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  1. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic The Male Pedicure   

    Man maybe I'm in the minority but I love a good pedicure! I'm on my feet all day so I love it when someone plays with my feet. For me it's so relaxing and a lot cheaper than a massage so I can do it more often. Screw man card, if it feels good do it...except for the whole tranny thing. 
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  2. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Why is everyone pegging Zeller ahead of Frank?   

    I think that it will happen but in time. I have watched all these summer league games and one thing Frank needs to improve on is his strength to rebound in traffic. He has given up a ton of offensive rebounds.  If we have him and Big Al together a lot we will need to have MKG or Batum averaging double digit rebounds 
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  3. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Logjam in the backcourt   

    I see a lot of minutes for Walker, Batum and Lin. I don't see Lamb having a huge impact this year. I think they traded for him to see if they can get steal but they are not sure what they are getting. He might have some minutes. Daniels might get some spot up minutes. I don't see PJ or Roberts playing much. I still think we use one spot for Harrison and send him to the D-League. 
    This would leave one more open spot for MLE for a big. 
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  4. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Jeremy Lin signs with hornets   

    I love how tight lipped the FO was about this signing. The price tag was amazing considering the contracts that have been going out. I think he is a very good back up PG for us. Not to mention when we have our exhibitions in China imagine the jersey sales in China! It's going to be crazy over there. I know that probably had nothing to do with the signing but man it's going to be exciting to see.
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  5. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Your childhood NBA team?   

    80s kid soooo HORNETS!!!!!!!! Went to their last game as the Hornets. Was happy when the Bobcats brought basketball back to Charlotte. Didn't care about the name and I supported the team. Name changed happened and I loved it even more because of nostalgia. Now, I just want a winner for the team I've been supporting forever!
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  6. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Frank Kaminsky looking good in summer league   

    Jeff Taylor is so much better thank MKG!!! 
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  7. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Summer League First Impressions   

    I really agree with you! I don't understand why some people (not just on here) hate or dislike him but are so understanding and patient with some other players. Say we traded for Shabazz Napier and he put out a statline like 16 pts 8 assts and 4 rebounds in a Summer League game for us. Everyone would be going crazy about his potential and we got a steal.
    But since he is a Harrison twin from Kentucky......(crickets) 
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  8. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Summer League First Impressions   

    We all need to remember Harrison is the SG. He wasn't the PG brother. He was playing PG for us most of the game and actually did pretty well with 8 assts. I agree that he missed Frank a few times but I am hoping that that will come with experience. He has been my second most impressive Hornet of the Summer League. If we see the aggressiveness we saw in 4Q of this second game, Aaron will definitely deserve a roster spot. 
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  9. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Summer League First Impressions   

    Overall, I liked what I saw from Frank. It was what we were wanting and hoping out of Cody Zeller as a stretch 4. Also imagine how much the board would go crazy if Vonleh would have put up that type of game? I also was very impressed with Harrison, he just needs to work on his passing off the pick and roll/pop. PJ and Daniels didn't impress this first game. 
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  10. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Anyone else a total sucker for the NBA Summer League?   

    I will watch just because I want to see what happens and how the Hornets look!
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  11. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Biz is a free agent   

    This was a decision I was expecting but I was hoping that we would keep him. It seems like we have all stretch 4s and the only 5 we have is Big Al and he sucks at defense. I guess we will see what happens through FA but I hope we can get someone that can defend. 
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  12. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Aaron Harrison joins summer league   

    Hes a SG. His brother is the PG. I am looking forward to seeing him play too though
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  13. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Coming to terms with the Frank Kaminsky pick...   

    To be fair to Frank, most of Charlotte hated the Bobcats as well. 
    As for the trade opportunities: Who knows the truth? Does it really matter? Fact is we could have, should have but it doesn't matter now. I have come to terms that we are who we are. I will cheer for Frank and the team bc I will love the Hornets no matter what!
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  14. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic Do you want more Huddle Hornets content?   

    I say yes. Even for as much as we bitch about this tea, barring injuries again we will make the playoffs this year. 
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  15. yasuhara2241 added a post in a topic How could the Hornets pick Justice Winslow...   

    I disagree with the most overrated part. He was one of the few good picks that we have had. He has shown improvement every year and is a lock down defender that improves the team defense when he is on the court. That last part is my only problem with him. Due to his style of play we have yet to see him play a full season. For that reason he isn't untouchable for me but I would need a great offer to trade him.
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