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  1. Before we get all happy

      Covering a decent/good little slot receiver is not easy. Expecting your third best corner to excel at the job is asking a lot if you ask me. Colin did what was expected from him. Stay close, and don't let the play get away from you. For what we needed to get done, he did his job. No big plays, and tackle well. Yup, Colin got nothing but love comin'.   All in all, he played well. He defiantly doesn't deserve some of the grief he is getting.    
  2. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

      I just used humor, or at least I thought I had, to point out an observation about your post. Nothing more, nothing less. Bitching was the furthest thing from my mind. It's a Holiday, just relax and enjoy it.   You ain't the boss of me. So don't go telling me what to do. ha
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

      Qualify a prepackaged "I told you so" with a "But I hope I'm wrong". Win-win for you.     And Happy Thanksgiving to all. And GOOOOOOOO CATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Lions Hire Ernie Accorsi

    As a life-long Lions fan. This is one of the smartest moves they have made in 20 years. This franchise needs Ernie to find them a football guy to take over that organization. They are close to a good team. Getting a GM that has a clue could make a world of difference up there.   All that is good for me. Just as long as they continue to lose to us. Oh, and the chances of Stafford going anywhere are really slim.
  5. Some Ginn love

      As a  Michigan State man, I saw Ginn Jr. quite a bit in college. When we signed him I thought he would be good a returning, but I never thought he would be a viable option in the passing game. Cuz, like you, I thought he was soft. But he has defiantly changed my opinion on him. He still avoids contact at times. But, he plays more physical than I ever would have expected.   He may not be the best blocker, but, he does a lot better than I ever thought he would. I hate to admit that he proved me wrong. He sure has made himself damm near indispensable to us.
  6. Shaq Thompson!!!

      The two main things that concern me at this point in time. As he obviously has the talent. The questions become. Can he improve his techniques? And will he be able to grasp the mental part well enough to take his instincts to the next level?   With his talent alone he is going to be very good. But the great ones are those who can out think you, and use those smarts to make the plays look easy. If that makes sense to anyone, cuz it kinda confuses me right now.   Our coaching staff is great at teaching. As well as having Keek and TD mentoring him. So I have faith that Shaq will learn to hone his techniques. But there is no guarantee he will ever be "Cerebral". IMO, if he can grasp the mental aspects anywhere near Keek levels. He can be special. I guess what I mean is, if his brains catch up to his abilities he is going to be a beast.   Ah hellz. I know what I want to say. I just can't get it out.    
  7. Keep Pounding

    I don't want to be that guy. But...Yeah, this is something every fan should really be aware of.   Good job reminding us what this team really means.
  8. Panther fandom in Japan?

      First. Let me say I seem to be able to read and understand your post. So I do not think you need to worry about miscommunication. If you have something to say, go ahead and say it.   I would say that as you seem to already have the ability to post. You are probably good to go.  Probably because you have already registered. But I am not the boss. That is the wife. Ha   Oh...and welcome to the Huddle. And Keep Pounding.
  9. Miami Hurricanes Interested in Shula

    I know I am late to the party, but I would like to add something that has not be mentioned as of yet. The ability of this coaching staff to self evaluate and improve. We were barely average in the Red Zone last year. This year, we have improved the play calling and execution. I give Shula, Rivera, and Cam credit for that.   Sure there may be better OCs out there than Shula. But for what we want, Shula does a very good job. Cam is comfortable, and it is showing big time. Be careful what you wish for. Because, bringing in a new OC does not automatically mean we are going to set the world on fire. There is just as good of a chance it takes a while to acclimate to the new coach, and, Cam may never feel as comfortable with the new guy as he is with Shula. Although, there very well could be success with a new OC. But when we are doing so well, why rock the boat?   Ah hellz. Some folks are never going to be happy with Shula. No matter how well Cam is doing. To them, Shula will never get any credit for what Cam is becoming.
  10. Interesting Cam stat I just saw on NFL Network

      And here I was under the impression that that INT was on 1st down. That kinda goes against your argument that we were trying to sit on the lead. Ginn Jr. was open, it was just a bad pass by Cam.
  11. Second Half Season Predictions?

      I guess I see from whence you've drifted. But...I think you are shortchanging this team.   First. This is a long season. Teams go through multiple circumstances where they have to overcome obstacles. Adversity is the norm in the NFL. I just don't believe a team has to lose to show growth.   Second. NE was undefeated for sure. But they ran into a buzz saw. You cannot say with any certainty that they lost that Superb Owl because they hadn't lost during the regular season.   Lastly. "Reality checks are important" doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Overcoming adversity pretty much makes them null and void. Staying the course, and learning to win consistency is one of the more important aspect a team can achieve. Winning begets winning. And with a coach like Rivera who will keep these guys focused, I don't see losing as a lesson they may need to endure to learn humility.   I just want to say. This Panther team has been through enough adversity. They have learned how to win. As their 12 game winning streak will attest. Rivera has been through the trenches. He will not let these guys let up. The leaders on this team will not let these guys let up. And us fans can just sit back and enjoy. Cuz man o man. Some, if not all, of us have waited our entire lives for a season like this can become.   tl/dr version. This team has enough character to not let our record control their emotions.  
  12. Bad Juju

    You can put me squarely in the "Don't believe in that crap" club.   That said. I have worn the same t-shirt all year. Although it does get washed. Cuz I don't believe in that crap anywho.
  13. Second Half Season Predictions?

      If you don't mind. Could you explain to me, in terms I can understand, why it is "Important" we lose a game or two? To me, this team is focused on one game at a time. From the Coach on down, they devote all their energy towards the next opponent. Not seeing how this team needs to lose to get them focused.
  14. The Krauts ruin everything.
  15. Cam's short throw accuracy: Should we be worried?

      And...you can't assume they would.   I hope I'm not the only one that is getting frustrated with fans who demand we be perfect. Oh wait...we are. 8-0.   Damm kids. Get the fug off my lawn.