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  1. whatever I’m not gonna sit around and watch this team stockpile a bunch of camp bodies
  2. so they didn’t even get a future pick out of it lol
  3. oh wow well this changes things, as long as we’re stacking meaningful picks
  4. it feels like “look all darnold cost us was one pick” was the primary objective of the draft
  5. they traded down giving up a 4 and a 5 to get two threes and then traded said three to get a 4 and a 5
  6. they traded the high one to move up three spots to take the tackle
  7. he listed about half a dozen different names under the guise of “its okay guys they’ve still got their eyes on” right before said player went off the board
  8. lol If you’ve been following John Ellis’ page you’ll know exactly how the 2nd round out played out for them
  9. lol so they gave Cleveland a 4 to get that deal done Like lol what are they getting in return for helping these teams secure players they want
  10. The team really needed another starter and aside from a few guards there’s not a single player remaining that you could confidently say is a plug and play starter from the gun
  11. well they didn’t have much choice after all of the super secret prospects they ‘discovered’ went off the board in proceeding order after the first trade down now they’re just banking on luck
  12. I hope they’re upset its a nice bit of medicine for them to swallow
  13. Daniel Jeremiah was talking earlier about how college coaches have a terrible propensity to equate prospective nfl talents to what they were when said college coach was recruiting them rhule thinks he’s in a candy store full of guys he just narrowly missed out on at Baylor when he’s just stockpiling garbage players
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