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  1. Torque comes from the lower body. Little bit of upper body strength is going to help when he’s off platform but more often than not you wanna throw from a set base, that’s where your energy is coming from. Give him a clean pocket and a developed comfort level behind it and he’ll be fine, as he always as. there’s nothing about this that doesn’t translate
  2. a road divisional game to start the season and two road divisional games to conclude it lol i like the nfl aggressively pushes for the desired outcomes with zero shame
  3. you can teach a child to snap a football mid-game and be fine, it’s wild that there are people who are breaking down over them “having to learn it”
  4. in the 3rd round you’re almost universally getting high floor low ceiling or high ceiling floor types. I wouldn’t have minded a low impact position where one of the top guys was still on the board, but some would argue that’s exactly what off ball LB is and to that end it seems like a lot of the evaluations sites had him a top 3 or 4 off ball guy in this class i mean it’s not the e most enthralled I’ve ever been with a pick but I’ll wait and see where it goes before lambasting it
  5. well I haven’t seen the analytics but he sure looked like he was getting separation as South Carolina used him effectively underneath. separation means different things at different levels of the field and the closer you are to the line of scrimmage the less difficult it is to do. Canales has already talked about all this but even prior to that it was obvious form his skill set that he was going to be running jets, drags, overs, slants, quick outs. These aren’t master class routes and most of the time they’re done with run concepts anyways to get the ball out quick and get your best ball carrier moving down field clean. Leggette has been billed by this board elsewhere as the vertical field stretcher who high points the ball down field and whereas he’s certainly demonstrated that as a tool I don’t think it’s going to be where they work him in as he develops. They’ll throw him the ball down field a few times to keep the defense on their literal toes but I imagine they’ll probably use him more as a weapon nearer to the line of scrimmage earlier while he develops his intermediate game.
  6. “Guys we’ve been bad, how could you possibly argue we’ve needed more quality long snapper play? see how the argument doesn’t work
  7. wait you believe the panthers have been bad because of mediocre center play? seems like you’re making my broader point about overvaluing the impact the position has
  8. he will be used rotationally if that’s the only standard you’re after and saying “likely needs a lot of work” kind of just feels like you’re assuming a broader point rather than evaluating the player
  9. because that’s likely how he’s going to be utilized early on until he develops his intermediate game
  10. the point here is that you can buy quality center player for next to nothing and get veterans in the process but I don’t think people want veterans, I don’t even really think they’re in love with the players i think a lot of people just love the idea of taking centers, either because they’re an easy to project position that probably has a low bust rate and the thought of a bust terrifies a lot of people, or people just like the idea of drafting a center high because it’s tough and huzzah and build those trenches and that seems most “cool” by having big time pick investment
  11. “the panthers will continue to value WRs over centers” yes welcome to the national football league
  12. both the jets and giants have been every bit as awful as us, how are those ELITE PLUG AND PLAY CENTERS doing for those franchises
  13. I too wish we would’ve taken that plug and play polished and ready mega talent at pick 72
  14. I mean we heard the reports pre draft that brooks was their guy there’s nothing to indicate center was ever in play
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