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  1. Shula's no rythm ass play calling . RR's deer in headlights all the fu time. You tell me why cam is what he is at this point.
  2. Hey there...

    Dam she bad
  3. You know what would have been good in our goal line situation? A fullback.
  4. Prepaid phones and service

    Which just boils down to internet speed for me trying to surf web. Making and receiving calls almost no issues but there is break up and drops every now and then. Still worth every penny.
  5. Prepaid phones and service

    I'm 6 yrs with this plan. Only thing it's been hit or miss with strength of signal. But i can't complain too much for $35 a month when most everyone is in the $100 range.
  6. Gameday Menu

    Just finished up a traditional Venezuelan Sunday brunch with fam. No room for anything else but beer and shots on this beautiful day!
  7. What is Pie?

    ( °ω° ) / ** ¤ +_+ Y'all are no fun
  8. What is Pie?

    Smashing a whipped cream pie in your face seems like a fitting tradition lost. Can we make this a thing? On the sidelines, at tailgates, grocery store, gas station, kayaking etc. Just to say thanks for all the endless pie you have given us over the yrs. Really appreciate what you've provided for us here at the huddle, the dedication, money and hrs invested aren't taken for granted *smash
  9. Seems most here have hive minded around the notion he sucks, not worth pick etc. çŕœ ćômïňğ
  10. this place is an adult daycare center
  11. Too geeked for this year's squad to even care what would've hap
  12. Wofford is Coming

    [emoji383] Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app
  13. We need a MLS team. Greenboro or Queen City preferably. Sent using the amazing CarolinaHuddle mobile app