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  1. R.P.O.'s ^^^ that is what you'd like to see.
  2. SetfreexX

    Is Shaq Thompson a bust?

    Team runs a base 4-3 Shaq is the starting weakside linebacker Teams play more Nickel due to all the 11 personnel, TD is still playing at a fairly high level - so him and Kuechly when the 3rd DB enters the game is not a demotion, or an indication of Shaq not starting. It's simply the position group that features 2 LB's instead of 3 when passing personnel is on the field. It's common sense, if TD was here we all know Shaq would be starting, it's not even a question, majority of the time when Shaq looked ''bad'' was when the team asked him to cover slot WR's -- he's a good cover LB vs HB's & TE's primarily similar to a young TD. Asking him to cover the quicker, faster slot receivers is a task ANY of our LB's would struggle with. It really amazes me how fans under value some of the players on this team - Shaq / Butler / Funch these last few years it's amazing. Funchess showed in half of a season that he's got a higher ceiling than KB, Butler flashes when he gets time to play, and anytime TD has missed time we haven't really skipped a beat on defense when Shaq steps in. I think many of you will see your tunes change after the first four weeks...
  3. SetfreexX

    McCaffery will breakout this year....

    Shaq is behind a potential hall of famer.... Butler is also behind a top 5 player at his position in Short... Guys the playing time is not an issue so long as KK / TD are playing at a high level, our depth in the areas we are best at stays strong it's a concept lost on many of you, injuries can decimate a position group. We at the least have depth at the positions we're best and built to play around, not many teams can have a guy like TD miss four games and potentially not skip a beat, or even see better production with Shaq starting. Same for KK, most teams can't replace their star 3 techs on the DL if an injury sidelines them with comparable ability. Who's gonna fill in for Fletcher Cox, Gerald McCoy, or Aaron Donald (They had to spend 14 mill for Suh just this off-season, but Goff is on a rookie deal) Our team is built from the inside out on defense the most important pieces are the ones closest to the QB, and we can't play how we play without depth in that department given the nature of the game.
  4. SetfreexX

    Late offseason free agent news

    I think perhaps the success in SD went to his head a bit, at best while here he was an inconsistent player, his highs were high, and his lows, were low. he has three seasons of average to mediocre film out there. No team familiar or not is going to break the bank on a safety that couldn't hold down a spot in our defensive backfield after three seasons given all the turn over we've had. Offers this time of year aren't going to blow a FA's socks off, I have no idea what ''disrespectful'' may allude to, but it's June 25th, one team left you in a cafeteria per his tweet for two hours, and the other rolled out the ''red carpet'' yet you scoff at it. This draft was safety deep, and the free agent market was affected by that from the safety perspective. I can't imagine the offers he gets after an injury, or young players not looking the part will be much better.
  5. SetfreexX

    Bucs have best DL in NFCS

    Curry / Vea / McCoy / JPP In all honesty not too many 43 lines can compete with that group, as partial as I may be though... Addison / Poe / Short / Peppers I think has the upper hand
  6. Once you read the article, this is really encouraging to see this kind of commitment to his craft at such an early age.
  7. Good read over on... https://www.panthers.com/news/curtis-samuel-investing-in-hands
  8. As we all know we've hit that black hole in the NFL Off-season where's it's little to no relevant NFL / team related information pour over and into, so I though the other day one thing that I was surprised hadn't come up yet was Marty Hurney's pension to draft college defensive backs, and look to have them transition to safety at the NFL level. With Charles Godfrey, and Sherrod Martin the most notable and recent Panther transitions on this list I thought given their history / body of work as Panther's do we feel Gaulden's transition will fair any better... Charles Godfrey - 5'11 - 6' 207 lbs (source dependent) - Class of 2008 (3rd Round Selection) NFL Combine - http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/charles-godfrey?id=1292 NFL Draft Scout - http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=33090&draftyear=2008&genpos=cb Sherrod Martin - 6'1 198 lbs - Class of 2009 (2nd Round Selection) NFL Combine -http://www.nfl.com/combine/profiles/sherrod-martin?id=71383 NFL Draft Scout -http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=56413&draftyear=2009&genpos=CB NFL Combine Results /.com - http://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?f=Sherrod&l=Martin&i=8282 Rashaan Gaulden - 6'1 197 lbs - Class of 2018 (3rd Round Selection) NFL Combine - https://www.nfl.com/prospects/rashaan-gaulden?id=32462018-0002-5601-4679-70376b283996 NFL Draft Scout - http://www.draftscout.com/ratings/dsprofile.php?pyid=131009&draftyear=2018&genpos=CB NFL Combine Results /.com - http://nflcombineresults.com/playerpage.php?f=Rashaan&l=Gaulden&i=27107 --------------------------------------------- As you can see from a physical stature stand-point Gaulden compares more favorably to Sherrod Martin, however he doesn't seem to match the raw measurable abilities of Godfrey and Martin as both had higher end combine results when looking at the 40 yard time, as well as the vertical jump. Gaulden fell short in all measures of the physical scale, and to many fans was a bit of a head scratcher in the 3rd round. With combine results like his you wager to see him last until Day 3 (just my opinion). Considering combines don't make the player all we have is YT highlights, and the soon to come Panther's 2018 training camp / pre-season (all begins July 26th) to get our real first look at if Gaulden can be the first piece in what looks to be a safety group that will continue to be re-constructed as Adams continues to age and is likely in his last season, and if former starter, turned back up, turned starter again in Searcy can hold the rookie off when the pads come on. With that said I leave you all with a couple videos we've all likely seen before if you've done any research on our 2018 rookies...
  9. SetfreexX

    This is the worst time of the year

    I like this time of year ''NFL'' related because it means all the filler content is over -- it's time to get serious in about 6 weeks. Let's us all take a step back, enjoy the weather, families, and time-off.
  10. KB was a damn good receiver for us, but he and Funchess were not complimentary, and with KB coming off a major knee injury, as well as that 5th year option, looking at the cap long term we couldn't keep both. Not to mention since they weren't complimentary on the field it hampered the offense's ability to attack a defense. With those things in mind, along with Funchess' age, and higher ceiling as an all around receiver it made sense to part ways, but to those acting like he was just some scrub you're wrong, or he's taking shots you're wrong. He wanted out, and the team wanted to move in a different direction at receiver.
  11. When you sit back and think about it, the Panthers have some very big names on the roster - Cam / Olsen / Luke / TD / Peppers / Short, all of which have a HOF career trajectory when you really sit back and think about it, I mean in all honesty in this group aside from Short do you not see them all as HOF players when their respective time comes? With that being said, I think some of the potential and youth is over looked because those listed above receive so much attention, when I start to look at some of our young core, I feel like break out seasons are on the cusp for a couple of players, here's my list of players that may shine a bit brighter in 2018. Wes Horton, and Daeshon Hall, both have the prototype size for an NFL LE and with Peppers likely maintaining his 3rd down role, and situational pass rushing I look for one of these two to really show up and surprise a few of us this season. Next up is Vernon Butler to many Huddlers he and Bradberry are the remnants of what many consider and what may truly be a wasted draft, and it's hard to disagree, I'll cut Getts some slack as we were picking at THE BOTTOM of each round that year excluding trades, but guys like (Worley, Sanchez, Sandland) are no longer with the team after just two seasons, and two technically never even made the roster to begin with as rookies. However IMO opinion anytime Butler was luck enough to see the field in 2017 for me he flashed, he stood out a bit and made plays, for a guy playing being a former 1st round pick in Star, and one of the best 3 techs in the NFL Short, I think Butler essentially did what he was asked to do by the staff. Coming into his 3rd season, and even with another 1st rounder in Poe ahead of him, I look to see his impact continue to trend up. Curtis Samuel & Taylor Moton both are just a year removed from being 2nd round selections, Samuel was finally starting to look promising until the injury, and Moton was buried behind Norwell, Turner, the ascension of Williams, and Matt Kalil's pay check. For all intents and purposes Samuel is back and at the very least closing in on full strength for training camp, and I look for him to continue to show the kind of weapon that he demonstrated in the MIA game last season. Oddly enough Moton is battling things out with another former 2nd round selection in Amini Silatolu, and last year was relegated to the extra lineman on run down, and heavy looks. I fully anticipate Their plan is to keep the competition up, but I fully expect Moton to be the starting LG by week one, and I also believe we will be surprised with his ability to fill in for Norwell. In all honesty Norwell wasn't Norwell, until he was. I see a similar path for Moton as he continues to develop, Turner was a starter as a 3rd rounder back in 2015, I don't think you spend the 64th pick via trade on a guy to sit when their isn't an All-Pro player ahead of him. Well gents, these are some of the names I'm looking forward to seeing assert themselves further for the Panthers this coming season, I purposely didn't include James Bradberry or Corn Elder, as I think Bradberry will bounce back, and he's someone we're all fairly familiar with on the field, as far as Corn being a 5th round pick with guys like Munnerlyn / Seymour / Jackson ahead of him I think it will be hard for him to crack the game day rotation, or even dress if he makes the team. I currently see the gameday corners as -- Bradberry / Cockrell / Munnerlyn / Jackson / Seymour
  12. SetfreexX

    Mini Camp Day Two Thread

    I feel like so many missed this gem.
  13. SetfreexX

    Matt Kalil article by Bill Voth

    Way I see it is even Cam in a diminished off-season didn't look like the Cam we were used to until the back half of the season, why would we expect anything more or less given LT is one of the most strenuous positions to play coming off that kind of surgery as well. I think we all saw, if honest the OL trending up as the season went along, I mean really consider this...with no consistent run game, and a receiver group decimated by injuries and supplanted with practice squad players, and cast-offs we were able to field an 11-5 team. Even our defense had taken a bit of a step back in areas, so we can't say they carried us. I think the money Kalil got, and the fact they didn't comment much on the seriousness of his surgery, and recovery expectations is what had everyone shell-shocked early on when he looked bad. Kalil / Moton / Kalil / Turner / Williams -- with Larsen as the swing G/C and some of the other depth could be a lot worse, I think we have the makings of an above average offensive line. With an emphasis on making the lay-ups and taking the vertical plays when they're there, as well as renewed talent at receiver and in the backfield I think a lot of pressure on the offensive line will be relieved as we have very complimentary pieces all around on offense, something we haven't had in a while.
  14. Seymour if memory serves was touted as a good man defender. http://www.nfl.com/draft/2016/profiles/kevon-seymour?id=2555549 BOTTOM LINE Seymour's lost playing time coupled with his injury issues do not bode well for his draft standing, but he's got decent size and quality speed and athleticism doesn't appear to be a problem. Seymour needs to prove he can be a more physical tackler and he might be better suited playing for a defense that stresses man­-off coverage. This was also a good cut up, and posted last season when we made the trade with Buffalo.