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  1. Why the Cardinals Lost

    Sitting in time out an extra five minutes PLUS A terminal owie on Carson's finger EQUALS 36 Points  Cards are the real champs, we should forfeit
  2. Notes and Memos - NFC Championship

    Dear Cardinals NASCAR Museum is around the corner   Wouldn't want you to have a wasted trip
  3. Pregame Field Stuff....

    But . . but . . .Carson Palmer's finger fell off on the plane trip.  
  4. Best Play/Worst Play

    I think it will be Panthers outlast Seahawks . . . Due to a poor field * After getting several hours less sleep.   *(which obviously only Seattle played on,it was switched to a perfect field for us)
  5. Early line out for NFCC

    We are favored by 24 in first half. Arizona by 20 in second half We win by three when their drive stalls on the 6 yard line.
  6. Snow on Sunday?

    Forget forecasts - ice melt is out front on display in some triad stores.  Evidently, there is a 30%-50% chance we could get anywhere from flurries to a dusting.  I'm guessing the game will be cancelled since all the milk and bread will be gone before tomorrow.  
  7. Don't you think you should have waited until his bus left Middle School to make the OP?
  8. KB_fan This is great work on the computer (No sarcasm intended) How about you get on a server and mosey over to Iran and scramble all their work on nuclear weapons?
  9. I feel like I drifted off and woke up in Algebra class.
  10. Voth calls out armchair GMs

    I'm really confused. Does this infer that Marc with a "c" James was wrong about something???
  11. Thinking of making a move.

    If you can find jobs, hard to beat the Asheville area (climate, smaller town feel,tons of cultural attractions)  
  12. The team I hope we don't see: The Panthers team that showed up against the Falcons last week
  13. David Newton Back In The Day

    I drove a Pinto during those years. Wagon with wood grain siding. A genuine babe magnet. So, don't be a hater. 
  14. Schefter gets all his info from Person . . . 
  15. Video Released of Ball and OBJ pre-game

    somewhere in Tennessee, the mother of a nine year old picks up her pen . . .