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  1. that was the same guy who said it was most efficient to take a QB after the 1st round in another thread, I’d disregard
  2. It is bonkers there are still people trying to resist the reality of this. not just here I mean, though that too i mean running the panthers
  3. He was far and away the most qualified but wasn’t willing to be a yes man for a college coach
  4. yeah so like rhule has been blathering on about this as his ideal offense since he got here most coaches who are stuck in this frame of mindset for offense and are determined to prove it’s still the way at least have the decency to offer up coachspeak publicly, “yeah well you always wanna cater your offense around your guys’ skill set and not get stuck into any one frame of mind.” rhule openly pines for a game manager QB and an offense catered around the run game.
  5. so they don’t want those guys but they want the guy we can get so we give up the guy they want to get the guys they don’t want
  6. wow buddy keep these hot takes outta here, you clearly just don’t see the value in showing every other franchise how smart you are
  7. But how can I draft a QB if I don’t have every other position on the roster sorted out first?
  8. QB Purgatory III: Return of the Free Agent Has Been
  9. there’s also a bunch of other weird inconsistencies here that don’t make sense the giants intend to take a QB but wait until their second selection to do so? Why would they do that? Why put a franchise guy at risk? if teams love a QB enough to come up for them, why would the panthers pass on him? To “get back picks from the darnold trade”…? Picks don’t fix the panthers. Valuable picks fix the panthers. A second would be nice (not the player you projected though) but it is vastly less valuable than addressing the need at the QB position. You can buy quality center play for pennies on the dollar. Nothing about this maneuvering improves the panthers chances of winning games. you have the panthers give up the 6th pick in the draft and all they get out of it are the literal Darnold trade picks they haven’t made up for yet, they don’t even get multiple 1’s?? do you have any idea how much valuable 6 is than 11?
  10. Oof the goal of the draft is not to make Sonny SofaSurfer’s offseason more interesting by having Lots Of Picks. chasing your own tail trying to overcompensate for the mistake the darnold trade was would only be doubling down on that mistake. The panthers can work with the offseason they have relative to their needs. Overreacting is only going to make the problem worse. also all those picks are bad
  11. A positional coach is never more important than a coordinator and “beefing up the OL!!!” is far from the biggest crisis facing this team.
  12. No argument here but I don’t expect Matt rhule to intentionally lay down and accept his fate just because I don’t like him, nor do I expect Dave tepper to long for a bad season just so he can rub it in Matt rhules face just because he doesn’t like him
  13. What an awful opinion matt rhule is paid to win football games, everyone desires that Matt rhule wins football games. Matt rhule is expected to do what it takes to win football games. Nobody cares about money or cap space or any of these meaningless things. They care about winning. At no point in any sport at any time has a scenario like you just described happened.
  14. If you don’t feel good about any QB you are almost always wrong and need to reevaluate your ability to scout talent
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