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  1. Breakout Players vs Saints

    Except...half our TDs have been "long home run plays". Oh how quickly we forget. It is both funny, cuz it's true, and sad, because it's true.
  2. Something to mull over is the fact that that play was on the far hash. That is a long throw. Playing off can give him time to react. Bradberry was on the short side, and he was pressing his man. The shorter the throw, the closer you have to play to the receiver.
  3. That is a good point. However, it does not fit the narrative. We applied a bunch of pressure on that last drive. It took them 3:30 to go 60 yards, they were grinding it out. We were still mixing up our plays, and still bliltzed quite often. IMO, we played a much more aggressive D than we have in the past. Unfortunately, even that almost didn't work. Sometimes the other team is just successful.
  4. Dang man. We are 2-0, our Defense is #1, and Worley is having himself a fine start to the year. IMO, critiquing one play like this is just plain petty.
  5. Today's offensive performance is on Cam

    Cam started 2-6, and we got a FG out of it. He went 18-26 (That's 70% for you math challenged folks.) the rest of the way, and we got 2 more FGs out of it. So....it is a tad disingenuous to say the Cam was inaccurate.
  6. Well, I am sure there are plenty of folks like you, who probably could care less. And really, there is nothing wrong with that. However, there is literally hundreds of thousands of people who care very deeply for this Tradition.
  7. The Keep Pounding drum

    Like a gambler will bet on anything. You guys will complain about anything.
  8. Damn Trai!

    C'mon man. Bowman may have sensed something was coming, but he was pretty powerless to do anything about it. Also, calling out "Something's funny" is rather vague. But yeah, that's our OC.
  9. Well, thankfully, there is no real need for you to be able to see it.
  10. McCoy

    Well I don't like it. Back in the day we didn't have media, and we used drugs and alcohol to kill brain cells. Damm kids nowadays got it so easy it truly fries my bacon. Mmmm, now I'm hungry. Where was I?
  11. While I appreciate the fact that you are trying to talk football, and not just trash. I have to tell you your assessment is tainted with opposition bias. You know just enough to be dangerous. There is a very real possibility that our D will finish in the top 5. Whether you believe in our players or not, we are darn good. We have a front 7 that is expected to be one of the best. Our SS is coming off 2 consecutive Pro Bowls. Our FS leads all Ss in INTs over the last 2 years. One of our CBs is being considered as a star in the making. Our NB is considered one of the best. And our other CB is a 2nd year up and comer. Scoff if you will. Us Panther fans? We truly have a Defense that can be very very good. AND, we have Cam fuging Newton. Yeah, we gon be good. Hence, we are thinking deep Playoff run, while you are still waiting on the Playoffs. Sorry, that wasn't a nice way to finish. Oh well.
  12. McCoy

    I realize I am...older...and you kids have a really interesting relationship with the English language. But, what does "Almost Forgot" mean? That the knowledge of McCoy being on the Bills almost slipped away to the nether regions of your brain. But at the last possible moment, BANG, it popped back in? I mean, is there a place, like a purgatory, where thoughts teeter on the precipice. Balanced between plunging down the abyss, and being lost forever. Or hanging on by a fingernail hoping to be called upon once again? And exactly where do thoughts go once they have been cast into oblivion? Buffalo? Fascinating.
  13. They only do the 2 games on one night on the first night. It's the pageantry, the glitz and glamor, it is getting the season off with a bang. Then it's back to the same ol drudgery of one game between two teams that I could care less about. Unless it's this Monday. Got my Lions vs the Giants. But for the most part, most folks can't stay awake long enough to finish a Monday night game. Or a Thurs. night game for that matter.
  14. Marty Hurney Vent Thread

    Just because he hangs out at the Strip Club doing blow all day, does not make him a drunk. Dang man, if you gon troll, at least get your facts straight. You sir, are fake news.
  15. To piggy-back on that. Another reason teams like to keep things underneath, is to make teams use lots of plays to move down field. The more plays it takes to move down the field. The better chance they will get antsy, and make a mistake. Whether that mistake is a penalty at the wrong time, or an untimely turnover. Most teams are not built to continually make long drives to score points. If you can make them do exactly that. You are putting yourself in good position.