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  1. First Round - Game 4 - Heat @ Hornets

    Re: Attendance, Casual fans are superficial. They want their ROI before they invest. Team has made improvements which got us where we are now. Now it's time to go to the next step. The next step puts all the butts in the seats.
  2. Are you expecting much from Charles Johnson this year...

    Cautiously optimistic?
  3. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    Oh and thanks for re-starting this. I went back and read a lot of the other thread before deciding what I was going to do.
  4. Huddle Workout Warriors Part deux

    Started "Starting Strength" a week ago. I'm literally starting, as in, I'm trying to get form first. I had quit running in November because of a nagging knee. Gained a few pounds of fat from sitting around through the holidays. Decided I was tired of being "skinny-fat" and running wasn't going to do anything to make me stronger. Haven't lifted a barbell since high school and even then I wasn't "lifting". Considered going to a gym but everything is so damn expensive. Ended up with a decent barbell set,squat rack and bench for like $300. After a few workouts, I can already tell I'm going to like this.
  5. Cam in the pool...

    Who would've thought Cam and I would have something in common? He's wet and so am I...
  6. Super Bowl loss stil sting for others?

    You know how when you get kicked in the nuts there's that initial shock and it hurts? That was the first couple of weeks. Then there's a brief period where it doesn't hurt and you think you're going to be ok? That was March for me. Then, it's April, and you're dicking around on your phone and you go to your ESPN app to check the score to some other games and there it is....taunting you like some kind of elementary school bully,on the bottom of your screen, 24-10 DEN,then all of the suddenthere's this overwhelming aching deep within your stomach and you want to vomit? Yeah that's how I feel. Sure it'll fade in time but I'll always remember getting kicked in the nuts.
  7. Walking Dead Season 6

    Honestly, IF, and that's a huge IF, they do that, they will redeem themselves a little. Although they don't really owe us that explanation. They don't really owe us anything that's why they keep doing these "gotcha" moments. They're just playing with us.
  8. Walking Dead Season 6

    Can confirm: This is the exact transcript from the writer's meeting.
  9. Walking Dead Season 6

    The reason they give is bogus though. "It's the end of a story and the beginning of another". Which is total crap because they could've at least filmed the victim getting completely destroyed and reserved the new "story" for next season. It's sad they had to use so many tricks this season. The material itself was there, no need to try to fake the whole audience out every episode.
  10. Walking Dead Season 6

    I thought the same thing. He looks and sounds great but he doesn't fill out the jacket.
  11. Advice plz...

    What if you took out the "t" making it Ghoskin. Like hybrid word so you don't have to worry about hyphenating. idk i'm spitballing here.
  12. Advice plz...

    The Opaquinise
  13. Advice plz...

    Now that I think about it that's probably not as subtle as you're looking.
  14. Advice plz...

    What about Wanchese? Wan means pale and Wanchese was the last knownleader of the Roanoke Indian tribe.