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  1. Short answer is...If Larsen is starting at LG, and Matt goes down. You have to shift two positions. Whereas, if Larsen is on the bench, you only shift one position. Sometimes those guys that could start at multiple positions, are more important not starting at all. Best case? Van Rotten, or Mahon win the LG job outright. Leaving Larsen to be healthy next year. It may seem to suck this year. But it may just pay dividends for the future.
  2. First. If Jackson can tackle the art of tackling. (He he) That very well could make him the second best CB on the roster. So...he might as well start. Second. Not really sure why you would think the kid will get "Rattled"? So far, that is not a word I would associate with him. "Coachable", and "Confident" are the words I hear. Those types of guys are too prepared to be rattled. Third. Sometimes guys just have IT. And for some strange reason. To me, he just seems to have it. Fourth. He came into the fold with some talent, and an attitude. And from all I've heard. Both of those seem to have taken a step forward. And man, does that excite me. Lastly. I also would like to see a Vet come in. But only if he plays Outside. Capt. should be of help, but a guy who has spent his career on the outside, could have a calming effect. Or not, what do I know? Edit: tl/dr version. Jackson, and Bradberry could be pretty good. If...Capt. is back...Top ten Defense is obtainable.
  3. Norv begat Chud, who begat Shula. We have the progenitor of this offense. Not to mention Norv is who Rivera wanted in the first place. If things would have worked out differently, we would have had Norv from the beginning. Although we may be learning some new verbiage, we are not learning a new offense.
  4. iamhubby1

    Back to back winning seasons

    Dude, c'mon man. You said the same thing last year. Then we won our 8th game. Then you said we would not make the Playoffs. Then, when we made the Playoffs. You said we would not win a game. Soooo, you had that one right. lol The thing about about being negative all the time. You can be right some of the time. IMO, when you have a QB like Cam, you always have a shot. Period. So yeah, come on over to the light side. I promise, it won't hurt.
  5. iamhubby1

    Cool story on CMC

  6. When I was a much younger lad, it was golf, beer, and sex. Nowadays? Well... it's still golf, beer, and sex. It's just at a more leisurely pace.
  7. iamhubby1

    The Norv difference

    Now don't quote me on this. But, isn't the SuperB owl in ATL. this year? Would be interesting to see how many Panther fans show up for that game.
  8. iamhubby1

    The Norv difference

    Well, if I had my druthers, I would defiantly druther give him an opportunity to shine here as a Panther. But hey, you gots to do what you gots to do. To be honest, as Thomas is a 4th rounder, is it really feasible to even count on much production from him this year? The kid passes the eye test from his college work, but can he transition it to the NFL? It would be great if he can. I mean, it would make us a better team. And I can definitely live with that.
  9. iamhubby1

    The Norv difference

    How about this? We put him on the Practice Squad. If he gets poached, we know we made a decent pick. If he does not get poached, we know we made a bad pick. Win-win.
  10. I hear where you are coming from. Losing Norwell was a yuge loss. But the thing is, RT is a more important position. And Daryl is on the verge of being elite himself. So if you only get to keep one, I would prefer he be a RT. We have 4 players who are, or have been, All Pro/Pro Bowlers. If we get solid play from LG, we can have one of the best lines we have ever had. The potential is there for this to be one of the best teams we have ever fielded. And man, that should get everyones giddy up.
  11. iamhubby1

    Jimmy Clausen is still trash

    Not only is this not true, it is not even close to accurate. In Matts' 13 starts he went 7-6, and we outscored the opposition 226-205. But hey. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good argument. It may be true that teh Jimmey may be one of the worst QBs to ever don a Panther jersey. But let's not put Matt on some pedestal that he does not deserve either.
  12. iamhubby1

    Hunter Henry just blew out his ACL

    Well, to be fair. Most teams would fold if they were to lose their starting QB for any length of time. Them have Foles is a much bigger deal than them have some quality back ups at other positions. That "Next man up" mantra only gets you so far. Losing a starting QB is a yuge blow to overcome. They got lucky on that one.
  13. Did you read the topic of the thread? If you are a part of the NFL, and you are on the field, you must stand. Igo and his ilk could kneel, visitors could kneel, and I could kneel. All because we are not a part of the NFL. It is not a rule for a "Set of employees". It is a rule for all NFL personnel.
  14. This is what has my giddy up so excited. Defenses better be able to bring their A game. Cuz if they make a mistake, this Offense can make them pay big time. Which very well could affect whether teams will blitz us, or not. Because if they blitz, they had better get there. Otherwise, they leave themselves wide open to a splash play. I am also going with the thought that teams will be hesitant to stack the box this year. With the speed we can put out there, putting an extra man, or two, in the box leaves that back end in a bind. We absolutely have the Offensive talent to give DCs fits. One missed assignment/tackle, and you very well could be giving up chunk yards. So yeah, my giddy is defiantly up waiting to see how teams try and defend us this year. I expect most teams to play us more straight up this year. Especially teams with weaker Offenses. Play it safe, and make us march down the field. Don't be too aggressive, and stay away from giving up those splash plays. Keeping us under 30 points is going to be tough. So I can see teams doing some strange things to try and slow us down. Or at least that is how I see it at this point in time. The other aspect I am excited to see this year is Cam. If he can take advantage of the mistake Ds are going to make, he could have himself a really good year. And when he has a really good year... tl/dr version. Hubby excited.
  15. iamhubby1


    How many catches do you think DJ is going to need to reach 1,100 yards? 75 or so? That does seem like a lot. Considering he is behind CmC, and Greg. Maybe even Funch as well. So it is going to be tough for him to get the targets needed to reach that amount of yards. I do expect him to get a poo ton of touches. So his all purpose yards could be up there. The kid very well get close to 1,000 all purpose yards. Or not.