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  1. I like the interview style. It's cool to see the players acting "themselves". We need more of these interviews instead of David Newton asking stupid ass questions. This is truly "behind the scenes locker talk".
  2. Measurables mean nothing.....
  3. Only numbers that matter to me are the ones in the win column, could care less about anything else
  4. Have to keep him unless we trade him. Makes no sense to cut him and have that dead money. No organization in their right mind would cut a starting caliber QB with money left on their contract.......oh wait
  5. Darnold always reminded me of the villian from the Incredibles
  6. Sound's to me like the writer of this article is a pussy. Love what I read in the article from Rhule. Holding players accountable, no plays off, staying focused. I like it I mean...if this doesn't scream "my pee wee coach didn't treat me well" idk what does
  7. Hey I saw your thread on madden.. can never have a serious conversation in this forum it seems like. 

    But I also am a big time franchise guy. Did you get the new madden? I've held off only cause the reviews seem really bad. 


    1. Admiral Ackbar

      Admiral Ackbar

      Yeah I did, its really not worth the buy TBH. If you have a pc I would just buy 20 and mod it. There is a really big modding community on discord if you are intrested

  8. Hope our defensive line comes out to play like the Broncos
  9. Vikings will stop them and then on 3rd down Wilson will scramble for a first down. #gameover
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