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  1. I'm not saying nobody else is allowed in the slot or that Diggs and Thielen only play there. But they have taken the majority of snaps there for the Vikings the last couple of years. Leaving less opportunity for a role player not of their caliber. I would classify Wright as mediocre as well and there is a hype trend on the forum. Game changing receivers probably aren't sitting in free agency but he does potentially fill a role so there is still some reason for optimism. There likely isn't many targets left behind Olsen, McCaffery and Funchess anyway. Samuel is a legitimate concern especially when the staff has been unwilling to move on from vets very quickly in the past too. I think Samuel might be heading for the PUP to start the season though and forcing him to steal snaps from Wright (or Smith, however the staff views him) is not necessarily a bad thing for his development either.
  2. Diggs was primarily a slot receiver until this past season and still takes plenty of snaps there yes. Wright is not being asked to play on the outside here so I'm not sure what you're going after there. I already said there is reason for concern, but this point you're trying to drive home isn't helping that case.
  3. Treadwell (and Johnson) are split ends. Wright is a slot which was manned primarily by Diggs and Thielen. Not the easiest two to steal snaps from.
  4. There's reasons to be concerned but try to make good arguments. Treadwell doesn't play the same position and the UDFA is an All-Pro.
  5. soon to sign WR Jarius Wright to play slot

    He is. Makes sense with his prior knowledge of the system (same reason you keep seeing other viking cast-offs on there way here)
  6. Panthers meeting with FA Guard/Center

    Very versatile. Has lined up at RT too. Would be a solid depth signing.
  7. I like Wilson blocking a lot more and would prefer him as the #2, but after the Poe signing, Ebron is probably the better choice.
  8. Don't be surprised when it is Levine Toilolo instead.
  9. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    Lol. It's weird but that's kind of the mindset we should all have been in from the beginning.
  10. Schefter: Lotulelei to Buffalo

    ...waiting on the numbers... Likely adds a 4th round pick to go along with the 3rd for Norwell. Now can Hurney stay patient?
  11. Andrew Norwell to Jags

    Hello top 100 pick EDIT: There are other factors but right now, by just the $, it's pick 99. Cousins (97), Keenum (Cancelled by Cousins), Watkins (98), Robinson (Cancelled by Norwell), Norwell (99).
  12. If healthy, McPhee would be a great bridge player at LDE (if Peppers doesn't return).
  13. Expand your vision on this trade. You know the fit is right as a compliment opposite Fun who can stretch the field. It pushes Samuel into the slot. Targets were already going to be an issue with Olsen, Funchess and Caff. I keep touting this, because it's the big reason to remember for the trade, it saves compensatory picks. If Smith was cut that no longer applies because he was on a club option. It also bought the team up to 2 years to develop a replacement flanker so look for more investment to be made this off-season. If Smith tanks terribly he can be cut at anytime without financial consequence. When it comes to Worley, his contract, along with Bradberry's and Seymour's all expire at the same time (in 2 seasons). The team was already likely going to have to invest in the position this off-season anyway to develop a new starter. Hurney specifically said he wants more athletes at skill positions so I question if Worley (the worst athlete of the 3) was going to make it to the regular season with the team. It's not some world beating trade, but when you factor in its aspects toward building the team, it is a positive one.
  14. Only one of those receivers actually hit free agency. Watkins isn't on their level but only Jeffery got a bidding war.
  15. This only true because the Eagles carried a club option on Smith for next season, so a release would have made him a qualifying free agent when it comes to compensatory picks.