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  1. I was speaking about him opening up to it with the team going public. It happened and he moved on. Having it go back into the media after all these years mus suck. It was a good move telling the team. I just don't think what he said should have been leaked to the media
  2. Embarrassing moment for him. But being able to talk about it tells a lot about him as a man. That would be extremely difficult for anybody to open up about. I hate that it got out into the public. 
  3. Wade Phillips

    Absolutely I know we are light years ahead of the last time I was just curious. I think there is so much difference between those two teams.
  4. Wade Phillips

    Out of curiosity how have we done against Wade Phillip defenses in the past? I know he was with Houston before Denver and then Dallas but I don't know how we have faired against his coached teams.
  5. What has made this team special this year

    Couldn't agree more. This is such a great time for us to be Panther fans!
  6. What has made this team special this year

    It's amazing hearing guys who have been in the league comment on the closeness of the team. Guys like Tillman and Allen are just loving this which is nice.
  7. There has been a lot of talk about this dream season and how is it possible that this Panther team can play like they are playing. I would like to see what in your opinion are the top 5 reasons you all think that this team is special this year. 1. Confidence: This team has a confidence not just as individuals but as a team. This team exudes confidence and where as before they thought about winning quarters of the year being 3-1 or hey 2-2 isn't bad, now they fully expect to go out every week and win. I like how I never heard about the quarters of the year this year. All they talked about was the next game is the biggest game. 2. Next Man Up: The depth that Gettleman has brought in and the way Rivera and his staff has developed players has been outstanding. We truly can plug in guys to play no matter the injury. This bodes well for the team and for us as fans lets us say we would prefer the back up which is a great problem to have. 3. Family: There is no separation of offense or defense or special teams. They all celebrate with each other and fight for each other. After Gano kicks a field goal he is not only greeted by the players on the kicking team but by Cam and other players thanking him for a job well done. You see Cam giving fives to offense, defense and special teams players and its not just Cam its many players on the team. 4. Egos don't drive the team: Egos can sometimes make players make selfish plays but with our team they all play within themselves for a common goal. We have tons of players with big egos but have those within our system. Best example for this is Star. Every game he pushes the pocket and gets double teamed. Short has been the biggest recipient and his play has jumped but one of the first players to greet him is Star. Star being drafted first could be upset and want to have the same impact but he does his job bc it gives us the best chance to win. 5. Cam & Luke: Cam has taken this offense and made it his. He has control. He changes things up. He confuses the defense. Now he has added touch and rarely overthrows players. We used to have about 3-4 overthrows in a game. Now he may have one. Luke is in such control of the defense. We can plug anyone in our defense and he will get them in the right spot. It's amazing how he and TD seem to know the play before it happens. We have the 2 most dominant players in the league on offense and defense. Amazing! #KeepPounding Super Bowl 50 is the year of the Panthers!!
  8. Youth on Defense Is Why The Panthers Dominated

    I agree to an extent. I do feel like Ealy, Tre and Shaq are definite upgrades. However I would take Tillman and Allen over McClain and Delaire right now. Tillman was having a good year and forcing turnovers. Also Allen was playing very well against the run which I do not have confidence in Delaire yet in that category.
  9. Breathtaking.

    that is hilarious
  10. Cam Just Said Coaches Were Conservative

    I agree we were conservative BUT we won!!!! That is the ultimate goal. Would i have liked a blowout? Yes but in the end we didn't make any mistakes and we won so I refuse to complain about play calling
  11. Along the Sidelines - Bucs at Panthers

    Nice pics! Thanks 
  12. Benwikere talks about Norman

    I was mentioning this to my family. For the first time all year we played hesitant and without the aggressive nature that got us on this winning streak. We were looking for the penalties and played worried about potential penalties. Now I am speaking just about the defense but it did remind me of the playoff game against SF when we just got too worried about the refs. Atlanta did a great job getting after Cam and taking away the deep ball. Cam for the first time all year showed little patience in dumping it off partly due to him being under constant pressure. I feel like we could have run more because we were having success but it seemed like we pressed a little too much. Honestly it was one game and I am not concerned. I think Norman and the rest of the defense will get their swagger back, we just need to play the same ball we have been playing all year  
  13. Jared Allen knows he needs to get better...

    Quick question: I always see Star pushing the pocket on 1st and 2nd down but I don't notice him in a lot on 3rd down. He gets off the ball so quickly he always seems to stand out. Do you think we should play him more on 3rd down and see if he can get to the passer?
  14. Let's Talk About Cameron Artis-Payne

    I was impressed with his jump cut and also his pass catching. I did notice that he tried bouncing outside a few times to lose yards instead of cutting inside to gain a yard or two. That is a typical rookie RB but I came away impressed and wanting to see him get more carries.
  15. I have a feeling we will have to play both Seattle and the Cards. I think that Seattle has regained their confidence so they are probably the tougher matchup. I do feel like we will win but we need to play Panther ball and come out firing on all cylinders!