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  1. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Dan Graziano breaks down Newton vs Brees and Ryan   

    Bump for no apparent reason other than I can't pay attention. So so sorry.
    Useless facts. 75% of men will pass up a poop if there is no entertainment whatsoever. And 60% of men take some sort of device with them when they go.
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  2. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Falcons pay OL Bill Fralic $150K/yr...for life   

    If you trust yourself---take the money.
    If you don't trust yourself---take a piece and do some back loading like this for financial security.
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  3. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Happy 4th of July Everyone   

    Right back at ya big guy. 
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  4. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Should NFL contracts be guaranteed?   

    IMO, the Panthers have turned the corner where is comes to smart "Football IQ type" players. If you are wearing a Panther uniform, I pretty much know I can trust you to know the game. Plenty of guys that are versatile. Plenty of depth to go around. If I didn't know better I'd say we have the makings of a pretty good team here boys.
    Culture. That one word resonates through us all. Gman don' gon' changed ours all up and such. People around the Football World see what's going on down here. Who knew there were benefits to being fiscally responsible. That using FA cleverly, and drafting well were cornerstones to building a successful franchise. Gman don' messed up. He let the genie out of the bottle. If we can continue to ascend. We can be a model to follow. Who'd a thunk that.
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  5. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Luke Kuechly, #14 in the NFL Top 100   

    Folks just seem to always need reminding. That keek character? He fast. He heads in the right direction quickly as well. It may look like reckless abandon. Be rest assured though, every movement has been thought out, calculated, tweaked, simulated, and then executed. That is what they call instincts my friends. 20thz per nano second. The only other human to test nearly as high? Nobody.
    Would not surprise me one little bit if he wound up being a very successful Head Coach.
    TD, TD, TD, TD. The dude has defiantly given us some chills bumps these last few years. And Thankfully, we still have a few more years headed our way. He is BACK, better than ever. He can feel it. Everybody sees it. This season is being primed to get TD...wait for it....wai...DPOY Booyaa.  Biggest hitter in the game! Bar none! You may ask yourself, "Self, why is hubby so cock sure of himself?"  Well guess what? I'm willing to drop some knowledge, and do my best to explain this in a way that leaves no doubt I know me some TD. You ready? Perfect Form.
    BAMMM. We get so wrapped up in the story/love for the guy we sometimes forget that he too, is one hellz of a LBer. He ballz out til retirement. No body gon' worry about 3 missed years. Just the 10 he did put in. Give the man his statue. Especially if we can get him some trophies. No player exemplifies the "Keep Pounding" philosophy like TD.

    My dog can sit and fetch. My dog can fetch and sit . jk Couldn't resist.
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  6. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Cam's Story presented by Under Armour   

    "Psst. Hey buddy, over here. Yeah, that's it. Don't be afraid. Hey buddy, do you like dogs. We all like dogs? Don't we? Yeah. Hey buddy, um, hey know listen. I gots me in a little jamb. Can you spots me like 1, maybe um, ah 2 million. I gots to get my granny to the hospital, and I need me some gas money bad."
    C'mon buddy. I promise, I'm a good guy. Trust me. I can lead you where you need to be.
    6 Years later. I woke up in the sleaziest Shanghai Hotel, (I think it was a Hotel,) I had... Anyway, the last thing I can remember is thinking that the hot dog smelt funny somehow.
     The moral of this story?  Travel is all cool and everything. But if you want truly long lasting memories? Stay away from strange men bearing foul smelling hot dogs. Oh, and as a quickish aside. Being gullible gives off an actual scent. Yupperz! Criminals can sense your stupidity. Trust me, I've seen it.
    So yeah. Both Star and KK sign their next deals with us.
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  7. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Harbaugh vs Cowherd   

    If they accept fair deals, they can play a lot of games together.

    Go Green all over both you're azzez.

    What Cowherd is doing is what folks in the trade call "Throwing him a softball". An easy question designed to get the speaker to relax and open up.
    Cowherd threw that um coach 9 "Softballs", and he whiffed every time. Cool. Burn that whole school down when you go up in flames.
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  8. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Most and Least injured teams over the past two years   

    I do believe so myself. It rings a bell that Gman brought it with him, or shortly after he got here. I have heard positive things about it from the staff. But then again, I am 3 times removed from any actual information. So take that. What ever it is...keep it up. that's what she said. badabing.
    So if we had 35 injuries and still finished what? 14th. The Giants had the most at 58, and the Eagles with18 of course led the league.
    Point being? Um, damm, lost that train again. BRB
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  9. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Luke Kuechly, #14 in the NFL Top 100   

    Every, and I mean absolutely everybody knows if you are strong up the middle, you can be good. Cam, Kalil, and Keek.
    Rabid fans of the game miss things, but if they have a decent grasp of the game, once you explain it, they can grasp it.
    Average fans miss more, and lack the recourses to overcome the obstacle. Most, most likely, played sports of some kind/level. And yes, that does include the women. Never got enough coaching, lack of knowledgeable friends, learned most of what they know from internet clubs, and watching on tv.
    We are talking about a vast number of folks here. I mean, wow, the numbers are staggering. I think we are talking Billions. The mind, it boggles.
    All that said. Harpo.
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  10. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic offseason gonna offseason   

    I have the first "Recorded" case of OCT. In fact, those are my initials. They came up with the name using "My" fugging name. Yeah, that's the ticket.
    They stopped the draft 1 fugging month before my b-day. So I missed out on Viet Nam.
    Oh, and "Haaave you met my wife?"
    I'd go on, but I lost my train of thought. Probably best for all.
    Happy Holiday guys and gals. Be safe.
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  11. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Voth's Unanswered Questions   

    I am fine with Cotch hanging around one more year to help ensure KB and now Funch, and hellz Corey as well. Anyway, Proehl can only do so much. Having Cotch as a player, who is with those guys all day, every day, has to pay dividends. Let him help Ricky get the young Bucks up to speed one more year. Then drop-kick his big ol' butt to the curb. Then curb stomp, Bristol stomp, and any other stomp in your playbook.
    He can do the mentoring thingy. He can get him some catches, throw some blocks, and maybe even a TD or two. Hellz, as far down the depth chart he is, he shouldn't take too many reps from somebody...you know...capable. But once this year is over. Thanks for the memories.
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  12. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Have a happy and safe 4th of July   

    Much like the in-laws, you cannot stop fashion.
    As to your OP. I have yet to see one, so Ima just back you on principle. "Hey you kids/idiots out there wearing                 these...monstrosities!!! I want it to stop!!!!! And I want it to stop now!!!!!!!
    Hope that helps ya some.
    I tried my hand in Fashion one time. I found her droll and pedantic. badabing.  But hey, it might just be me.
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  13. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic A new breed of Panthers   

    Right to my Amazon Wish List. X-mas cannot get here fast enough.
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  14. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Rival Review - Atlanta Falcons   

    Finally a true Shula built Offense. Hope it works?
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  15. iamhubby1 added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Coverage Poll   

    Cough. Cough... Is this thing on?
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