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  1. Cam TD celebration 5.0

    I'm so disappointed. I watched that entire thing waiting for someone to knock that freak out.
  2. "Mucas" is back!

    No, just defensive tackle.
  3. Panthers Motivation Monday

    I was just able to come back to the huddle right before the draft. Football was dead to me for awhile... This is a nice reminder of how exciting and special the season really was
  4. Panthers Motivation Monday

    That was my favorite play of last season. I went ape $/(!+
  5. Gettleman isn't the only one down

    Must have busted it sticking it up a certain agents ass.
  6. Kurt Coleman's new look

    Too soon...
  7. 6 WR/TE numbers left

    Personal immature inflammatory attacks in 3..2..1....
  8. The seersucker suit was commonly worn buy Drs in the south. Payton was just making a fashion statement regarding prescription drugs.
  9. Should #89 be Replaced?

    I love me some Smitty and he did so many positives for the organization but he also came with some negatives. And while I still cheer for him I just can't say we should retire his number. Too many negatives. Again I'm a big fan but that's not reason enough. Just my opinion. That being said I pity the next player that picks that number.
  10. Panthers are frugal as hell!

    .....while having one of the top defenses in the league. Wise drafting and smart free agent pickups. A little bit of Hurney luck and a whole lot of Gettlemagic.
  11. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    I'm the black Ron Jeremy JK. I sneezed once and lost it for a week...
  12. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    So do the hookers.
  13. Panthers lose a couple from college scouting staff

    Let's hope he doesn't hire anyone commenting on the Huddle...
  14. I don't watch ESPN since they gave a courage award for someone getting a sex change. Not judging Jenners decision but a courage award? Stick with sports. Also Berman is the most annoying "TV" personality out there.
  15. About those corners...

    That's why he's a GM and most are just biatches making ignorant comments behind the social media curtain. But try Sanfrancisco Bay for Keurig. Most economical pods that are great quality. Available on Amazon. You won't be disappointed, unlike most of the huddle this weekend. We are a better football team than we were Thursday morning. Especially with KB back. Add a few more DG free agents and give us our trophy!