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  1. Can’t miss? Huh? We’re talking about the draft.
  2. the final domino before MrBeast buys the panthers
  3. teams aren’t obsessing over prospects that aren’t QBs the first pick is for taking a QB or selling it to a team that wants a QB for a massive haul
  4. I can’t think of any worse change they could’ve made than to just have these guys do a bunch of uninteresting and generic PE events i think the “game” is flag now like lol
  5. JJ has to be approaching some kind of record for most coaches played for with one team
  6. with three 1’s you’re only giving up two players, especially palatable given how teams are no longer scared to make acquisitions through other means-which is even more feasible because your highest paid position is on his rookie contract
  7. Other reports came with names. This one was a vague talking point that reads more like an article from the team website.
  8. the Dallas cowboys or Pittsburgh Steelers would never be asked to hire a coach they didn’t believe in or didn’t fit what they were looking for therein lies the problem: the media isn’t invested in seeing the panthers be successful. In their eyes the panthers exist to be a team that builds the ‘interesting’ teams up. It’s okay if the panthers don’t have a top coach that pushes them towards the super bowl because that isn’t the panthers place. The panthers should be less focused on rising above their station and more focused on helping the league have more coaches with black skin. learn your place
  9. and you will be right there through it all insisting the best approach is the team play it safe and signs a cost efficient veteran to man the position until the next can’t miss generational prospect slides to us at #7 next season, or #9 in the following, or #8 after that, on and one forever and ever
  10. I’ll take a swing at Shaw in Denver via the McCaffery/Denver/Stanford connection Idk maybe it’s Ryans though. Is Demeco really gonna hang the Texans out?
  11. the panthers weren’t even swinging for great with the Reich hire, they were just overcorrecting on the Rhule debacle and wanted a guy who could install a formidable offensive infrastructure that can develop a rookie QB its a high floor scenario which could potentially yield great success if they knock the QB out of the park, but it isn’t some big swing on a superstar up and coming offensive mind Reich is more experienced than Wilks, he’s had much more success than Wilks had, he has more connections than Wilks has, and he has insight offensively there is nothing about Wilks’ career to guarantee “good,” and all the signs point to “concerning.” his way of coaching isn’t conducive to sustained success in the NFL, it’s conducive to beating up on bad teams and getting humiliated by good ones, and oh look, that’s exactly his track record (here, not in AZ where it was worse) ”but he didn’t have a QB” And doesn’t have the assets or resume’ to suggest he would develop one. ”why not just sign carr and POUND THE ROCK” because the goal is to win Super Bowls
  12. get back to me when we find out who the QB is id like to believe both parties have learned from their previous approach but I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if their bonding moment in the interview was when Reich said “I believe in cost efficiency at the QB position” if we start hearing crap about jacoby Brisset we all know how this is going to go
  13. “past narratives are not indicative of future success, let’s get Darnold away from Gase and see what happens”
  14. lol I don’t care who Dave tepper thinks which guy is the right fit please continue to shill for the billionaire hedge fund manager a bit more though, I promise he cares nothing about you
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