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  1. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    OK, I'll bite. Who's this?
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  2. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    Especially since they had video of him being an idiot almost two years ago. They had ample evidence this guy was as goofy as anyone can be. That said, yea, Loomis at his best. Again.
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  3. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    23MIL in guarantees less than a year ago. That is a huge chunk of change they have to eat.
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  4. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic More Russell Wilson contract "news"-Summary:It's great to be a Panther fan   

    "So then God says. If you cut a hole in your pocket, you can touch yourself and no one needs to know. I ain't taken my hands out of my pockets going on two years now. Man, God is the best."
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  5. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Big Frank, Big Frank, Big Frank!   

    I concur wholeheartedly that he has his work cut out for him. Best case-he takes over at DE, and never looks back. Worse case-winds up at the bottom of the depth chart, and is never heard from again.
    Best case. Rivera would love this. Not only does it settle his line, it gives him all year to play with Ealy. First, the ONLY thing Rivera loves more than having his LB corp. settled, is having his D-line settled. It allows him to set his practice up the way he wants it, not the way he has to. You only have so many reps to go around. It helps when you are filling out the practice schedule, to know who your starters are. The more important benefit of having that starting line set? Getting your rotations set. In both game, and practice settings.
    Ealy can wind up being our 6th man this year. Star needs to come out, put Ealy in and see how it works. KK? CJ? Any time you need a blow, Ealy is our man. Sorry. See where he seems to excel, or where he struggles. Use this year to evaluate the heck outta him. There are some tough decisions acomin'. Knowing what you can expect out of Ealy can make at least one of them easier.
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  6. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Big Frank, Big Frank, Big Frank!   

    Technically, we go with 4 dedicated 3rd down guys. The Panthers call it their "Nascar" Package, cuz everybody rushes 100 mph.
    Not sure we are going to get a superstar out of our group. Ealy may come closes, if he can put it all together. And of course there is Big Frank. The Panther DE enigma. The Panthers would love for one of these guys to step up and take that last spot on the Front 4. Which would allow them to better set up their rotation. Setting up a solid rotation is much preferable to the "D-Line by Committee" of last year.
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  7. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Holy Frijoles! The 2015 Sporting News Pro Football prediction issue   

    Now, come on folks. We all know folks out there know all about us. They just want to see us put it all together. No more up, then down then look good turns into WTF football, win one year, lose the next. In other words, "The Lions Syndrome."
    Win the Division-Playoff team schedule the next year-don't make the playoffs. The next year-get non-Playoff team schedule, make the Play Offs. And the cycle continues.
    We may have had a...hic-up along the way, but we are BTB NFCS Champ. Let's just keep winning and leave all that other shhhtuff for folks without a Play Off team to figure out.
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  8. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Overweight or Underweight?   

    Man, I remember when the team in Dallas got the 1st 300lb lineman. Now at that weight, the only positions you can really play are LT, and C.
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  9. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Big Frank, Big Frank, Big Frank!   

    I don't know if I would necessarily say overrated, but you got to admit, the kid has garnered his fair share of interest recently. With good reason I would think. If he could somehow win the LE job, man, that would help our D immensely Not to mention his opportunity for him to earn himself, a good sized raise. 
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  10. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic What would be a disappointing season for you?   

    Let's see, what would disappoint me about the upcoming season. Cam taking a step back. Stewy only playing a dozen games would be disappointing.But the one thing that would disappoint me? Only playing 12 games. Now that would disappoint.
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  11. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Dan Graziano breaks down Newton vs Brees and Ryan   

    Bump for no apparent reason other than I can't pay attention. So so sorry.
    Useless facts. 75% of men will pass up a poop if there is no entertainment whatsoever. And 60% of men take some sort of device with them when they go.
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  12. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    If you trust yourself---take the money.
    If you don't trust yourself---take a piece and do some back loading like this for financial security.
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  13. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Happy 4th of July Everyone   

    Right back at ya big guy. 
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  14. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Should NFL contracts be guaranteed?   

    IMO, the Panthers have turned the corner where is comes to smart "Football IQ type" players. If you are wearing a Panther uniform, I pretty much know I can trust you to know the game. Plenty of guys that are versatile. Plenty of depth to go around. If I didn't know better I'd say we have the makings of a pretty good team here boys.
    Culture. That one word resonates through us all. Gman don' gon' changed ours all up and such. People around the Football World see what's going on down here. Who knew there were benefits to being fiscally responsible. That using FA cleverly, and drafting well were cornerstones to building a successful franchise. Gman don' messed up. He let the genie out of the bottle. If we can continue to ascend. We can be a model to follow. Who'd a thunk that.
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  15. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Luke Kuechly, #14 in the NFL Top 100   

    Folks just seem to always need reminding. That keek character? He fast. He heads in the right direction quickly as well. It may look like reckless abandon. Be rest assured though, every movement has been thought out, calculated, tweaked, simulated, and then executed. That is what they call instincts my friends. 20thz per nano second. The only other human to test nearly as high? Nobody.
    Would not surprise me one little bit if he wound up being a very successful Head Coach.
    TD, TD, TD, TD. The dude has defiantly given us some chills bumps these last few years. And Thankfully, we still have a few more years headed our way. He is BACK, better than ever. He can feel it. Everybody sees it. This season is being primed to get TD...wait for it....wai...DPOY Booyaa.  Biggest hitter in the game! Bar none! You may ask yourself, "Self, why is hubby so cock sure of himself?"  Well guess what? I'm willing to drop some knowledge, and do my best to explain this in a way that leaves no doubt I know me some TD. You ready? Perfect Form.
    BAMMM. We get so wrapped up in the story/love for the guy we sometimes forget that he too, is one hellz of a LBer. He ballz out til retirement. No body gon' worry about 3 missed years. Just the 10 he did put in. Give the man his statue. Especially if we can get him some trophies. No player exemplifies the "Keep Pounding" philosophy like TD.

    My dog can sit and fetch. My dog can fetch and sit . jk Couldn't resist.
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