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  1. it’s pretty demonstrably clear the panthers would’ve used #38 on him had they still had that pick. He slid because of the injury and because of issues in his past. i don’t think he should be regarded as a normal 3rd rounder. My expectations are of that of a 2nd in regards to how I’d handle him.
  2. sure but the offense is pretty well set for him to succeed and if it blows up your face how big a commitment to this season do you really wanna make i really don’t know what they wanna do
  3. really depends on the kind of season they wanna have if you trade for Baker then it should be followed up with a Clowney signing if you intend to evaluate Corral then it’s probably not an important move.
  4. honestly I was skeptical rhule really lost executive personnel control and I’m still skeptical Curious to hear the story hear as it comes out
  5. thanks for your input random huddle poster #624-3d, I’ll take it into consideration
  6. It’s not. I agree wholeheartedly with what TRG said. They’ve spent enormous resources on building the 1980’s football team that so many here want in accordance with Matt rhules archaic philosophy on football since he got here, and the fanbase will be the ones reaping the whirlwind, some of them gladly. id love to be wrong but it seems pretty obvious they’re just gonna stay put and take the third best offensive tackle in the class, before drafting #10 next season when we’re all having the exact same discussion (well not me, pretty sure I’m done) at this point it’s probably just best to hope the QBs don’t go to the teams you hate.
  7. almost accurate, except the black guy realizes that the soccer ball has nothing to do with the original point in hand and ignores it
  8. thanks for pointing out that having good players is good, anyways, back to the matter at hand
  9. There are people here who want an OT simply because they want an OT and no matter how much information is presented to them, they will turn and hide and simply wait for the next thread to pop up when the tide may be more favorable whether or it’s lingering biases on roster construction “gotta build those trenches!” or just a generally risk averse nature and a misguided belief that OTs are “safe,” people have dug their heels in and no matter how many seasons go by, no matter how many developmental QBs get drafted and excel in front of their very eyes, they are going to want an OT because it’s an nfl fortune cookieism that Hog Molly=Good and so you can’t go wrong taking one.
  10. you know what’s a joke turning tail and running earlier in the thread when multiple people started pressing you only to try and return when after waiting for a couple discount posters to come and make an argument for you
  11. Yeah no kidding bud, thanks, the point here is that so many are waiting for it, and it isn’t going to happen.
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