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  1. Olsen has passed Wesley Walls for most yards by a TE

    Olsen and Walls two of the all time greats of the Panthers!
  2. Who else loves to hunt?

    As I sit here in my deer stand in the rain, I was wondering how many people here on the huddle love to hunt?
  3. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Well if this is true he's a piece of poo for doing this to a woman. 
  4. Honeybees in Bikinis

    Don't think you can go wrong at all photographing any of those beautiful ladies.
  5. Tournament Challenge 2015

    Stick a fork in me I'm done!
  6. Tournament Challenge 2015

    If this is the case,I still haven't received my checks from the last two years.
  7. Tournament Challenge 2015

    Don't feel bad, I'm right there with you.
  8. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    Well Iowa st just poo on my bracket.
  9. Tournament Challenge 2015

    Well finally got my bracket filled out. Here's to a three peat cutting down the nets on the huddle.
  10. Tournament Challenge 2015

    Well let's go for three wins in a row. Probably finish last this year though.

    What's the chances of me winning the huddle bracket 3 years in a row?
  12. NCAA Bracket challenge

    Will there be a Huddle NCAA tournament challenge this year?
  13. One thing I think most of us can agree on

    Manning will do wonders for Wake! Give him a couple of years.
  14. Living the dream!

  15. The Dirty Bird Is DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!