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  1. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Cam's Story presented by Under Armour   

    "Psst. Hey buddy, over here. Yeah, that's it. Don't be afraid. Hey buddy, do you like dogs. We all like dogs? Don't we? Yeah. Hey buddy, um, hey know listen. I gots me in a little jamb. Can you spots me like 1, maybe um, ah 2 million. I gots to get my granny to the hospital, and I need me some gas money bad."
    C'mon buddy. I promise, I'm a good guy. Trust me. I can lead you where you need to be.
    6 Years later. I woke up in the sleaziest Shanghai Hotel, (I think it was a Hotel,) I had... Anyway, the last thing I can remember is thinking that the hot dog smelt funny somehow.
     The moral of this story?  Travel is all cool and everything. But if you want truly long lasting memories? Stay away from strange men bearing foul smelling hot dogs. Oh, and as a quickish aside. Being gullible gives off an actual scent. Yupperz! Criminals can sense your stupidity. Trust me, I've seen it.
    So yeah. Both Star and KK sign their next deals with us.
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  2. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Harbaugh vs Cowherd   

    If they accept fair deals, they can play a lot of games together.

    Go Green all over both you're azzez.

    What Cowherd is doing is what folks in the trade call "Throwing him a softball". An easy question designed to get the speaker to relax and open up.
    Cowherd threw that um coach 9 "Softballs", and he whiffed every time. Cool. Burn that whole school down when you go up in flames.
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  3. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Most and Least injured teams over the past two years   

    I do believe so myself. It rings a bell that Gman brought it with him, or shortly after he got here. I have heard positive things about it from the staff. But then again, I am 3 times removed from any actual information. So take that. What ever it is...keep it up. that's what she said. badabing.
    So if we had 35 injuries and still finished what? 14th. The Giants had the most at 58, and the Eagles with18 of course led the league.
    Point being? Um, damm, lost that train again. BRB
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  4. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Luke Kuechly, #14 in the NFL Top 100   

    Every, and I mean absolutely everybody knows if you are strong up the middle, you can be good. Cam, Kalil, and Keek.
    Rabid fans of the game miss things, but if they have a decent grasp of the game, once you explain it, they can grasp it.
    Average fans miss more, and lack the recourses to overcome the obstacle. Most, most likely, played sports of some kind/level. And yes, that does include the women. Never got enough coaching, lack of knowledgeable friends, learned most of what they know from internet clubs, and watching on tv.
    We are talking about a vast number of folks here. I mean, wow, the numbers are staggering. I think we are talking Billions. The mind, it boggles.
    All that said. Harpo.
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  5. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic offseason gonna offseason   

    I have the first "Recorded" case of OCT. In fact, those are my initials. They came up with the name using "My" fugging name. Yeah, that's the ticket.
    They stopped the draft 1 fugging month before my b-day. So I missed out on Viet Nam.
    Oh, and "Haaave you met my wife?"
    I'd go on, but I lost my train of thought. Probably best for all.
    Happy Holiday guys and gals. Be safe.
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  6. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Voth's Unanswered Questions   

    I am fine with Cotch hanging around one more year to help ensure KB and now Funch, and hellz Corey as well. Anyway, Proehl can only do so much. Having Cotch as a player, who is with those guys all day, every day, has to pay dividends. Let him help Ricky get the young Bucks up to speed one more year. Then drop-kick his big ol' butt to the curb. Then curb stomp, Bristol stomp, and any other stomp in your playbook.
    He can do the mentoring thingy. He can get him some catches, throw some blocks, and maybe even a TD or two. Hellz, as far down the depth chart he is, he shouldn't take too many reps from somebody...you know...capable. But once this year is over. Thanks for the memories.
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  7. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Have a happy and safe 4th of July   

    Much like the in-laws, you cannot stop fashion.
    As to your OP. I have yet to see one, so Ima just back you on principle. "Hey you kids/idiots out there wearing                 these...monstrosities!!! I want it to stop!!!!! And I want it to stop now!!!!!!!
    Hope that helps ya some.
    I tried my hand in Fashion one time. I found her droll and pedantic. badabing.  But hey, it might just be me.
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  8. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic A new breed of Panthers   

    Right to my Amazon Wish List. X-mas cannot get here fast enough.
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  9. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons   

    Finally a true Shula built Offense. Hope it works?
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  10. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Coverage Poll   

    Cough. Cough... Is this thing on?
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  11. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Funchess interview in The Detroit News   

    I was gonna be "That Guy", and point out the fact that they don't have bunk beds at the dorms. The size on our team may ever make it prohibitive. You know. Insureance, the size of the damm thing, and add in the cost. But then I realized, that could take some of the luster off your actually quite charming joke. So, out of respect, I will allow you your Brady Family existence. I do however, find the thought of a 6'5 250ish lb beast on the top bunk....oddly titillating.
    As I was typing that out, I tangented off into how a Stevie song was playing in my right ear. I am telling you, it could of stood to be a little louder, the quality was that good. Then, it timed out beautifully. Just as I was about ready to post the post, the song finished. I was just wondering, you know, cuz, well, you seem to be a worldly type of guy. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I have been listening to Stevie playing with Albert Collins in what sounds to me like a intimate venue, cuz I can actually here some of the banter being exchanged with the audience. So far I have loved what I hear. I guess I have good taste in music. Albert singing a song about Lennon. Wonder if I'll be able to find this. Hellz, I'm on Stevie's FB, that's as good a place to start as any.

    The ONLY thing that changes when game planning a player is the amount of time you devote to the task. Every player gets game planned for. No team wants to lose a game and have to answer questions about how you game planned for such and such, cuz he torched you? You spend more time on stars than you do back-ups, but you put in some amount for everyone.
    Oh, and the word you are searching for is....wait for it....wait for it....politician.
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  12. iamhubby1 added a blog entry in Hubby's Musings   

    So this blog thing? It ain't so hard is it?
    So here I am. Comfy, and ready to fly, as I sit down to start my first Huddle blog. Even though there is a lot riding on this. I can only control…well, in my world, everything. But that’s neither here, nor there, for the time being anywho. You know you want to impress right out of the box. Come on “Like Gang Busters” as some long forgotten aunt, or was it that stupid husband of hers? Show everyone you got what it takes. Take the world by storm. If, you know what I mean.
    Speaking of the idiot brother in law. Who forever from this point forward shall now, and for always, be referred to as the "ibit". (Idiot Brother Inlaw Twit.) Smartest guy in the room, and, also the dumbest. My sister gave him a 4pack of MSU season tickets in an old razor box for Xmas one year. She had the brilliant idea to put his razor inside. You know, to balance out the weight and all.
    Anyway, the ibit unwraps the present, sees that it’s a razor, raises it up to show everyone, then sets it aside with the rest of his presents. My sister, who is filming this, wants him to get to the tickets. So she asks him to open it up so she can see the razor. He says, “Aw, it’s just a razor hun”.
    She tried 3 different pleas to get him to open that damm box. But nooooooo, the stupid twit couldn’t be bothered. I watched my sister go whisper to the mom, who soon got up and as she was walking by mentions to the ibit. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve even seen one of those things. Mind showing me the razor?” “Sure” he says, as he jumps up to please the Queen.
    He opens up and shakes out the razor, these 4 tickets kinda fall out into his hand. He looks at the razor, looks at the tickets, and then looks at his wife. He is standing there, looking like a Prom Queen in the lobby of a Mensa convention, looking at that razor. Then, as he is once again looking at the tickets, a smile starts to chip into that granite of perpetual duh.
    He looks at his wife and says, “I am pretty sure…that’s my razor. Is this a trick gift?”.
    So anyway. I sit down, look at the ol’ lap top, and, nothing. My mind’s a blank. Even though I had no real topic for which to begin my journey into blogdom. I was just betting my brain could come up with something to get the ball rolling. But nope.  Even with all those neurons running with the protons, mixing with all that accrued knowledge rattling around in my head. Nothing. Nada.
    So…all those nuggets, tidbits, and snippets I’ve got. All those endless hours in front of the tv. Extensive interaction with all sorts of nefarious characters. Input from sources I don’t even remember. And my brain can’t come up with 1 good idea to start a blog? No two tidbits running into each other and before they know it two more, and then three, and four. And yet can't get enough mass to warrant a topic. How many tidbits does it take to warrant a "This is worth a look"? Give me a break here. I want to look good in front of the guys/girls, so please, give me something.
    So I guess Dear Readers, I must pass on this golden opportunity in front of me. For a blogger without an idea is just a…well, you get the idea. A bad topic starter. That is what I have been reduced to. Nothing more than a Panther I start a lot of threads wannabe. Oh the humanity.
    Pet Peeve Corner.
    This is what I’m going to call my random thoughts section. A thought struck me, and I wanted to get it down. By the time I actually did get around to it? …Nothing, gone. But hey, at least now, when I do have one of those tangent thoughts, I know where to put it.
    I can be off on a rant, I mean, c’mon man, we all love to vent, and when a tangent pops up. I now have the ability to expand abilities. I cannot only ride my tangent out. But, if I arrive home safely from wherever it took me. I simply copy and paste it later. Thus allowing me to return to my rant in record time. Brilliant.
    I’m going to leave you with a game I hope to play. It’s called. “College, or Hillbilly”. I’ll give you a quote, or a situation. And you tell me if it was said/done by a College Grad, or a Hillbilly.
    So, with future ado. The inaugural “College or Hillbilly” question is: “Boy, once that air-conditioning kicks in, it sure can feel good.”
    So good folks of HuddleLand. Who among you said College? Yeah!!!! Or Hillbilly? Huuuuh?
    If you made it this far, thank you. If you cheated and jumped to the end, I’ll know. Leave a comment. Only if you really feel the need. No pressure. Or, you know, um, don’t comment. If that is what you feel is best.
    Vote here.  @yalikeihaveawebsitec’onman.aol.com
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  13. iamhubby1 added a comment on a blog entry My recent interest in "travel hacking"   

    I saved 55 cents today at Food Lion. Until I read this, I was feeling pretty good about myself. So you've got that going for you.
    I am pretty sure that if you get the info out there, there will be plenty of folks who will learn from you. So you've got that going for you too.
    My dad always said. If you use your credit card like a tool, it can be a money maker. This, takes that, to a whole new level.
    My sister travels a lot. She is always on her phone checking on some odd thing or another. She says, all you have to do is ask. They will have stuff ready and waiting for you.
    Get to work. You've got a lot ahead of you.
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  14. iamhubby1 added a comment on a blog entry Questions at OTA media day   

    Clever, informative, (Didn't know there were 2 of them.) funny, ("Both our readers." lol this is just but 1 example.)  and best of all, readable.
    All in all, I enjoyed the read. Nice contribution
    This is the Huddlez definition of tweener type stuff. Good enough to get to read, but would get eatin' alive in the Panther sub-forum. Which means it probably wouldn't get posted, and I never would have gotten a chance to read it. It needed a place for not just him, but where all his brethren could feel welcomed.
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