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  1. Same here. I put one together for each of my family members. Hopefully they'll never have to use them.
  2. These kinds of people always seem to want to be the one who shoots the bad guy, even when there's a much more important job to be done immediately in the wake of a shooting: rendering aid. Most people with CCWs that I know have spent hundreds if not thousands on the perfect pistol, ammo, tried a dozen different holsters to find the perfect fit, while almost none have invested a dime in combat gauze, Israeli bandages, tourniquets, etc. I'm obviously MMQBing, but if this guy had grabbed his gun AND a first aid kit and gone to render aid first, he'd have still had a way to defend himself, his wife and the victim and would probably be alive right now. Like Brooklyn said, CCWs aren't meant to arm and empower vigilantes, they're meant to provide PROTECTION to people in immediate danger from deadly force. This guy made a foolish decision and paid with his life. Sucks for his wife and kids. I'm sure they'll remember him as a hero though *eye roll emoji*
  3. Anyone ever cook Sous Vide???

    That's why I like it. We have a smaller kitchen and it allows me to multi-task without ruining expensive steaks/fish. I like it for poaching a bunch of eggs if i'm serving Eggs Benedict. It's definitely a fad appliance, but it does have practical uses.
  4. Hotels in Charlotte

    The Hyatt Place downtown is nice, but has a business hotel feel to it. The rooms run in the $200s and they're big. Fahrenheit restaurant is at the top. It's got great city views and a great bar. It's a couple of blocks from the intersection of Trade and Tryon, but easily walkable. All of the hotels listed so far are nice. The Ritz is great, but even it has club noise issues depending on what floor/side of the hotel you're on. I've stayed there several times and I would pass on it personally. Le Meridien is nice, but it's at the edge of downtown, so your walk is going to be a little longer to center city.
  5. Anyone ever cook Sous Vide???

    Point to the spot on the doll where the sous vide cooker hurt you...
  6. In Soviet Russia, joke tells YOU.
  7. Cant stop watching

    Reminds me of a David Lynch film...
  8. I was thinking that Odell would prefer hiding it, to outright stealing it...
  9. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    Well, chronologically, he probably could have fathered all three of them.
  10. Just gained a ton of respect for Drew Rosenhaus

    Pretty sure she'll just start banging one or more of his clients on the side, but that could just be the bitterness talking :D.
  11. I would love for Josh to have continued success. However I find it hard to believe he'll play well enough/long enough in Washington to justify 50MM guaranteed.
  12. I can see how on the surface, especially if you're an Anyone But Cam type of fan, that this might seem like just a publicity whore type of move. However I really believe that Cam sees opportunities and asks himself, "would 12 year old me think this was cool?" and then goes and tries to give kids the awesome experience of meeting their favorite NFL player. I think it's great.
  13. Riddle me this, liberals

    It was a joke. Man this place is getting bad.
  14. Riddle me this, liberals

    I'll shut my bakery down before I bake a cake for any goddamned Cloppers!
  15. Good thing we have some of the top NFL surgeons right in our area to do our due diligence for us. If it's true, they're off our boards. If it's a smokescreen, we won't fall for it.