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  1. Fans equate QB ceiling with “is he big and fast” laboring under the delusion that you can just mix in a bit of Coach Em Up and he can learn everything else and add it to the traits. there are things Bryce does right now that long term NFL QBs never develop the ability to do. Richardson will never be as good at these things. They aren’t “just a bit of coaching” away. He may be a spectacular player but it will be doing things his own way and his ceiling in comparison to things that Young excels at is lower. Maybe he’s a great player, maybe he’s better overall. But it won’t be because his frame and speed are a commentary on his “ceiling.” you could honestly argue that Richardson’s frame and mobility are a cap to his ability to develop these things. Guys like that have never developed the ability to move a pocket around the way a guy like Brees did because they’ve never needed to. Perhaps at some point some unicorn will come along with a really unique environment he was grown in as a younger player that allows him to be the best of both worlds, but until it happens you’re going to continue to operate under the belief that guys like that simply don’t develop those rare skills to their peak extent because their athleticism didn’t force them to develop those skills at the most crucial stages of their development. edit: im all for drafting athletes at the QB position and developing them to their best, especially with how much easier it is to play QB in the current NFL. But we haven’t seen the Brady/Cam hybrid yet and it may not be possible. So much of what Cam did poorly was baked into him because he could do other things that perhaps conflicted with his ability to develop on those areas. And vice versa.
  2. if he does it will mean absolutely nothing because Andy Dalton has been in the league for more than a decade and this is Bryce young’s third career nfl game, with chandler Zavala protecting him
  3. This post just further demonstrates that your average forum football fan has no idea what is being said when scouts evaluate a prospect’s ability to process and further explains why the only traits that matter to fans are the Height Weight and Stats on ESPN.com
  4. he tore his Achilles, he was always going to struggle this season. it’s normal for these injuries to take a season before a player returns to 100%. shame on the team to put so much on him and make no investment at CB
  5. The gentlemen here aren’t constantly on the brink of emotional collapse
  6. Frank is waving the white flag with the punt there. Second time in three games he’s decided enough is enough when the game was still within reach.
  7. At what point does someone get in ikwonu’s face and tell him to sack up
  8. Luvu out so we decide to start dropping Burns into coverage no rush
  9. League is going to drag Seattle across the finish line, too big a media darling.
  10. Dalton is a veteran QB playing the league’s worst pass defense and there are people who genuinely cannot incorporate that into their thought process because they will not yield on trying to rebrand their impatient hysteria as something logical edit: and even then our passing offense looks abysmal
  11. just left points on the field so we could….idk man i have no idea what they were thinking
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