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  1. The jets might not even go QB, what is it you think the Texans are gonna draft if they get in at 2 or 3 the best scenario for us is that everybody stays right where they are
  2. The teams that didn't win a pointless game against Dwayne Haskins
  3. there is no team better suited than us to control the balance of power in the nfc for the long term going forward, save perhaps San Fran chase that, not a couple good seasons with somebody else's hand me down
  4. and there's nothing anybody can do to change that Anyways, I really like this guy here
  5. No Draft a QB This isn't as hard as were all making it
  6. Are we so entrenched in the Watson pipe dream that were criticizing high end QB prospects not gonna be a good look
  7. The future of the nfc is wide open and we are better situated perhaps moreso than any other team in the conference to be the architects of protracted dominance I don't want a window
  8. Hope were just trying to throw teams off the scent, this team needs to be zeroing in on a rookie QB
  9. neither structure has yielded positive dividends for either team, especially Detroit, and the falcons are facing the same terrain we are with a chance to hold the balance of power in the nfc south, and a rare opportunity to acquire the most important cog I doubt both teams go QB just because, but the team should operate under the pretense that one likely will, which also prepares for somebody trying to jump us
  10. Yeah so that isn't the part I was talking about
  11. Then again if he goes to the jets, we don't even have a window to trade into
  12. Imagine him going to atlanta The falcons get deshaun Watson and the Texans get our rookie franchise QB
  13. so the concern here is that he goes to a place like NYJ or atlanta that is on the fence about drafting a QB, and Houston takes their spot and is guaranteed to take a QB ideally he goes somewhere behind us if anything
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