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  1. Today's NFL isn't really built around a #1, you have a couple teams with studs as the #1 (ATL/PIT/CIN/NYG) and maybe a few others, the game is spreading the ball and finding the mismatches. That wasn't a DC order either, it was a list that I think is a quality rotation of WR's that can all be threats after the catch, minimize the risk, increase the reward -- that is something CMC also provides. IMO that group with Olsen, and hopefully more 2 TE sets would help take this offense's passing attack to the levels it achieved in Cam's first two seasons.
  2. Funchess / Wallace/ Samuel / Byrd / Draft / Draft <<< I would be happy with that. A receiver in the middle rounds, and a flier on one late to be the 6th receiver.
  3. http://www.vikings.com/media-vault/videos/Norv-Wallace-Will-Help-Open-Up-The-Passing-Game/1df92a38-4068-40e8-a9e5-129134cf317b Also mentioned in this clip is Charles Johnson who we had but released (injury related) I believe. Would've liked to have kept him over Shepard (who needs to be cut this off-season).
  4. What ever happened to Bucky Hodges the TE we signed after MIN released him??? http://www.nfl.com/player/buckyhodges/2558011/profile http://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2017/09/16/taking-a-look-at-new-panthers-tight-end-bucky-hodges/
  5. Haley fired

    OP, he wasn't fired, his contract expired. he wasn't offered an extension. This was expected to be the case.

    Pat Shurmur to NYG as Head Coach
  7. Pat Shurmur to NYG & Josh McDaniels to IND as Head Coaches
  8. I think it's time to move on from Stew, Whittaker, and Payne. I will accept Stewart on a restructure, but I'd like to see new talent brought in to solidify the position. Stewart still has value as the goal line option, as well as in pass protection. However if he stays a reduced roll is needed IMO.
  9. Official 2018 Panthers free agent list

    No particular order: Gano / Norwell / Peppers / Anderson / Byrd / Larsen / Palardy The rest IMO I'd like to see new bodies in place, whether it's the 53, or the PS.
  10. Receivers need to be #1 priority.

    To me you do both, you look to sign a receiver to challenge for that spot, and in the first two rounds we should consider the next. I'm not gonna knock Byrd or Samuel on health concerns. When you got a guy falling on your ankle, or a guy falling into your knee that's not injury ''concerns or durability issues'' it's bad luck. But we do need ACTUAL depth, having a WR group full of PS squad guys beyond the top three can't be a thing, as important as the passing game is, and how it drives the modern era, you can't IMO be half a** about it.
  11. How I Felt After the Game

    I think the biggest things are: Offensive Coaching Offensive Personnel <<< specifically depth Loyalty to vets to a fault To me those are the things plaguing this team the last few years, and it's why I didn't expect much vs the Saints.
  12. Wasting Cam Newton?

    Short answer, yes. IMO when you have a franchise QB you pay a bit more focus on the offense, with the mind set it can offset a defensive let down here or there. Having to play perfect defense, and offense is not sustainable, but fueling a high caliber offense is given the game is catered to offense these days. Ron and the staff have an 80's mentality to football.