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  1. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Jags release Ace Sanders   

    We still discussing Ace''who the F is that'' Sanders....
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  2. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Jags release Ace Sanders   

    Ace Sanders-
    Ted Ginn-
    I think my favorite is when Huddler’s just make sh** up, better than Ginn, good lord. Ace has a career avg. of 9.5 yards per catch, and has ‘0’ touchdowns in his career. Even Ginn’s worst year is better than that. Ace had just 55 yards last year….55. Ginn’s career long beats Sanders 12 game total.
    I don’t know why people are so quick to hate on Ginn, and some other players here, but Ginn had his ‘BEST’ year with Carolina in 2013 from a receiving touchdowns stand point, and arguably overall, and we were happy to have him back as a needed deep threat, and returner.  
    You sure you're a Panther fan dang...
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  3. SetfreexX added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    The Panthers, & Cameron Artis-Payne: Explaining the Fit
    It was the third day of the 2015 NFL Draft and the Panthers are on the clock…tic toc, tic toc, and with the 38th pick in the 5th round Carolina selects Cameron Artis-Payne running back from Auburn…(Don’t believe me just watch)

    And just like that Carolina had drafted their third running back in three years in the latter rounds under GM Dave Gettleman, the previous two seasons saw Oregon stand-out Kenjon Barner (5th), and Stanford’s bell cow Tyler Gaffney (6th) be the teams choices, neither of whom are still with the team. But this time, maybe, just maybe the player will stick.
    Name: Cameron Artis-Payne 
    College: Auburn     Number: 44
    Height: 5-10   Weight: 212 
    Position: RB  Pos2: 
    Class/Draft Year: Sr/2015
    40 Low: 4.33   40 Time: 4.43  40 High: 4.54 
    Projected Round: 4-5  Stock:   High: 3rd  Low: 5-6th
    Rated number 13 out of 149 RB's     141 / 2303 TOTAL
    When listening to early commentary on (CAP for short) we kept hearing him being referred to a bowling ball creating an image many may liken to Tolbert’s build. Upon further review CAP is more of a mix between the departed DeAngelo Williams (5’9, 215), and current lead Back Jonathan Stewart (5’10, 235), as CAP is listed at 5’10, 212 lbs.
    Per his draft profile -- – CAP’s strengths fall in line with what Carolina looks for in their feature back, a north/south running style, patience in following blocks, burst through the hole, and finishing runs by playing through contact. His listed weakness bring to light a concern in pass protection, a weakness common among many of the non-first round running talents as many colleges utilize the spread and the backs find themselves often out in space, while being asked to pass protect on a fewer snaps.
    Another concern was his top end speed (4.53 40 time - high end) and being able to turn the corner vs NFL caliber defenses, I say to that look no further than backs like Le’Veon Bell (4.6), Doug Martin (4.55), and Justin Forsett (4.62) who have all found fairly high levels of success behind power run, and zone blocking schemes similar to what the Panthers currently employ.
    So now that the preliminary information is out of the way let’s talk about, ‘The Fit’ : Coming out of Auburn’s Pistol attack I think CAP has a niche he’s already accustomed to and well suited for as he pairs with the likes of Cam Newton, and Jonathan Stewart among others in the back-field to show-case one of the more college influenced offenses in the NFL.
    If you take a look at his tape, you can see just how similar our Pistol run game is to the Auburn system he just left-

    That right there is where I think we’ll see the most impact with CAP as he grows as a rookie, in the Pistol, and Shotgun option looks. Just watching that video I see some characteristics that remind me of the way Jonathan Stewart runs for us as he tends to bounce off of tackles, and fall forward through the contact.
    So while I don’t think CAP will be our feature back this season or the next, he definitely should have more than enough opportunity excelling at what he excelled in at Auburn working from the Pistol, and Shotgun as he matures as an NFL runner. So if you don’t believe me just watch…

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  4. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne a good fit for the Panthers?   

    Won't happen, I'm a Wayne fan, but this team is looking the future in the face already with Benjamin and Funchess. At this point I don't think Wayne offers more than a possession receiver role and we have Bersin, Cotchery, and possibly Boykin all vying for that role, as Ginn, and Brown are locks in my opinion behind the twin towers. 
    However I do think Wayne is an upgrade over Cotchery, Boykin, and Bersin. I just can't see it happening. 
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  5. SetfreexX added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: Defensive tackles   

    Like a poster mentioned we'd have a substantial amount of room as Johnson's CAP hit will not be 20 million next year, there's also still 12 million in dead money on this season's books, and we're still sitting on 14 million in CAP space. I know we're used to CAP hell/restrictions under the previous regime but it seems we are preparing our CAP to bring back our core young players. Now I'm no CAP/Draft expert, but I'd guess we'd do as follows:
    1)Extend Luke, and Norman by next off-season 
    2)Extend KK in 2017 (iirc last year of 4yr rookie deal signed in 2013)
    3)Exercise 5th year option on Star for the 2018 season, and work on extension
    I think Gettleman has expressed his desire to retain core pieces and I think all the players above fall into that category. Draft quality players, sign less expensive veterans and over-looked talent at UDFA to fill out the roster. 
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  6. SetfreexX added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    The narrative was 'why was he was brought to the team', which is what the comments were related to. Now if you want to discuss his role moving forward you should've clarified that because this video is from THIS off-season. 
    We were discussing his original role, but Ed is NOT going to be the starting fullback, he is the second tight end, but he will see some H-Back opportunities, based on this video. 
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  7. SetfreexX added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    Only a dumb ass would post with no reference. 
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  8. SetfreexX added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    Keep it moving, it's obvious you have nothing to support that HE WAS BROUGHT IN TO BLOCK so you have no legs to stand on, which is why you have no quotes, or links to back it up. People come here for intelligent football discussion people like you, well I don't know why you're here or post since you offer nothing. 
    The coach and player acknowledged why he wasn't involved early in the season in the passing game. But if you truly believe Ed Dickson, a TE NEVER KNOWN for his blocking skills was brought in to block then more power to you, and less power to our staff for not having a clue (sarcasm). 
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  9. SetfreexX added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    I provide information and links, you provide .... oh , yeah crickets, keep it moving. 
    Oh and for coach commentary -
    OC Mike Shula on Dickson post Mike Tolbert injury-
    "Ed has been even better at the end of the year in regard to doing more things for us," offensive coordinator Mike Shula said. "We've been able to put him in more positions that maybe we didn't do earlier in the year. Thus, he's on the field more. When that happens, you are going to get more opportunities."
    Ed Dickson on the Tolbert injury, & playing time/opportunities-
    "I understand the bigger picture," explained Dickson, who made 10 starts this season when the Panthers opened with two tight ends. "This whole season 88 (tight end  Greg Olsen ) has been balling out. And we had two fullbacks go down. They needed me to play that position and I'll play the position – it doesn't matter. 
    Dickson on playing time & opportunities once a healthy Tolbert returned-
    "We got (fullback  Mike Tolbert ) healthy again, and I started to become a factor in the passing game."
    If you need more commentary I'll dig it up, I don't arbitrarily spout off at the mouth on topics without having a clue, you now have quotes from the OC, and the player himself noting that his passing game involvement was limited due to the starting fullback, and 2nd stringer in Brockel. Funny how his passing game involvement took off once Tolbert returned to playing much dumb in this post, smh get a clue kid.
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  10. SetfreexX added a post in a topic NFC South Recieving Corps   

    1st ^^^ is an idiot, if he thinks a pass catching TE from Baltimore was brought in to block. He was brought in to be the 2nd receiving TE any Panther fan is aware of that. 
    Article after leaving Baltimore-
    Combine Report (Strengths as a pass catcher, weakness as a run blocker)-
    2nd Receiver Rankings (and back on topic)-
    1)TB - Between Evans, and Jackson they have two premier threats at receiver, who can go up and get it, make plays deep, and block well in the run game. Like Atlanta their issue is depth, but there's no questioning the top two.
    2)CAR - Kelvin Benjamin, with the addition of Funchess, the return of Ginn, and Brown's potential emergence puts us a nose past ATL. Many critics/huddlers were wary of Benjamin's 40 time, I don't think teams like Carolina and others would be looking at him at the top of the 2nd if speed was a real concern.
    3)ATL - Two years ago this group was probably number one, but age and injuries appear to be taking a toll on Roddy White. Julio Jones is pushing that elite level, and likely already is. However there really isn't anyone behind them, Hester's never been a viable threat and the verdict is out on the rookie. 
    4)NO - How much does Marques Colston have left, and can Cooks stay healthy? Similar to TB, and ATL where is the depth...and if teams can limit the deep ball this COULD be a pedestrian year for this group. 
    Now if we go as far as to factor in quarterbacks, and tight ends...
    1)CAR - Adding Olsen to this mix is more than enough with Cam's presence to catapult us to number one.
    2)ATL - Matt Ryan is a very good quarterback, but depth at receiver may be an issue, and adding Tamme post Peyton isn't enough to move to #1.
    3)NO - It's true Brees is fading and so is the talent at the receiver position, behind Colston and Cooks who's the third guy...NIck Toon? Take away arguably the top receiving tight end in the league and I have to place them behind CAR, and ATL. 
    4)TB - Rookie quarterback, and Lovie Smith ball just don't say prolific offense. I think TB will look like us last year but with two viable receivers instead of one. Jameis may have been the 1st overall pick, but I just don't know if he's on the same level as the veteran quarterbacks in the NFC South. 
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  11. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    I will for the CAP write-up.
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  12. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    There will be more, am I eligible to post blogs?
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  13. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    I intend to follow this up as we recap a seldom talked about Panther Cameron-Artis-Payne. Be on the look out for it by the end of next week. 
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  14. SetfreexX added a post in a topic Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...   

    I honestly can't figure out why the 1st two videos didn't embed like the last, followed the same process. Oh well, it's that time of year, so I looked him up, thought about it some more and the idea of his potential to break out in a way is growing on me, hopefully it's a good read for ya'll. 
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  15. SetfreexX added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Corey Brown, I May Be on the Hype Train...
    I’ll be one of the 1st to say, I was not necessarily on the Corey Brown ‘Hype Train’, I saw some nice things from him last season, and maybe it was the #16 (Weinke) jersey number, or the UDFA status that threw me off, I’m not sure but I may have to purchase a ticket soon. BTW hope at some point he goes back to his OSU #10.
    Normally I try to find as much information on our new rookie crop as I can, youtube, combine, and other various sites, so I’m not sure why I didn’t dig as deep…perhaps it was because we had just released my FAVORITE ALL TIME PLAYER IN STEVE SMITH, and cut a favorite in GInn. Either way I missed out on looking up on Mr. Brown.
    After looking at some highlights, draft combine info, and what I’ve retained after watching him play all last season he definitely  seems more quick than fast in regards to being a burner (think DeSean Jackson, Ted Ginn). But he does remind me of Antonio Brown on a level from Pittsburgh.
    Both compare favorably in measurable, and size, Brown had one season over 1K, but didn’t really break out until his 4th (1,499 yds) & 5th (1,698) years.
    While I don’t think Corey Brown will ever see those numbers considering he has KB, Olsen, and Funchess all to split targets with; I think the same attributes that make Antonio Brown successful bare a chance to bode well for our own Mr. Brown to continue to succeed.
    Those attributes would consist of the following:
     Quarterback Trust
     Single Coverage Due to Other Threats
    With Brown likely primarily working vs the number two corner, nickel back, and the occasional safety, or linebacker his quickness in and out of breaks should allow for him to create separation vs that one on one coverage as Benjamin, and Olsen will be the players defensive coordinators are worried about first. I look for Brown to provide similar plays like the deep receiving touchdown vs Atlanta, but I think where we’ll see the most impact from him is working those short to intermediate routes. Hopefully this year we’ll also see the YAC increase as a lot of his receptions last season saw him hit the turf securing the pass (however some of that may be on Cam and throwing where only Corey can make the play.)
    Also when veteran play-makers have this to say about players you get the feeling we’ll see a bit more from him in the near future….
    Greg Olsen quote on Corey Brown-
    "Last year at this time, Corey was a guy where we said, 'Wow, he's fast.' This year he is a receiver," tight end Greg Olsen said, via thePanthers' official website. "The guy can play. He's not just a one-trick pony, a guy who is just going to run deep. He has a lot of natural instinct to him. He has a good feel."
    So while some of us may not have been on the train initially, after reports from camp, and favorable teammate praise it may just be time to pay Mr. Brown a little more attention, so come on and ride that train, just ride it!
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