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  1. Moore isn’t to blame. He can’t sub himself in. That’s on the coaches and Ron’s RELUCTANCE to play younger players.
  2. Imagine that getting the ball to your 1st round rookie receiver known for his ability after catch, making a play after the catch. 1st catch 1st TD 58 yards I don’t care how deep you think you are #plethora you play the new talent!
  3. Funchess has sucked, Smith was ass til the TD, CJ was visibly frustrated on the sideline after CMC carries in the red zone and when he checks in, a drop, another perfect pass and it goes THROUGH his hands off his helmet and becomes an INT. I’m proud of Bradberry outside but the defense as a whole has been straight trash can juice.
  4. SetfreexX

    Did Dallas play dirty yesterday?

    100% dead obvious and it was bush league, Lawrence was quiet outside that fumble recovery early in the game, then after he placed the crown of his helmet into WIlliams' knee after the play was over while on all fours I saw it soon as they did the replay.
  5. I've seen him on the field, and on returns but 0 targets...
  6. SetfreexX

    Steve Smith is at practice

  7. SetfreexX

    Do the Panthers have a pass rush?

    Don't see pass rush as an issue, what I see as an issue is the corners CONTINUING TO LINE UP 10 yards off the LOS. Any Trips set that occupies the LB, clears the corners is going to leave those flat dump offs, the quick curls WIDE OPEN. I hope this was just vanilla coverage, and I believe it is, because no way can we play vs -- Ryan / Bress / Manning / Smith / Roethlisberger -- giving that kind of cushion with the receiving options on those teams.
  8. There's been a lot of noise surrounding the team and final roster projections, offensive line depth (due to injury), linebacker depth (due to suspension), and even receiver depth (can we keep the top 6). Well here is my Final 53, based on my experience as a Panther fan the last decade and then some. Quarterback-2 Cam Newton / Taylor Heinicke - Gilbert to PS I think Gilbert has a chance 'if eligible' for the PS, I didn't see enough in the pre-season that made me think he'd get snatched up considering most teams have their developmental PS QB. Halfback-3 Christian McCaffrey / CJ Anderson / Kenjon Barner -- I like Hood to PS as the emergency 4th HB, (maybe Bonnafon if there's room) I know it seems like an oddity but for years we've heard Rivera say we need to get CAP more touches, even before McCaffrey's arrival; and yet year in and year out we barely see CAP hit the field outside of injury. With the addition of CJ Anderson to spell CMC, and Hood having younger fresher legs and traditional size (5'11, 230) I think this is the year we let CAP walk as he's already (28 years old heading into his 5th season) Fullback-1 Alex Armah Enough said. Wide Receiver-6 Devin Funchess / Torrey Smith / Jarius Wright / Curtis Samuel / DJ Moore / Damiere Byrd I just don't think we let any of these guys go, looking at how the receiver group was ravaged by injury I don't see us releasing any quality talent, and looking deeper I think you keep all six as you prepare for the likely exit of Torrey Smith next season. Also Byrd is simply the best returner we have, and I don't see them exposing -- CMC, Samuel, or Moore to ST's due to injury risk Tight End-3 Greg Olsen / Ian Thomas / Chris Manhertz- I don't believe we'll see a lot of two tight end sets early which is why i think they will let Manhertz take his time returning as the 3rd TE. The other young guys outside of Ian Thomas I haven't shown anything in pre-season that makes me believe that spot is in jeopardy. Also with the infusion of receiver talent I see more 11 personnel with lighter boxes to run versus as we look ahead. Offensive Line-10 Matt Kalil*/ Amini Silatolu* / Ryan Kalil / Trai Turner / Daryl Williams* - Greg Van Roten / Taylor Moton / Tyler Larsen / Blaine Clauswell / Brandon Mahon - Adam Bisnowaty to PS I know, I feel the same way Amini Silatolu is still here, I'm just as perplexed as you guys. He was a 2nd round pick by Marty a few years ago, and for some odd reason a Rivera favorite in the OL group. I don't think the Panthers will IR designate Williams to return as I think they're hopeful he returns before mid-season, say the game after the early by for example. I'd love to see a veteran signing, or surprise cut come in and replace Amini however. Offense Total - 25 Defensive End-5 Julius Peppers / Mario Addison / Wes Horton / Daeshon Hall / Marquis Haynes - Efe Obada & Bryan Cox Jr to the PS I think this is the group we roll with, it's a good mix of experience, speed, and youth, I'm looking forward to seeing what Haynes can do as a primary speed rusher opposite Addison, with Peppers and Short inside in the obvious pass downs. Defensive Tackle-4 Kawaan Short / Dontari Poe / Kyle Love / Vernon Butler - Kendrick Norton to PS This was always the four in my opinion even after the draft. Linebacker-6 Luke Luechly / Thomas Davis** / Shaq Thompson / David Mayo / Jermaine Carter Jr. / Andre Smith / Jared Norris I can't see Ben Jacobs over the potential of the most recent draft picks. Cornerback-5 James Bradberry / Donte' Jackson / Captain Munnerlyn / Kevon Seymour / Corn Elder -- Lorenzo Doss / Ladarius Gunter to the PS Cole Luke has been a name I haven't heard all pre-season, and looking at the top of the list aside from Bradberry, Seymour is the only other defensive back six feet tall; yeah he had a bad debut vs Buffalo but overall last season he played well enough to warrant a spot this year with another year of experience. If Cockrell wasn't on the shelf I'd see Elder looking at the PS. River and the staff seem married to Munnerlyn for at least one more season. Safety-4 Mike Adams / Rashaan Gaulden / Colin Jones / Da'Norris Searcy - Dezmin Southward & Demetrious Cox to the PS I just don't see the team adding more inexperience to the safety group, I think they feel comfortable with the veterans of Adams, and Searcy essentially being interchangeable, and I think Gaulden has won the starting position next to Adams. Jones has proven to be a special teams stalwart and forcing that fumble last week was enough to convince anyone else on the edge about his contributions for 2018 as a versatile back up. Total Defense-25 Special Teams-3 Graham Gano / Mike Palardy / J.J. Jansen
  9. Byrd will make the team, we're not gonna risk injury to Samuel, CMC, or Moore as primary returners. I see CAP being released, and Hood to the PS as the ''traditional'' 4th HB, meanwhile CMC, CJ, and Barner who could most closely mirror CMC remains as the 3rd back, and can also be the back up returner to Byrd. If last year taught us anything, it's that you can't have enough quality receivers in a passing league. You also have to consider the absence of Smith next year // cap savings, you don't release a receiver you've developed for this long for nothing. But to all those acting like finding room for Byrd is an issue -- REMEMBER THAT WE HAD TWO KICKERS ON THE ROSTER AT FINAL CUTS -- AND STILL KEPT 6 RECEIVERS!
  10. At this point if we're looking at a Week 1 OL Group of: Moton / Van Roten / Kalil / Turner / Clausewell -- Larsen We have to sit all of the above, they can get their reps in practice the next two weeks to be ready Week 1. Play the depth, and see what any of them have to offer moving forward as they look to discern who the back ups will be. I'm not of the mindset that we need a 4th game to see what we have. If the coaches don't know by now 10 snaps won't make a difference.
  11. Nah, we start with three HB's instead of four like last year to make room. Manhertz, or a someone else will be the 3rd TE. I see CAP as a surprise cut, move Hood to the PS as ''traditional back'' insurance (5'11, 230) and have Barner and his ability behind CMC, and CJ.
  12. Funchess / Samuel / Wright / Moore / Smith / Byrd Vs KB / Funchess / Shepard / Samuel / Byrd / Clay -- (Eventually swapping Bersin for KB) -------------------------------------------- It's the pre-season gentlemen we got threads asking will Moore be active, we got this thread comparing Smith to Russell Shepard of all people.....Smith was a 1st round pick, and has been LEGITIMATE at each NFL stop excluding SF if you want to nit pick during that Tomsula era of a mess where the ENTIRE team was bad. We are in much better shape at receiver than any recent year, and people are finding ways to complain // worry. Even running vanilla offense this pre-season it's hard to recognize the offense. It's only going to improve as the real offense continues to show itself. Having ESTABLISHED receivers to supplement our future core of (Funch / Moore / Samuel) is a breath of fresh air for a team that has lacked receiver talent all the way through the depth chart since 2013 (Smith / LaFell / Ginn Jr / Hixon) Then you look at Olsen, CMC, and Ian Thomas flashing his ability & potential regularly and one would wonder as a fan, how could you not be excited about what this offense could do as it really is pick your poison. If a team covers intermediate / deep -- guys like Moore, Wright, CMC, and even Samuel create great separation. If teams sit on the short to try to limit CMC, Moore, or Wright in the passing game, you have Funchess / Olsen / Moore / Smith / Samuel / Byrd all capable at the 2nd and 3rd levels of the defense. The only concern is OL depth, I've seen enough from Moton to anticipate better than avg play anywhere on the OL. If we finished this season with this group: Moton / Van Roten / Kalil / Turner / Williams -- Kalil, Clausewell, Sirles, Mahon (PS), and a vet signing as depth -- Cut Amini he is HORRIBLE I'd be 100% ok with that, sitting all that money with Matt Kalil is a blow, but I think he's gone after this season anyway, bite the bullet, and play the better younger, cheaper option and eat the cap hit if there's a way to soften the blow moving forward.
  13. SetfreexX

    Taylor Moton PFF stat

    I still don't know why we didn't release Ryan Kalil to pay for Norwell, and promote Tyler Larsen. It makes ABSOLUTELY no sense to be paying Ryan given the fact he's essentially guaranteed to miss half the season due to injury based on the last two seasons. Kalil / Norwell / Larsen / Turner / Williams -- Moton / Silatolu / Van Roten / Sirles / UDFA To me still makes more sense than what we did over the off-season, you don't let an All-Pro YOU DEVELOPED go for a player looking to retire AFTER this season anyway.
  14. SetfreexX

    Greg Van Roten is really good

    Matt Kalil played fine to close out the season.
  15. SetfreexX

    Norv Turner's play design

    Cleveland w/ Chud and no offensive talent. Minnesota w/ Zimmer and a little more offensive talent. Carolina with w Rivera, and the best offense skill position wise we've likely ever had as far as potential. I'm not gonna hold those last two stops against him given the situations.