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  1. I'd rather go CB in free agency. I don't feel uncomfortable giving Boston a year in the role. Obviously you want quality depth to push the starters though. Pick up a DE and another WR in the draft's early rounds. Positions are deep and we could use help at DE and another quality option at WR. 
  2. NFL Owner Drama: Jerry Richardson a Bully?

    We're gonna win so many Rams fans
  3. I have two Panthers rings just like that I got off a cookie cake from Wal-Mart just the other day.     So now you know where to return them to
  4. New Punter

    You should of put his name in the title and your thread would receive more press. Rookie mistake.   There should be a bit more attention for reasons beyond that as well:   The guy is not only a terrific Punter but an excellent FG kicker. You may be seeing the Panthers on front line of what has always been the inevitable progression of the "Kicking Specialist" position (that'll be the title of that position in the future as well, mark it down)   Imagine having an extra roster spot because you've got a guy who can do both.
  5. to garner intelligent responses you have to have an intelligent premise. that wasn't found in the initial post, hence the responses you'll find.   frankly watching you, a supposed Panther fan and you alone perpetuate the rampant idiocy that has overtaken comments sections (par for the course I guess is a much worse look for the fanbase and the team than a player instinctively reacting to protect his knee from someone diving at it
  6. Also, it's hilarious that Bill is positioning himself on the wrong end of this right as the media narrative of the event as a whole is beginning to shift. Soon one of the only press guys who has an issue with it will be the man who depends on friends within the team for his job.     Nice one, Bill.
  7. You're seeing a lot of blossoming resentment from fans of teams who sincerely hoped their team would field the next face of the league who dominated the game for the next 10+ years. A lot of that resentment is is more obviously manifested not only form the contingent of people who hoped Cam would fail, but from fans of teams who, quite frankly, haven't been anything approaching relevancy in a long time. The fact that it's "us"-the Panthers who are doing it when we aren't supposed to, that we have an attitude like this that will solidify our role near the top of the league for a long time-it bothers people. Voth, as a life-long Browns fan-fits perfectly into that contingent. Manziel isn't the new face of the league. Their organization has made some terrible decisions, and the Panthers have a swagger about them that Cleveland, nor any other team, possess. If you look around on some messagre boards and comments elsewhere, you'll see a growing frustration at the Panther's battle cry: Keep Pounding. "Why do the Panthers have that strong motto? Shouldn't my favorite team? Or at leat the Steelers? Or Patriots?" Why are the Panthers the team that refuses to accept losing.   The ultimate reality, though, is that their opinions are meaningless, just like Voth's. The Panthers, led by their QB-ARE the team that refuses to accept failure-and they are going to be good for a very long time because of it. Voth, and the fans of those teams who cry about it, are simply going to have to deal how to cope with it. In essence, "Deal with it."
  8. Do I need Xbox Gold tp update my games?

    No, and there was no auto-install either. My game/console has, apparently, simply not recognized that there's an updateto be had. Its given me no indication whatsoever.
  9. If so, that's greedy insanity. I'm just trying to install the new Fallout 4 patch that dropped today, and can't for the life of me get the game to prompt me in any capacity to do so.   Tips?
  10. An Interesting Clete Blakeman Stat

    There should absolutely be more heat about the Cotchery decision.
  11. Harper and Cotchery already gone?

    Let me just go ahead and drop in that Pharaoh Cooper fits a niche we are really looking for at that position   Alright now I'm done. I said I was stepping back from the sport a bit and I meant it.
  12. My head dropped after the play-and without seeing the penalty  or any particular player-as soon as I head Nantz say "and there's a flag"  I openly curesed the name of Teddy Williams      
  13. On the plus side I now have a massive fortress on Spectacle Island and my Minutemen there armed to the teeth with modified laser muskets
  14. I spent the entire day yesterday playing Fallout 4.      I still can't feel my eyes.