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  1. Congrats to new dad Kony Ealy

    He loves and takes care of his handicapped sister and now he has a new daughter of his own. A responsible and loving brother and now a father.....all the best to you and your family.
  2. Guy always showing his mom and two daughters and family on twitter, how much he cherishes them etc. Providing for his family with the millions to be made in the NFL would be the thing to do, not flushing it all down the drain. Talk is cheap Frank, you blew it.
  3. Wes Horton Suspended 4 Games for PEDs

    So if he was average at best on the juice, what can we expect from him off the juice? Not very promising to say the least. Good luck wherever life takes him 
  4. He tried his best, but couldn't cut it. Fox and Clausen where the last two guys that always reminded me of that stomach churning 2-14 season that heralded in the new age for us. Good luck Jimmy.....have fun on the yacht in SoCal.
  5. Is this the same Collins that some where wringing their hands over because he didn't come here?  It just can't be true that our Oline is better without him.....can it?
  6. The Patriots are the worst undefeated team in the league

    I dare you hand the prestige of the 'worst undefeated team' to the Patriots. Pure blasphemy I say.
  7. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    I'm sure this highly educated soul from Texas helps the less fortunate, feeds the needy, and visits terminally sick children.....just like Cam. The ability of some human beings to be total morons, their ignorance is amazing.
  8. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Let them babble. They are one ass kicking away from folding up the tent. And if anyone is waiting for some "insight" from a #76, the human race will be long gone before that happens.
  9. This may be the first time the entire nation gets to see the Panthers. Nothing bigger during the regular season then a 4:30 Thanksgiving day game for most football fans. Maybe the Seattle or Greenbay games where bigger for Panther fans, but a show case game like this will show everyone what we have. Whats the final score and who shows out....let's hear it.
  10. Horton suspended 4 games

    Chances of him clearing waivers before he reaches us is slim to none. Alot of teams below us needing DE/DT help and crying for a pass rush. Can't get em all guys.
  11. Amini tears ACL

    Done for season. Need Norwell bad now. Depth getting thin, may need to pick up someone . Maybe practice squad guy?   *already a thread mods delete if so inclined.            
  12. Deadskin Pic

    I do believe Cam just does this stuff to fug with the media.....Bone heads fall for it every time
  13. Saints game flexed

    1 pm...4:25 pm....8:25 pm.....who cares   Just beat their ass.
  14. As long as he doesn't do a photo shoot naked, with a wash cloth over his pubes.. then I'm good. 
  15. From the Dallas Morning News

    We don't follow false gods. ...... We tear them down from their thrones.