlowe and Byrd) since its make or break for them. Any improvement out of 2016 Class (including Cash)? Anyone challenging Horton? Larsen v Gino. And the rookies of course, with extra focus on Moton, Hall and Armah (on Special Teams).
  11. Matt Kalil Concerns

    He was backed into a corner there, kind of had to make some move like that. Contract is set up to mitigate the risk if it doesn't pan out though.
  12. Fozzy. Don't know how out on a limb that is though since I'm pretty sure his bonus is tied to him making the roster and they just drafted two players that can take over his role.
  13. Probs to Hurney if it's somehow under this. Can't see it being for less though.
  14. What would you offer TD and Olsen?

    Extend Davis 2 years with an average around 5 (maybe 6) mil. That still leaves his contract up when Thompson would need to be resigned. For Olsen, his contract was back loaded so it now jumps to reflect his standing as a premier TE but going by average salary (7.5 mil, 7th among TEs) he's still underpaid. If you're going to start over with Olsen i guess go with one averaging around 10 mil over 3-4 years and more guaranteed money (currently 12th among TEs) which one would think would have to be the sticking points for him.