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  1. You can’t have it both ways Either the 49ers acquired a franchise QB and we didn’t and cost is irrelevant or the prospects aren’t very good and the trade didn’t affect us at all and the team is now stacking itself on the notion that none of these QB prospects will be very good minimum investment options for minimum investment players aren’t actually conducive to the part of the sport that actually matters
  2. getting outmanuevered by a superior organization isn’t a defense, it’s an indictment
  3. getting the rare opportunity to draft a top flight QB prospect doesn’t come along very often and signing some bust so you can “check a need” and “free yourself up” to draft some HOG MOLLY or other ancillary position that will just waste away here until we luck into a QB is an awful, awful approach that reeks of college coach/ new owner symbiotic stupidity (with a touch of Seattle draft idiocy thrown in for good measure)
  4. www.si.com/.amp/nfl/2021/04/05/carolina-panthers-teddy-bridgewater-sam-darnold-trade-settling “According to former colleague Jonathan Jones, now of CBS, the Panthers have already committed to an $18-plus million fifth-year option for Darnold, in addition to the final year of his rookie contract. They are essentially prolonging their bridge-option quarterbacking phase for an additional year, instead of allowing Bridgewater the chance to showcase his growth in the system. It would be surprising if the Panthers were internally thrilled about how this all worked out. While Plan C can alw
  5. SportsLine @SportsLine Our advanced model simulated the NFL season 10,000 times. Carolina is a lot worse with Sam Darnold rather than Teddy Bridgewater w/Teddy Wins 7.5 DIV 3.6% Playoff 17.4% w/Sam Wins 6.3
  6. Why am I not surprised you’ve resorted to brain numbing cliches as the sudden horror realization that you lifted up brad Johnson as something for us to aspire to set in
  7. lol 4 and 7? do you really not know when brad Johnson and Trent differ, whom you espoused as ideals we should be hoping for played football? scratch Reddit pal, maybe the team Facebook page is more your speed
  8. because it would be stupid to make this kind of trade before the draft, agreed, spot on
  9. lol you’re the one arguing that the modern nfl is as the same as it always has been id say my mother has forgotten more football than you know in light of that
  10. just because nick files technically started the Super bowl doesn’t mean he was the eagles starter, the eagles rode an mvp season from Carson wentz to the postseason and regressed as he regressed None of the other teams won a super bowl, and again, emphatically, all of them have moved on from those players because they want to have sustained success
  11. if you can’t see how the game has changed then maybe the team reddit is more for your caliber of poster
  12. You just defined the word desperation don’t shop hungry If you’re going to shill for this then do it and let’s stop trying to play both sides
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