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  1. KittyLover added a post in a topic CAP may get significant playing time right from the start   

    If we are only giving the rock to Stewart 15 times a game we are in trouble. He's a RB, not a vase. Pound Stewart!  He needs the carries to get in rythum. 
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  2. KittyLover added a post in a topic If you love Gettleman then post here and lets have a pie fest!   

    I'd hit it. He is hands down a top 5 GM
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  3. KittyLover added a post in a topic Panthers - Jags 2011 - The Monsoon Game   

    I recall sitting in the upper level and when it started pouring and everyone was running for cover there was this one guy retreating while covering nothing but his nachos. There was already a half inch of water in the nacho tray but that dude was trying to save them. 
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  4. KittyLover added a post in a topic Let's talk about when we were wrong...   

    I wanted Spurrier. 
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  5. KittyLover added a post in a topic Further indictment against Tolbert   

    I would've cut him and used the $$ for Reggie Wayne. 
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  6. KittyLover added a post in a topic What are your top 3 areas of improvement you want to see Saturday?   

    I'd like to see the offense 1st stringers pick up where they left off Friday 
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  7. KittyLover added a post in a topic It may have taken 20 years, but the Panthers are finally Charlotte's team   

    I think the organization is finally getting up to speed with what fans want. How many times has fan fest been held on a Friday night with fireworks?  Where has this been?  The upgrades to the stadium screens were long over due as well. Add in a charismatic and talented QB and you have a great product.   Now if they could just find a way to keep people from sitting down for 95% of the game....
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  8. KittyLover added a post in a topic A beer at lunch....acceptable?   

    Has anyone else ever had a shitty day, gone to lunch just staring at the beers on tap all through a meal and then just said ?($!& it!  Sat at the bar and proceeded to call in sick the rest of the day?   
    Was as that wrong?  Should I have not done that?  I'm going to have to plead ignorance on this one...
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  9. KittyLover added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    Opinions.. The fact I find exciting is we have a better receiving core than last year. No question.
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