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  1. J NO ... Respect him and show him love

    He played amazing and completely shut down Dez. Quick question what did he do to taunt? I never did catch the replay. 
  2. Man this was such a fun article and really does describe our team!
  3. Hornets vs. Kings

    This was a crazy game! I just caught up and for some reason I knew not to look at Twitter and online. I am so happy I didn't I enjoyed that come back so much. Love what Frank brought to the team. I really wasn't expecting him to bring much defensively but he did very well. Also Lin struggled almost all game but came up big in OT. Of course Kemba was just amazing.  Great game!! Go Hornets!  
  4. thanks i hadn't seen this yet. Fun video. Scripted but enjoyable! 
  5. @KB_fan I always love reading these every week. Sometimes it takes me awhile to get to them but when I do I am never disappointed! Great job!
  6. Cam Was On Target All Day Today

    Sorry I don't agree with this at all. I don't believe him improving on this is a question of desire. I think he has proven a desire to improve and has been. I don't think that he has reached his peak either. There is room for improvement and he will continue to improve as they improve as a team. Also the toles of a QB is affected when they get hit. He is our offense. Everything runs through him even the running game. His mechanics falter when he gets hit. It happens but I don't think you should dismiss this as an excuse without seeing the validity of what getting hit might do to mechanics. Even Rodgers when pressured makes bad throws. Look at when we got pressure on him, Rodgers made bad throws. Look at Brady against NY he almost threw a game ending INT due to pressure.   
  7. Cam Was On Target All Day Today

    There seems to always be a correlation between him running a lot and off passes. He didn't run a lot today and was very accurate. We just got to realize that usually when Cam is running around, he's probably going to throw some high balls.  Take the good with the bad. I wouldn't trade his ability to take off for anything. He moves the chains and scores what more can we ask for? 
  8. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    I really don't understand this celebration problem. * These same ppl love Curry and he celebrates and acts crazy with every 3 pointer.  * These ppl love Farve and his passion * They love Phillip Rivers even though if Cam did some things he did all hell would break lose  Wait a minute just stfu and enjoy we are 9-0! I expect this from other teams fans but not from ours. Not now. Leave if you don't like it and support our undefeated team!
  9. Devin Funchess.. Turning point or headfake?

    I think this game shows what he is capable of becoming. We shouldn't expect this every game but this was our first glimpse of something very positive. Truth be told after he started making plays I was hoping we would keep going to him. I was very happy to see this today and see this as a turning point. 
  10. The Ultimate Celebration

    I would say Keep Pounding, but it will be hard with a newborn. Uhhh congrats   Edit: Crap Chknwing beat me to it
  11. Graham Gano is becoming a problem

    First of all, the extra point last week was a bad hold. He explained that to Jordan Gross after the game. Heard it on the radio. 2nd of all, he made a clutch kick in overtime and then a 52 yrd game winner.  Today he missed one where you see his plant foot slip but nailed the other ones.  But to negative people these are excuses and for positive people these are valid reasons. Which side are you on? 
  12. Enjoyed watching the game this morning. Below are a few thoughts about this team:  1. Love the ball movement! The ball is constantly moving. No more Alfense! Every once in awhile we run a play for him but not every single play! 2. Love the depth! We really do have a much deeper team than we have had in the past and it starts with the PG position. Lin and even Roberts have been playing very well.  3. Love the 3 pt shooting! 10 players made a 3 today! Overall 14-25 from downtown (56%). Even Hansbrough made a 3! 4. Pleasantly surprised with Spencer Hawes. He is making me finally feel good for us not signing Biz. I was worried about this but man can this guy shoot and pass. He fits in perfectly with us.  5. Love all of our new acquisitions! Batum, Lin, Lamb, Hawes and even Frank (who isn't playing too much) are just fitting into this team. I really feel great about the chemistry.  Now before ppl say "It's only preseason." We played against their starters. We look sharp. You practice how you play and we are playing with energy and excitement. Oh and I think we killed that trade Lance for Hawes and basically Lamb. 
  13. Hornets win 1st Preseason Game

    Good first win for the Hornets! I loved all of our new players. We finally have depth! I was very impressed with Lin and Lamb. Batum fit in really well as well. Kemba shot terribly in the 1st half but played better in the 3rd. Sucks that MKG got injured. Seemed like a fluke play but those plays seem to happen with him. Frank K got on the court in the 4th and played pretty well. Love his outside shot. NBA is back and so are our Hornets!!
  14. Why is everyone pegging Zeller ahead of Frank?

    I think that it will happen but in time. I have watched all these summer league games and one thing Frank needs to improve on is his strength to rebound in traffic. He has given up a ton of offensive rebounds.  If we have him and Big Al together a lot we will need to have MKG or Batum averaging double digit rebounds 
  15. Logjam in the backcourt

    I see a lot of minutes for Walker, Batum and Lin. I don't see Lamb having a huge impact this year. I think they traded for him to see if they can get steal but they are not sure what they are getting. He might have some minutes. Daniels might get some spot up minutes. I don't see PJ or Roberts playing much. I still think we use one spot for Harrison and send him to the D-League.  This would leave one more open spot for MLE for a big.