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  1. CJ Anderson Released

    Lol. As soon as I saw he was released. I just knew there was going to be a "Bring him in" thread. Ah the Huddle, you never disappoint.
  2. Soooo. We have this group that are worried the WR corp is just not up to snuff. We have another group who are afraid the O-line is in a shambles. Yet another group that say the Secondary is the weakest link. And let's not forget the folks who are scared our LB are one freak play from being the worstest group in the league. Throw in the group who think that RB is a yuge need. Add that all up. And we might as well cancel the season. Restock the cupboards, and give it a go next year. Personally, I would hate to see that happen. So, come on Hurndog. Draft us a stud WR, and DB that can make a difference. A DE that can get us 100 sacks, an O-lineman that can play every position like an All Pro, AND a LB that can reshape the way the position is played. Man, if we can even get to 8 wins this year it will be a miracle. Right guys? Fook that poo.
  3. Cappy's 7 Round Mock

    IMO, our 1st round pick should be a CB. I really want 3 CBs who are ready to play. Give us a chance to combat those 3-4, or even 5 wide Offenses. Or the best WR/TE left.
  4. Quick question?

    Man, if Norv, and Cam hit it off? I don't think we will need to worry about that Offense. Cuz it very well could be a whole lotta fun to watch.
  5. Quick question?

    Why do we need to be one or the other? Why can't we be a balanced, well coached, disciplined team, that wants to beat the heck out of you physically?
  6. Where is your confidence level?

    Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa. Not sure many folks have Lamar on our radar that high. I mean, we were talking about the 1st 2 rounds. Right?
  7. I like the way this team is set up. For the time being anywho. Give us a decent, to good, to great draft, and this team can be really good. I truly believe if Ron, and Norv could have connected earlier, we would have had much more success. The 2 major gripes I have in the Rivera era are. 1. Sticking with Shula far too long. 2. How that Josh thingy worked out. Hopefully, those 2 miscues are in our rear view mirror, and better things are ahead. IMO, injuries the last couple years were a yuge hinderence. If we can stay healthy this year? I think we can scare folks. I really do.
  8. Where is your confidence level?

    First. If Cam, and Norv hit it off. Man, the sky could be the limit. How can we not get excited for that posibility? Second. I could live with those 2. I would like Jackson as well. We really should come away with 2 playmakers this year. Fingers crossed.
  9. Yupperz. If this team fails with Norv. Rivera may be in trouble. If this team succeeds with Norv. Rivera may be here indefinitely.
  10. If Norv, and Cam, can play well together? Rivera may be here for quite a while. We will probably get to see how he coaches when he is starting over with a new QB. That is when the rubber will hit the road. Rivera may be here for quite some time. Or not. And I stand by that.
  11. Where is your confidence level?

    Having been a Lions fan for 30 or so years before the Panthers. I was used to getting excited for the next year, only to be ready for the year to end by the end of October. Then they got Stafford, and man, expectations skyrocketed. As long as we have Cam, we have a shot. So being excited for the upcoming year is relatively easy. For me anywho. Probably true for most NFL fans. If your team has a Franchise QB, you are probably excited. If your team lacks a QB, you are @Mr. Scot. "Cautiously Optimistic".
  12. Where is your confidence level?

    Lol. Understood. If I cannot get you to go overboard with glee for this season. "Cautiously Optimistic" will just have to do. Beats watching your 78 year old mother in law walking around without a bra. shivers.
  13. Where is your confidence level?

    First, I love Jackie. So Kudos for that reference. Second, I can live with your assessment for this year. The reality is, we really have no clue how our Offense is going to work? We know Cam is Cam. And we know Norv has had success. We just don't know how well they will play together? As for those DBs. Playing zone helps CBs keep their eyes on the QB. Giving them better opportunities for Turn Overs. At least in theory that is. I cannot explain it, but man, I am excited for this group.
  14. Cappy's 7 Round Mock

    Nice work. I could live with that draft. But I am willing to bet there will be more than a few who will find it a tad wacky. To put it mildly.
  15. Cappy's 7 Round Mock

    Did you scroll to the end? Jackson in the 1st. You missed it. lol