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  1. Drew Brees..... Team Player

    Don't eat at Jimmy Johns.....sandwiches suck.
  2. For all of our Moms

    On this day, sending out love to all our mothers..both here and gone. I love you mom and miss you every day. April 7, 2014.
  3. The man adapts to the situation at hand and doesn't look back. If the situation dictates BPA, he goes that way. If it dictates flooding a position with players he feels are talented, then he adjusts. His ability to find talent that others don't see, is his calling card. Just send out the crew and bring back the evaluations he needs. I don't care if the ' talking heads' give this draft a 'd' rating. He was focused on fixing the secondary and he went full out to do so. There are gems there and he feels they can be coached up to make this defense better. Adjust and adapt as the situation dictates.
  4. Whomever can play the position in an effective manor.....ask after the preseason.
  5. D.G using the cast net theory. One of them bait fish has to be a keeper......I hope.
  6. D.G has proven time and again that most at the Huddle don't have a friggin clue when evaluating talent. The same with most of the 'experts' that grab a paycheck to try it. I'll just sit back and let Dave and his crew do the heavy lifting.
  7. So Norman leaves and a hole in the secondary suddenly appears. D.G keeps his footing and continues to built the defensive line. If this dude pans out, they will have addressed that situation indirectly. He will pick a CB in this draft, (possibly 3rd or 4th round.) Panthers will have a Dline that will cause pain and suffering. No one will run on this team and many a QB will be hearing footsteps on every snap. Constant rotation for four full quarters. With an excellent dline and top notch linebacking corp behind them, good luck on having time to pick apart this defense. We don't need a 15 million dollar CB, a decent one will do fine in this situation. Good job by the ' godfather' once again.
  8. Norman had every chance to sign the tender and report for workouts. Said he wouldn't be at the pre season workouts. Blame everyone else if you want to. Put the pen to paper and problem solved. To late now ' toothpaste is already out of the tube' to speak
  9. He has a sore ass because they kicked him to the curb.
  10. Players will wish him luck and say he will be missed. If your waiting for ranting and raving, forget it. Hopefully they know not to cause a social media. scene. Thar crap won't play well with D.G and R.R.
  11. TEAM means all 53 guys are a unit and win or lose as a,whole. Norman thinks he is the best CB to ever lace up cleats, so be it. Play somewhere else. D.G will reshuffle the deck at draft time and fIll the position. I have total confidence in him to keep this train rolling.
  12. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    I just wanted to step back and read that comment again. Please stay off I-26 and I-40 up here in the mountains. We have enough trigger happy yahoo's here already.
  13. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    You are joking shoot someone six times and kill him over an argument about a fender bender. How do you know what went down or what was said. Crazy talk.
  14. RIP Will Smith (former saints DE)

    Just came back from N.O. last week and the GPS took us the wrong way towing my fifth wheel @ 10 pm. My wife (who is from there), started to panic knowing the area. All I can say is be very carefull if you and the family go for a visit. The roads are a mess and the one ways, u-turns, and crazy ass drivers add to the mayhem. Smith didn't even get lost, and he was a victim. I'm sure allowing traffic to roll through while thousands of tourists and drunks stagger in and out probably contributed to the fender bender.