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  1. I am just wondering why you feel that all of a sudden these "Stories" will start to emerge? JR is selling, he is basically out the door. He has pretty much lost everything. Why wait until now to tell your story? Seems to me there is no reason those stories could not have come out sooner. JR has been here for 25+ years. I am sure there are stories. I guess I just don't understand why all these stories are about to see the light of day. I mean, I just can't picture folks all of a sudden lining up to tell their "Me too" stories.
  2. I was just saying that you being nice enough to allow me to take this one, was a nice gesture. And that I appreciated said gesture.The world needs more nice gestures. Take the dang compliment would ya! sheesh
  3. I surely do appreciate the gesture. The wife is also good with gestures. Unfortunately for me, they are mostly of the empty variety. lol
  4. That's a pretty bold statement there Cotton. Mind explaining your logic?
  5. That jibes with what I member. JR asked Hurndog why we weren't winning. Hurndog said he didn't know. So JR fired him. That's the story I'm going with.
  6. Wow dude. You really have taken this to the nth degree haven't you. You have used words like "Puke", and "Disgust" when talking about this. That is a whole lot of emotion, and angst, all over something that you have no control over. Someone has to bridge the gap between the Football side, and the Business side of this team. So what if it is Hurndog for the time being. There is just as good a chance, if not close to a sure thing, that the new Owners bring in their own, as there is Hurndog stays. You have worked yourself into a pretty good lather over some things that have not, or even may not, happen. Me? I am going to wait until this all plays. I will then react accordingly, and go about my merry way. Because at the end of the day. This is just Football.
  7. Sounds like someone woke up on the wrong side of the 21st Century. But hey, you've got that grumpy old man curmudgeon thingy down pat. I bet not one of the neighbor kids dares step on your lawn. Amirite?
  8. IMO, you use the blitz to shorten the routes, by making the QB get the ball out quicker. In theory, even if he completes the pass, the play is not enough for the 1st down. If you get to him, fine. The point is to get the play shortened. If you are going to blitz, you had better know your opponent. And you had better be able to disguise it enough to confuse even a Brees. He may guess right some of the time, but he won't be right all of the time. You take advantage of his mistakes, and you mitigate your own with solid play, and sure tackling. Short story long. Nowadays, with the quality of QBs in the league. Rushing four, playing sound football, and throwing in the occasional blitz is about all you can do.
  9. Effective being the operative word. Let's be honest. QBs get rattled at different levels of pressure. And teams have a plethora of ways to protect their QBs. Quick passes, and max protect being a couple. Point being, teams scheme to protect their QB. As a DC, you have to know which QBs you can rattle with just your front four, and which QBs you need to dial up the pressure. If you have to blitz to get pressure, you have to be somewhat creative. Not every blitz get home, but if you do it well, it can still be a weapon. Best case is Hall, and Obada show up next year. I don't know if that is the plan, or if they plan on bringing someone in. But I do know that Rivera loves Hall, and is excited over Obada. So I guess we shall see. Exciting times ahead I tell ya what.
  10. I am pretty sure we wound up leading the league in blitz's. And I am also pretty sure most folks probably think that is one stat that may not be in our best interest. Mainly because of the extra stress it puts on your Defense to be perfect. Defense is tough enough to play, without adding to the difficulty by blitzing your butt off. Now, as you said, we were top shelf in sacks. But I have no data on if they came from our front four, or were the result of all those blitz's. I do believe as the year went by, our front four was getting less pressure. Which could be why we were blitzing more towards the end of the year. Which is why this off-season is going to be interesting. I know Rivera loves Hall, and is excited about Obada. So I could see us not really adding much at DE, and just going with those two kids. OR, maybe they hedge their bet and add another one? Could tell us what they think about all this. Are we good? Or do we need to add a piece?
  11. Considering that this year, we passed (501) more than we ran (490). Your sarcastic jab at Shula's Offense is flawed. That fact does make giving you a proper answer rather difficult. I will say, those stats do seem to back up the assumption that being balanced on Offense, can lead to good things. Like an Offense good enough to get us to the Playoffs.
  12. So...if we look at this years Playoff teams. Except for the Pats, every team had a successful running attack. Seems to me, having a capable running attack, still leads to success. That said, you still have to be able to pass the ball. That is where the vast majority of your splash plays come from. It also keeps teams from trying to make you one dimensional. Which all leads us to the conclusion, that you have to be balanced. You really do have to be able to not only run the ball well, but you also must be able to have success in the passing game.
  13. That, and the fact that the last two years of that contract would have cost more than 20mil. Yeah, the guy was going to get cut. Unfortunate how that all played out, but it WAS inevitable.
  14. Says the guy who claimed we would not even make the playoffs. The guy who quite watching half way through the season. The guy who is proud of being 'That guy'. Yeah, we are going to listen to you when you say "The truth hurts". LOL
  15. Oh, my bad. The nerve of me posting an opinion on a message board. This interwebz thingy sure is hard. Still sounded like any ol' Huddler. Don't care if he is some sort of reporter. Every fan with a device is a reporter these days.