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  1. It's smoke people. Obviously nobody is scared.The Panthers are 15-1 and playing at home. But, I hope this gets out. Iwill gladly pretend to be "scared" for the next 6 days if it by any chanceinflates the heads of the Seahawks and makes our guys mad all at once. Getting 2 birds stoned at once.
  2. Winston-Salem

    I'll sign up for WS
  3. I can't stand either of them. I miss packer
  4. The Huddle Gameday Live - Buffalo Bills Edition

    I hate having to learn all the new guys numbers... 13, 81, 82, white guy is the receiving core; other than that I have to keep looking at the roster from the team website
  5. anyone notice that when cam blows on his hands before the first snap, its a throwing play; but when he doesn't blow on his hands it is a running play? not real sure why i just thought of that...its been a long day
  6. any of you freaks not get any sleep too? that was a long night