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  1. That could be true but it's manageable. Brown just learned of it though so he is still getting adjusted. Tevin Coleman seems to be trucking along fine with SCT but he's known he's had it since high school. Definitely would be taking a flier.
  2. I'm looking at slot guys in particular to take snaps from Shepard. Landry would be a good fit but too costly. I like Kerley as a cheap alternative. Haven't seen where Lee has been lining up this year for the Jags but he could be an option there as well. John Brown from ARZ wasn't mentioned but he would be cheap since he is having an injury riddled season.
  3. I'd guess he is viewed as a RT, so Williams insurance right now since next season is his last on the rookie contract.
  4. I'm keeping a close eye on the % of snaps each receiver is getting. Can't get a trend from 2 games, but looks like the coaching staff is trusting Byrd to step up more. For reference Fun, Shep and Bersin's WR snaps have held pretty consistent all season. Player Wk 13 Wk 14 Funchess 82.5 70.3 Shepard 56.1 35.9 Bersin 17.5 26.6 Clay 43.9 4.7 Byrd 40.4 59.4
  5. Washington sitting in line right behind Wilks.
  6. It's time to bench Kalil

    Stuck with him this year. Forget exactly how the contract is structured but definitely it is back loaded so we could walk away in a year or two if we can hit on a replacement.
  7. Defense needs as much blame

    Maybe as a free safety but that wouldn't be in Carolina. Safeties have to be interchangeable between the two positions here and I don't see that for him. I still think CB is going to be his best but I'm also not as down on him as most are. I think he should be just be depth right now though but can't be.
  8. Defense needs as much blame

    Ball skills are severely lacking with our secondary right now, particularly with the young corners. Just in this game I can think of a pick each of them should of had. Worley dropped his and Bradberry went for the deflection instead of the pick even though he had better positioning.
  9. Player % of Snaps Age Contract End Addison 62.5 30 2019 Johnson 57.2 31 2018 Peppers 48 37 2017 Horton 34.2 27 2018 The increase in snaps could present a problem by decreased production or, even worse, increased injury risk. Not a young group. Does present a good opportunity to get a look at Cox Jr. for the future though.
  10. Have to think Moore could be on his way up from the practice squad too.
  11. Lattimore didn't practice today

    He was inactive Week 3 as well. Obviously didn't matter then.
  12. Did we let Tre Boston go early?

    Boston was great depth and a good spot start. Coleman is the better free safety so the main reason Tre is gone is because his playing time triggered a pay escalator and they weren't paying that for a backup.
  13. Byrd's role?

    Was talking about Shepherd.
  14. Byrd's role?

    Very true, unfortunately they paid him to be more than a special teams ace. Hopefully something starts clicking at the WR spot for him.