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  1. My one and only mock draft

    Can't see us drafting a 5'10'' DB in the first...
  2. The Safety Market...

    Part of this is why I think we won't reach early, there's a lot of quality available still in free agency, and it should come at a modest price. Like I said I think we'll bring a safety in via the draft, but I don't know if it'll be with our higher picks.
  3. Tre' Boston - 25 Kenny Vacarro - 27 Eric Reid - 26 Tyvon Branch - 31 Quintin Demps - 33 Mike Mitchell - 31 Ron Parker - 31 Steven Terrel - 27 Considering the noise surrounding the draft / mocks / and more mocks I thought it was important to re-assess the safety free agent market, the above list is what's left of the ''Top 20'' per: http://walterfootball.com/freeagents2018S.php In this list you see players who would be as good as a safety we're able to draft at the bottom of the first, or honestly later in the draft, many consider this class after Fitzpatrick & James day two & later prospects. The above statement is not to pervert the sentiment of ''potential'' but we are in the prime of Cam's & Luke's careers, and considering the nature and scheme in this defense safety has always been a position that held a little less value from a scheme perspective. I honestly would not be surprised if our first three selections are all in an effort to continue to support Cam's arsenal, as the cupboard is lightly stocked, Olsen is the only ''proven'' consistent play-maker, but he's turning 33, coming off a broken foot and we just lost Ed Dickson to free agency, names like Chris Manhertz don't inspire confidence as the 2nd TE behind Olsen. Funchess flashed his potential prior to injury; however behind him is an interesting compilation of speed, and unproven play-making save Torrey Smith, and Jarius Wright to some degree. As good as CMC was in the running & passing game, he's likely not a feature back, and we lose his versatility in the passing game if he's simply slotted to the running-back position, so you'd have to think in a class so deep we'd look to add his running mate for the years to come, and while I'm a CAP fan, i think we can stand to upgrade this position with a more dynamic option. I say all this to say that safety is still a need, but given the available market, it's not as big of a need as some of these talking heads may try to portray, there are several competent options still on the market and will be reasonably valued especially post-draft. I think we could take one from the 3rd Rd back, but I think the value of adding to the offense outshines this need, and the WR/TE/HB class in my modest opinion are a little deeper, and talented at the top.
  4. I dont want a wide receiver round one

    I see our first three picks as -- WR / S / HB <<< HB / S -- may swap, we don't have a need for a rookie DB right now, Bradberry, Cockrell, and Munnerlyn are the starters, if we add a DB it will be the 2nd 3rd or lowerd. We still have Luke, Elder, Seymour, and Gunter, defensive back is not a need as Cockrell is a considerable upgrade over Worley based on the statistics, and Bradberry is a closer player to his rookie form than what we saw last season. This team needs offense, and in a bad way, I like CAP but he's not the answer moving forward, he's a JAG runningback, nothing dynamic or really impactful about his game that can't be replaced. I think the look to add a more dynamic compliment next to CMC. Smith isn't the long term answer opposite Funchess especially considering some see him as a #2, so I think receiver is the move in the 1st.
  5. Not the same position, just like we wouldn't have KK take over Star's role, Butler & KK play the same position. We did not have a NT on the roster other than Kyle Love.
  6. Pats are horrible at drafting receivers. I doubt it.
  7. I wouldn't be mad at it, Greg has a year left, and even with an extension doesn't strike me as a Jason Witten in the sense of dragging out his career for nearly as long. Aside from that I'd be good with this move, safety is a need but there are a lot of relatively young quality veterans available. I'm on board for giving this offense AS MANY VIABLE WEAPONS AS POSSIBLE. You have to be able to score, running and great defense are for the playoffs, in the regular season you have to be able to outscore some of these teams. If we draft a combination of -- WR / TE / HB / S -- with our first four selections I wouldn't bat an eye. We don't ''need OL'' this year -- Moton / Larsen / Sirles / Roten are all competing for one spot, and the others can all back up Kalil at C (Larsen / Roten). We don't ''need'' DE/DB this year -- we have some young players, mixed with vets that round these groups out nicely. Cockrell 3 yrs, Bradberry 2 yrs, Munnerlyn 2 yrs, Elder, Cole, Seymour, Gunter all young, and flashed in their own rights for the ones that got to play. This is a deep offensive draft, you owe your franchise QB the best compliments you can provide. And if Norv's comments in the brief video are anything when he's talking right next to River's, it's his regret for not keeping high level talent around a QB of his ability.
  8. I had a dream we drafted Ridley last night. BOOM
  9. This reads as meh... http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/daesean-hamilton?id=2560019 First line references slot ability, that's not what we need at receiver, Samuel / Wright / Byrd can all fill in that role, we need the compliment to Funchess / #1 receiver potential, we have 2's and 3's already.
  10. Because it's Friday, and you deserve it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIfhyrhIJtQ
  11. You don't need to watch this, but man I thought what he says early in the video during the Philip Rivers portion was HUGE! Starts at :29 and as you watch he just kinda drops some real knowledge, that a lot of fans have felt over time as a fan of any team in the salary cap era. I think the look on Rivers' face says it all as well.
  12. Man that poo is down right an enthusiasm killer, a fan can only hope to goodness the talent evaluation has improved going forward.
  13. Will certainly be an interesting draft, could be a make or break one given the looming retirements of -- Kalil / Davis / Peppers This has the ''feel'' of a Panthers level all in kind of off-season, we don't have the cap the Rams had to be as aggressive as they were, but this IMO was one of the more assertive off-seasons I've seen us have in a long time, if ever really. So to me the story is how do we replace three all-time Panthers this draft / next year -- this is a turning point to some degree, I feel like we have TD's replacement, Kalil, and Pepper's heirs, and even Olsen's are still in flux.